Emotional infidelity

Emotional infidelity

Emotional infidelity can become a much more dangerous condition than physical infidelity itself, where your partner has had physical contact with another person. For many people it is breaking an agreement between couples since the affective part is being shared with a different person.

While in this act you are having a sentimental and affective relationship with someone, For the opposite couple, it cannot be seen as a correct act, since it may be thought that in the future they may have physical contact and with it lead to infidelity.

What is emotional infidelity

It occurs when one of the two people in a couple you are having intimate and emotional moments with another person. For many connoisseurs this is the way to create an emotional infidelity because it is is breaking an agreement between the couple, since it can mean falling in love with the other person.

For other people it does not become infidelity because it has not reached the moment of consummation or sex, although for others with the fact that there is a simple caress or hold hands it already is. Betrayal or infidelity will be considered depending on the agreements or limits that are agreed between a couple.

How to detect an emotional infidelity

It can be easy to detect that the other person may get to have emotional encounters with another person, but it can also be difficult to predict if they are quite reserved. For this we will point out some series of guidelines so that you can detect this fact.

Emotional infidelity

If you maintain an open and constant dialogue with your partner, you know that at some point in the conversation always keep that other person in mind. On many occasions it can be talking about her constantly even making comparisons.

Can even mention the encounters you have had without giving it much importance, but suspicion can be triggered when he even calls you by his or her name. The annotations that you can contribute is that you are telling everything that happens to you and what happens in your life before your own partner.

Emotional infidelity can create personal distance with your own partner, you don't have to see it but feel it in all contexts. Also, you no longer feel the same emotional feeling, the interest in making plans is lowered or the struggle of coexistence is lost showing that there are things that do not care.

Increase or decrease in sexual intercourse?

This is undoubtedly the most controversial issue. It may happen that your partner feels much more desire for sex than before and be much more active. This occurs because the unfaithful person is projecting his desire or physical attraction for the other person and is turning it towards his partner. On the other hand, the opposite can happen, that the other person is much more distant and that your sexual desire is decreasing gradually until it becomes almost non-existent.

Emotional infidelity

How to overcome emotional infidelity

As we have reviewed at the beginning, an emotional infidelity can fall into a worse situation. There is sexual infidelity where a couple can sleep with another in a timely and sporadic way. But there is the emotional infidelity when already a special connection is being caused with another person that it is not the partner itself, although there is no sex.

If you don't want to lose your partner, the best option is talk to her face to face about the matter. You have to explain how you feel and how to perceive things before such a fact. You must add all the details that are happening, from the way in which their behavior has changed, all the signals that they are receiving and how they act.

You have to come to an understanding of the context and without ever reaching the greatest extreme of hatred and less of violence. It is necessary to conclude in having to give an explanation of the facts and determine what may be the best solution.

If you decide to continue with the relationship, a great effort must be made on both sides. Surely in the final decision is the of forgiveness and overcome such infidelity. You have to recover the relationship and renew yourself for that second chance.

Emotional infidelity

Psychological therapy to overcome infidelity

It is not easy to overcome an infidelity and based on this type of betrayal your recovery may be difficult. For this, there are specialized and classified people to be able to attend to problems between couples, including infidelity.

Psychological therapy will try to make the couple restructure in a healthy way by offering all the tools you need to get your relationship back together. In the event that a break has occurred, an attempt will be made work depression caused by this reason. The professional must re-raise the self-esteem and self-esteem of the affected person, and make the breakup allow him to move forward. For more tips you can read our articles on “how to get over a breakup" or "tips to forget your ex".

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