Tips on how to forget your ex

How to forget your ex

We know that a love break not one of the best moments in life that we can experience. The love we feel towards other people is something very special, and it is that when we are in love we want to believe that it will be forever. Forgetting your ex is another difficult stage to overcome, after a breakup.

We do not know how to overcome or handle this situation, not even we know how to accept what has happened. Although the relationship in the end was not sustainable due to various circumstances, we don't know how to overcome it. Nor do we know how to find a logic to our pain and that is many times we are overcome by attachment that we felt for that person.

Why can't I forget it?

Surely there are many of your questions in such a situation. There are many or very specific reasons for which you cannot assume it, but there is clear evidence and that is that when you are in love you have a different idealization towards that person. Perhaps you have idealized her more than you think and her virtues have been exorbitant, maybe you forgot about their flaws.

How to forget your ex

Your future plans with that person they were of great illusions. You have imagined starting a family, having a quiet and relaxed life with her. Maybe your goals as a man have been overshadowed for wanting to share your plans together. This way you look lost and confused and now you don't want to change your lifestyle.

Although it may seem strange to you, it may also be that be selfishness. Great pain can increase people's ego and in this case yours. You may believe that this person is in your possession, but you have to let your decisions flow and remain neutral. The fear of being alone is something that make us fear loneliness, makes us feel displaced and unprotected.

Fair measures of how to forget your ex

  • The acceptation it is one of the first measures. You cannot detach yourself from your feelings, from what you feel, but once and for all you have to take that approval. Do not confuse it with resignation, because this can create doubts in wanting to try a possible reconciliation. If you see that the results are undeniable and there is no way out of a new opportunity, acceptance is the best measure. In the long run it will leave us visualize the future much better and open yourself to new experiences.
  • You must weigh the negatives that have led to such a situation. You cannot always focus on all the good that succumbed between the two, perhaps the best way to deal with it is see how damaging that relationship was.

How to forget your ex

  • Keeping you busy is a perfect proposition to be able to do what you have always proposed. Do not feel guilty about what has happened, find your limits and recreate within yourself activities or studies that you like and help you improve yourself. If before meeting that person you already had a set of goals, now is the best time to give them importance again.
  • Change your routine, now you have much more time to take time for yourself. Do new activities that motivate you, go out and surround yourself with new people.
  • Look for other types of customs and exercise outdoors. Sport is one of the best ways to keep mind and body coordinated. Will help you the pain flows in a better way, yes, with time and discipline. This cannot be overcome overnight.

Drastic measures to overcome it

  • The best way to get over it is avoiding total contact with her. As much as you like to be near her, this will be the best way to get it out of your mind. This way you will not know anything about her and so you will not be hurt by anything she does in her new life. Remove even all the things that remind you of her… Photographs, gifts or any other related object.

How to forget your ex

  • Seek professional help If you think it is a situation that you cannot really overcome, it is one of the best ways to overcome it. Go out with friends, with those you trust. We men like to get into our cave, but look for confidence abroad and tell your plight. Try to handle the advice they give you in the best possible way, do not get carried away by anger.
  • Let yourself be loved, it's a tactic that works. Take your time and don't do it out of obligation, but believe it, because it really is something that is practical. Look for contacts of other friends from the past and Find relationships, flirt and assert yourself. You have to go out into a new world of opportunities.

As a final advice, a practice that we must value is learn from our own mistakes. Try to analyze what you have done wrong and try to assess to what extent you do not have to implant it again in the future. Of course, do not feel guilty about what happened, always repeating yourself at this point makes you come down constantly, you have to raise your self-esteem.

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