How to say I love you without saying it

How to say I love you without saying it

We all feel love and understanding and the way to show it differs a lot from each personality. We generally show our affection with a "I love you", but there are people who do not say it and demonstrate it with other means.

Here we analyze each circumstance and moment to say "I love you" without saying it. This type of expression reflects that feeling and affection for someone, something that disagrees with falling in love. Although its way of being demonstrated may be different in many aspects, everything will depend on the personality.

When can I dare to say "I love you"?

Do not be afraid to say "I love you. We should not feel shame since the fact say it a lot, but sometimes words abound and facts are not enough. Maybe the feeling is reciprocal and the desire will not diminish for saying so. Even so, the "I love you" are not only said with words, since there are many ways to say it and it is usually with facts.

In fact, saying "I love you" is a sure test of showing our feelings, when we are still not sure to confess what we feel. The love felt for another person is usually say with facts and we like to be reciprocated. Although the fundamental fact is not expecting anything in return for the moment, you have to show that gesture of courage and wait to see what happens.

How to say I love you without saying it

Say "I love you" with facts

The details is the main part to show someone that you love them. We can be doing our social life, go to an event, be in class, be with the family ... the conclusion is when in each of these moments we remember some small detail of that other person and We let you know with a message.

It is important that the message to be emitted be as correct as possible, without disturbing or overwhelming and without forcing it to be answered. Offering that detail gives us the ability to see if the other person is grateful and if therefore you like it. If you feel like they're getting uncomfortable or not paying attention, don't keep offering your precious time.

If the other person is undecided with your love shows it is essential that you do not feel pressured. You have to give that person space to receive all those details, we do not want to overwhelm and if that person needs to have their privacy you have to respect it.

You have to know how to listen to what they are the other person's concerns. A show of love will be to listen to all your problems and know your feelings. If you have projects or plans for the future, you have to support them in all their decisions. If you are undecided, you can support yourself by giving advice and decisive contributions, it is essential to show your love and an "I love you" when we want to feel by your side.

How to say I love you without saying it

Physical contact it is also part of this feeling. You want to be physically with that person, you feel the desire to hug, caress and even kiss them. Whenever a person feels love they will want to be as close as possible. Having contact a much more intimate bond is created, But if that person does not show such an effect, they may not feel the same. Before giving a hug or making some kind of caress, it is better to ask so as not to be surprised.

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Maintaining contact without disengaging from that person shows that "you care about someone." Now with new technologies we can be sending messages good morning, ask for a "how are you?" or say good night. Even a simple call can be an important detail.

Good humor is present when we feel happy next to the person we love. Can show our joy and laugh for everything it will be one of the most important samples. Making the other person smile every time they see you will hook them into your personality. Seeing a positive person gives very good vibes.

How to say I love you without saying it

Small gestures count

Whether or not he is our partner and whether or not he lives under the same roof, small gestures matter too. A sign of interest will be to say how beautiful that person is that morning, ask when he or she is not expecting "how is he", invite him to lunch or go to the movies, prepare a delicious breakfast or an original dinner, say goodbye to him or her as if if there was a tomorrow ...

We love them receive any of these gestures and giving them does not have to matter at all, if what you feel is great love and affection. A smile, a caress or give something that is not expected es a great expression of love. Another idea is to say "I love you" with other types of words such as: "I love you", "You are incredible" or "I can't stop thinking about you".

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