Anaerobic resistance

Aerobic exercise

As we know, there are two types of resistors. On the one hand, we have the aerobic resistance and on the other the anaerobic resistance. In this article we are going to focus on defining the anaerobic resistance and the importance of exercise. It is the one that arises when we practice exercises of greater intensity that require the use of great physical effort. On the other hand, aerobic resistance is characterized by granting the ability to endure for more or less time an effort that has a lower intensity.

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What is anaerobic resistance

Anaerobic resistance

Throughout a process where the intensity is higher, our body needs a large amount of oxygen to send to the tissues of our muscles and meet these high energy demands. When an athlete crosses the anaerobic threshold it is when the metabolism begins to use carbohydrates as an energy source. For this reason, it is important that when we are in the gym we have a diet high in carbohydrates in order to have a better performance. Muscle glycogen is used as the main energy source in weight training. This causes our performance to decrease if our diet is low in carbohydrates.

The power that an athlete has to be able to withstand the lack of oxygen in the body is what is known as anaerobic resistance. The longer you are able to cope with oxygen deprivation, the more anaerobic resistance you will have. For there to be a lack of oxygen it is necessary that the exercise be of high intensity. If an athlete has poor anaerobic endurance, it is possible that not only the competition, but the athlete's own health, is put at risk. Some static exercises like are isometric planks abdominal poles are great for improving anaerobic endurance.

The capacity of performance or of a person is related to the capacity of muscular irrigation. The efforts caused by bodybuilding exercises can be classified as both dynamic and static. For example, improved anaerobic endurance occurs when an athlete practices the 100 or 200 flat meter race in the shortest time possible.

Anaerobic exercises


An aerobic exercise is made up of several activities with a short time based on strength and speed. They are characterized by having a great intensity and a short duration. For example, one of the most widely used anaerobic resistance exercises in society is weight lifting. With these exercises, movements can be enhanced by overcoming resistance and increasing muscle strength. With this you can increase muscle mass and enhance contraction, which contributes to the mineralization of bones.

These exercises are common in bodybuilders who do not want to burn fat if they do not use the maximum possible of their physical capacity in a short time. The muscles generate lactic acid and end up gaining a greater volume.

There are many types of aerobic exercises. We will briefly describe them:

  • Weightlifting: It is a perfect exercise to stimulate coordination, balance and allows you to adjust some of the body segments to improve symmetry. This type of exercise requires prior learning of the technique in the exercises to be able to perform them without any danger to health. Many people are injured by poor technique in weight lifting exercises or by using a load greater than they can.
  • ABS: Most abdominal exercises are done with body weight and can stimulate muscle mass gain in the abdomen and the entire core area. With these exercises strength, coordination and balance are also worked on, always respecting the limitations of each individual.
  • Strength machine exercises: This type of exercise allows the body to work locally and specifically on each muscle. It is known as an analytical or accessory exercise and in the gym it is treated as an aid to improve and work in a focused way a muscle group. For example, a pulley triceps extension can be an isolation exercise for this muscle group.

In general, any type of exercise that consists of making an effort with a short period of time and with high intensity is an aerobic exercise. Without going further, sprints, jump rope, perform intervals, etc. They are examples of anaerobic exercises. It is recommended to do a little muscle stretching work after aerobic exercise to avoid injury. In this way we will improve joint mobility.

Types of anaerobic resistance


There are different types of anaerobic resistance depending on the energy source. The two main types are alactic and lactic. The first is characterized by using energy products in order to eliminate lactic acid residues. An example of this are speed tests generating about 180 beats per minute.

On the other hand, lactic anaerobic resistance is that in which lactic acid is produced because it has a higher intensity and a greater oxygen deficit. This resistance applies to races of more than 100 meters and in balance races of hurdles.

Nutrition in anaerobic sports

nutrition for sports

As expected, to improve performance in anaerobic endurance sports nutrition is needed according to the objective. Therefore, the practitioners of these sports require a diet rich in foods that provide significant amounts of energy. In many cases, extra nutritional supplementation is also needed to meet the needs. The most widely used sports supplements, both for their effectiveness and for their knowledge about it, are creatine, protein powder and caffeine.

This diet seeks to counteract the loss of glycogen in the body and to increase the storage capacity or nutrients. The most popular diets for bodybuilders they are diets high in carbohydrates, medium and high in protein and low in fat.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about anaerobic resistance.

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