How to turn on a woman

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It is not easy to please one woman, especially since techniques that may work for one woman may not work for another. Because they don't understand the way women think about sex and the differences in men's sexual arousal, a lot of mistakes are usually made. Many men don't know how to excite a woman and they end up making common mistakes.

Therefore, we are going to teach you everything you need to know to be better in bed and learn how to excite a woman.

General knowledge

seduction of women

Women are not like men in terms of sex, although they are also sexual, in two seconds they will not go from 0 to 100. With them you have to spend some time to warm them up. You must create a kind of sexual tension between you and her. It consists of a lime and a sand, that is, a small step forward and a small step back: kiss her passionately and then slow down a bit, through this tug of war you will make him wait for bedtime.

On the other hand, when the time is right, you should plan to prepare the environment to make it romantic and pleasant, play soft music, use dim lights and take care of your own image, wear sexy underwear and perfumes, and take care of your breath. If you have dinner before, it is best to bring gum or something that can improve your breath in case you do not have the opportunity to brush your teeth.

Tricks to learn how to excite a woman

how to excite a woman

  • The caress is important: touching her, sliding your hands down her back, brushing her body with your lips, etc… A good idea is to start with a massage.
  • Look her in the eye: For example, when stroking her or playing with her hair, women find eye contact very exciting.
  • Whispers in the ear: Whispers are very exciting for women, choose the right words and do not fall into vulgarity.
  • Stimulate her clitoris: If you want her to have an unforgettable orgasm, you must caress her clitoris, wet your fingers first, do not press, roll gently with your fingertips and draw small circles. Then you can continue using your language, following the same philosophy, that is, do not use your language too hard and draw small circles.
  • Take your time: When inserting, at least initially, do so at a smooth speed. It doesn't matter if she asks you to go faster, just relax, she will feel stronger and more excited.
  • Enjoy: If she realizes that you are enjoying it, she will be glad to hear some nice voices from you, if you also look into her eyes, you will let her go to heaven
  • Trust: do not hesitate too much. Try something that you think he might like. Try first. If you see a good answer, you can try more. For example, the nipple is a very exciting area for women, but some people like to be treated tenderly and others are more enthusiastic. Try to caress her nipples first. If the answer is good, you can try to be more passionate.
  • Change your posture: Try different postures, you and she can choose to control the moment.

Mistakes when arousing a woman

how to excite a woman correctly

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are many common mistakes made when it comes to turning on a woman. Let's see what they are:

  • Not spending enough time on preliminaries.
  • Not paying attention to personal hygiene and underwear. Smell good and it is important to wear proper underwear. Of course there is nothing to wear socks in bed, that will reduce the morbidity of any woman.
  • Do not get distracted: Looking at the phone while you are in the act or being distracted by anything else will interrupt the moment.
  • Prepare a condom: Avoid having to open the box and separate the condom from the other. If you have prepared the condom, take it out of the box and separate it, then these few seconds are an important time that you can save.
  • No exciting atmosphere: good music and soft lighting will make things more exciting.
  • Kissing too rough: You have to kiss gently and slowly, it is better to put all your concentration on giving a few good kisses than on giving too many and too rough.
  • The clitoris is not like a magic button: It is not necessary to focus only on this area, but there are other areas of women that require more attention. Do not abuse it.

Some Tips

The first step in getting women excited is knowing what excites them. In general, women are more likely to be awakened by auditory and tactile stimuli. Based on this, a woman is moved by plot stories, emotional content and details of pornographic games, which makes her feel that she is the protagonist of her own fantasy. If we add other stimuli to this, such as smell, taste and good visual effects, success is assured.

When it comes to tips or tricks to arouse a woman, the most important thing is communication, either directly (by speaking) or paying attention to her responses to different stimuli and understanding her preferences. We must know when the woman is aroused and we have done the job well. When you are on an appointment, you may experience certain physiological reactions even though they are not easily observable. Sometimes you have to be very observant to capture them. Let's see what those signals are:

  • Humidification of the vagina with lubricating fluid.
  • The glans of the clitoris swells.
  • Redness of the skin (sexual flushing).
  • Erection of the nipples.
  • Slight increase in the size of the breasts.
  • Hyperventilation, increased breathing rate.
  • incrise of cardiac frecuency.
  • Increased sweating

Changes in their behaviors, reactions, and comments can also be observed. With the sum of all these indications we can know if the woman is comfortable or uncomfortable.

As you can see, there are quite a few important points to keep in mind to learn how to turn a woman on correctly. However, keep in mind that we can be extrapolated to each and every one of the women you are going to meet. Therefore, focus on what serves as an indicator in each person.

I hope that with this information you can learn how a woman will turn on.

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