Wood Crossfit

Wood Crossfit

El crossfit wod is a great sport, a sport that becomes in many cases of high competition. It is done with a series of special and punctual exercises that must be practiced on designated days, so it becomes a routine sport. Did you know that Wod Crossfit becomes a competitive sport in many places?

Great competitions are held for several days where men and women demonstrate their strength, competition and skill. In case you want to know what is competed, this is what is rivaled in some places: squats, push-ups, walking strides, 400-meter races, repetitions of deadlifts and burpees or pull-ups, among others.

Meaning of wod

This anglicism comes from the acronym “Work of the day”. His routine follows a series of exercises that must be performed on specific days and where they are mixed different movements and activities. Among them strength, endurance and gymnastics.

The Wod is a sport that is practiced with the use of force, but It is a training suitable for everyone. It is only necessary to adapt the intensity of the exercise and the load to the needs of each person.

The sessions that are usually practiced they last about an hour where you do a combination of bodyweight exercises, monostructural activities like rowing, cardio-type activities like running, and even power and Olympic-style weightlifting.

Anyone with great motivation and good health can be conditioned to perform this sport. You can start with the easiest and low intensity Wod, and over time increase its power with the hardest Wod.

Wood Crossfit

Crossfit goals

The main objective of Crossfit has always been to perform a comprehensive and dynamic exercise plan. A program will always be created to offer the best training and conditioning the physique and prepare the body for both the known and the unknown. Its purpose is to adapt certain exercises so that they are useful in other activities. What can be achieved with Crossfit?

  • Work resistance: since cardiovascular capacity is activated, increasing resistance thanks to a great pulmonary exercise created by hard work.
  • Weightloss: Thanks to the practice of resistance and the strength of the intense sessions, fat will be eliminated from the body. These exercises must be constant and dynamic, always weekly and can be accompanied by a good diet that accompanies being fat-free.
  • It reduces stress: the concentration that is executed with each session will be enough to be able to have a clear mind at that moment. In addition, thanks to the exercise practiced, it will be very useful to face and relax the mind in the following days.
  • Raise motivation: As a consequence of this type of relaxation, the satisfaction of being able to create certain goals will increase motivation. Consequently, the social circle in the environment is also enlarged.
  • Strengthens physical strength and muscles: You will be able to observe how the body is toned with the force exerted and the exercise practiced regularly.

Wood Crossfit

How Wod is made

Who makes these exercises? the trainer or “coach”. Write the routine to practice on the box board or digitally in an application or on the center's website. He will also be supervising each session, helping to perform the exercises in their corresponding body posture and encouraging them not to give up.

The cross-training box It is the place or center where all these activities are practiced. The spaces are usually wide and filled with a large amount of material to be able to perform fitness and bodybuilding.

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The four fundamental parts of this training are based:

  • In the heating or warm up: You have to perform a series of exercises so that the body prepares and warms up so as not to create injuries.
  • Practice of the technique or skill: It is the learning and perfecting of the Wod exercises.
  • Wod: is the training routine to practice.
  • Stretches or cool down: You have to do a series of stretches when you have finished the CrossFit session. It's fundamental.

types of wood

Depending on the duration:

  • Short: with a duration of 6 to 12 minutes.
  • Fast: last less than 5 minutes.
  • Moderate: 13 to 22 minutes.
  • intensive: from 22 minutes onwards.

Wood Crossfit

Depending on the number of exercises:

  • Singlet: when the exercise to be practiced is not combined with another exercise.
  • Verse: when two types of exercises are combined.
  • triplet: Up to three types of exercises are combined.

This is just a small introduction to the world of crossfit. A brief review of what their world is like and of the type of movements and intensity that is used in each training. Among these routines, it should be noted that a great cooperation with other members, since it is always good to practice this sport with a partner to find that support and improve daily.

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