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When it comes to dieting, fat loss or weight loss, many people are looking for shortcuts to make it as fast as possible. Losing weight leads to more hunger, depriving yourself of the food you want to eat and controlling what you eat more. However, is all this about wanting to lose weight fast necessary? Today we analyze one of the most famous diets to lose weight because it is followed by Queen Letizia or is supposedly said to follow. It's about the perricone diet.

Do you want to know if this diet really works and what does it consist of? This is your post 🙂

Lose weight quickly

Conclusions of the perricone diet

If there is something that people want, it is to be at the ideal weight as soon as possible. For it, they do low calorie diets, without any kind of control, avoiding certain foods considered "bad" and end up giving up or regaining the lost weight in a short time when they change their diet again.

The first thing to do in these cases is to clarify that the word diet does not mean losing weight. The diet is the set of foods we eat to incorporate the necessary nutrients we need to be healthy. Just because a diet is focused on weight loss does not mean that we have to be malnourished. It is true that to lose fat we must eat fewer calories than we expend on a daily basis. However, this does not mean reducing certain nutrients or doing without them. You can lose weight perfectly by eating bread or another carbohydrate in your diet.

In this case, we are talking about the perricone diet. It consists of a false promise that guarantees you lose weight in just 3 days or up to 28 days, depending on the method that is being used. The popularity of the diet is due to the fact that They use different Hollywood celebrities and some members of the Spanish Royal House such as Queen Letizia.

It boils down to rapid weight loss while avoiding anxiety and bad moods, accelerating metabolism, and achieving anti-aging effects. Actually today, with the information and studies on it, it is still believed that a special combination of foods will produce magical effects in a person. This is not like this.

Perricone diet and its false promise

Perricone diet

Although this diet makes you eat some foods that, a priori, by the non-nutritionist community could be considered "bad", it makes you have a "magical" effect. The reality is that everything that is achieved quickly is lost quickly. The basis of this diet is to lose weight in just 3 days based on the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants. In addition, being this type of food, you will get an anti-aging effect.

The perricone diet has the limitations that it cannot be followed for more than 3 days, since the effects could be counterproductive. In just these three days the effects should already be noticeable. It is advisable in this diet to eat foods rich in omega 3 such as fish, seafood and eggs, fruits, spices, seeds, legumes, nuts, cereals, vegetables and probiotics. Some of the topics that are still done today are also recommended, such as drinking eight glasses of water a day. It is forbidden to drink soft drinks or take any food rich in sugar, flour or hydrogenated fats.

What is already something weirder and that begins to seem unusual is that avoid the consumption of fruits such as orange, mango, watermelon, papaya, banana, grape and some vegetables such as carrot, pumpkin or potatoes. I guess it must be because the fructose content is higher in these fruits than others. It can also be due to the high glycemic index. However, fructose is not metabolized the same as simple sugar, but that point should have been skipped.

Is this diet safe?

Perricone diet food

The main thing is to know if this diet is healthy or not. Evidently, If you use a large selection of foods, it is nothing that is unhealthy. The foods you forbid and allow blend in exactly with any healthy eating habit. If you add it to the fact that it only applies for 3 days, even less.

However, the fact that, by eliminating certain foods and promising rapid weight loss in a few days, makes it a miracle diet that makes us believe that we will achieve goals in a few days, something that is impossible. This diet offers menus ranging from 3 days to 28. Although as we have seen, it offers us a range of healthy foods, there are some prohibitions without any logic. What's more, repeating a three-day menu, just like that, does not offer variability either. What's more, in just 3 days, the human body cannot adapt or undergo any long-term physiological changes, so all these promises are lies.

Losing weight is wrongly said when pursuing an aesthetic goal. Weight is not the determining factor for health, but body fat. When we say that we want to lose weight, what we really want is to lose fat. There are people who weigh 100 kilos and are pure muscle. These people do not need to lose weight. Of course you can lose weight with the perricone diet, but we will be fooling ourselves.


What is eaten on the perricone diet

To lose weight, just exercise for an hour and weigh yourself. You may even have lost a kilo. However, this is misleading us. That kilo is lost of water in the form of perspiration and not fat, which is after all what we want to lose. In order to lose weight as fat and maintain as much muscle mass as possible, the human body needs time to adapt to this stimulus.

Regarding the anti-aging effect, there are numerous studies that state that it is impossible to alter the properties of the skin in such a short time with food. Foods with high amounts of antioxidants have long-term effects on the skin.

We concluded that miracle diets are not worth believing in. Losing fat is a slow process, which requires adaptations in the body and which involves changes in eating habits more than a diet of a few days.

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