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Posture characteristics 68

If you are one of those who likes to try new positions in bed and experience unparalleled pleasure, you may be interested in the posture 68. Surely you have ever practiced 69. It is a widely used and well-known position since both of you enjoy oral sex with great ease and pleasure. In this case, posture 68 is somewhat different. It is about seeking the pleasure of only one of the two people involved. It is a very exciting position and with totally incredible results.

If you want to know everything about posture 68, this is your post.

69 = 68?

Posture 68

Posture 69 is well known and can be practiced in multiple ways. The most common is that of the woman on top of the man. Both have access to each other's genitalia and will be able to perform oral sex simultaneously. It is a very pleasant position and one that can be played in many ways. However, position 68 seeks to give pleasure to a single person.

The procedure for this pose is fairly straightforward, since it involves only one person. One of the members lies down on a surface (either the bed or the floor) and places the legs bent. The other has to do the same but on top of the couple and in the opposite direction. If you are the one on top, you will know that they are in good position if you have your head on their thigh. On the contrary, if you are the one below, you'll have the other person's genitalia in your mouth, practically.

This pose makes the person you really enjoy being the one on top. In '68, the person below is in charge of making the person above enjoy as much as possible with their mouth. In addition, the advantage it offers over 69 is that the person below can reach the intimate parts of their partner from a very different and pleasant perspective. Therefore, it is capable of providing new experiences for both the active and the one who receives the pleasure.

Of course it is a position that many have tried and added to their repertoire of positions for the sexual act.

Experimentation and experience

How is 68 made

At first, if you haven't used this pose at all, it probably won't work as well as it should. It is possible that the person above is in a position with little stability and does not end up enjoying just to think about not falling. It can also happen that the weight of the person on top bothers the person below and ends up without enjoying giving pleasure.

To avoid uncomfortable situations, you have to experiment to gain experience and discover what we really like. A tip that is given to avoid that the weight of the person above bothers too much to the one below is to Lean on your elbows to reduce the pressure exerted by your body weight.

Another more hygienic or aesthetic aspect is the amount of beauty we have in our private parts. Many men have a lot of hair on their butt and genitals. If you intend to place them over your partner's mouth, you better be completely waxed and neat. Otherwise, for the one below it will be a bad experience both because of the hair and because of the odors that can be given off from certain areas and that are not pleasant at all. The same is true if you are a woman. Hair removal in these cases is the best option.

It is advisable to experiment and investigate new positions in order to maintain sexual arousal in the couple. We have to discover what really attracts and excites us. To do this, we must test it on the ground and feel the sensations it causes us. The experience of each person in different postures is vital to enjoy. So is the experience of the couple as a whole. There is no use for an expert in posture 68 to do it with someone who has never practiced it before. It will go well little by little.

Posture 68 as a revolutionary posture

Pleasure of 68

Experts in sexology assure that it is advisable to always seek new positions or innovate in terms of sex. It has to be something totally pleasant and exciting and we cannot let it become monotonous. Surely you have had a partner with whom you have felt that the magic has been "lost". It is very common in the most modern couples to fall into monotony.

We have all the facilities, comforts and at the same time we are busier. If you are an active and working person, you probably have hours of the day to do everything you want or have to do. This greatly affects the sexual relationship with the partner. There are times when the body identifies the sexual act as boring repetition. We reduce intercourse only to the pursuit of orgasm without enjoying the process. Therefore, the 68 posture can be a very effective weapon to regain lost passion.

Usually when we try new postures we get excited about having that new experience and feeling. If, in addition, that experience is very pleasant, we will want to repeat it and it will make us want more to have sex again. Sex is very healthy both for the hormonal environment and for the relationship with the partner. Therefore, if with position 68 we manage to "revive" the flame of sex, all the better.

Then we also have the varieties of posture 68 with which we can investigate further. Some sex toys can be used to give more pleasure to our partner's genitals and enhance the experience. You can also try various games such as using cream, cream, chocolate or menthol candies to increase the pleasure that is given to the other person.

It is not necessary for people to take turns in the same sexual act. One day you may be so excited that you just like to give pleasure and another day you will want to receive. This is a matter of taste.

I hope that with this information you know more about position 68.

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