How to know if your partner loves you

How to know if your partner loves you

Many relationships go through states of indecision, And although two people have already been formalized as couples, there are still doubts as to whether your partner loves you. Uncertainty can come when an attachment has been established between two people. Time may pass and one of them give much more than you receive.

We always want unconditional respect and love, if not demonstrated and the relationship does not underlie moving forward, perhaps it is better to give the final point. But can we be wrong? Can you tell if your partner really loves us? Well the answer is yes, there are a series of details that can clarify us all those uncertainty points, and that we show you next.

Keys to know if your partner loves you

Knowing if a person really loves you is a matter of analyzing it with some of the signs that he shows you daily. Undoubtedly "an action is worth a thousand words" and your partner must cover many of these points that we indicate below:

He shows you his love daily and does not intend to change you

A person who loves you, will want to be by your side every day. In addition, he not only tells you that he loves you, but he shows you daily by wanting to be by your side and taking care of you. Love is demonstrated with actions and not with words, He also accepts you as you are and will not force anything in the relationship for something to change in your way of being.

How to know if your partner loves you

Makes you feel special and listens to you

That person who loves you and feels a special attraction show a lot of respect and courtesy. You will realize that he is capable of making you feel special, that he has details with you such as holding you by the hand, opening the car door for you and paying close attention to listening to you. If he pays a lot of interest he will get involved in your conversations, He will ask you and give you the best advice. Other details is that he will look you faithfully in the eyes and nod when you are talking, because he is still interested and does not want to lose the thread of your conversations.

It respects you, protects you and does not harm your dignity

There are three concepts that go hand in hand, a person who protects you will be someone who He does not want you to burden yourself with problems or not to suffer. Respect is another of the values ​​that any person must maintain, and in a relationship it is an essential part.

If your partner really loves you he has to respect you in every way: in your attitude, opinions and as a person. This point is essential to link with not damage your dignity. If there is a discrepancy in opinions, they must be respected and he does not have to humiliate you in your decisions in front of anyone, if he does, it's because he doesn't really love you.

How to know if your partner loves you

Think of many projects with you and in the future

If he loves you a lot, will include you in all his plans and projects for the future. It should be noted that any decision must be taken with total independence, but if you also want to involve your partner in your plans, it will be that you have a projected visualization with you and as a couple. Among your projects, you may want to live under the same roof, undertake a joint plan or even have children.

He supports you, helps you and has confidence

Support is the most beautiful thing in a relationshipThey may be constantly saying that they love us, but if they do not show support and help they do not love us with great passion. A couple living under the same roof, or having children, can discover these details when they rely on household chores and problems.

Or even when they are young and are making important and serious decisions, the other person is shown with great confidence and interest. Trust is another of the buttresses, if this quality does not exist we are lost in a relationship because it never comes to fruition and becomes toxic. Insecurity and manipulation go hand in hand and not trusting who you are with or seeing that they do not like the type of relationships you have of friendship, leads to not having a good foundation in your relationship.

How to know if your partner loves you

He includes you in all his plans

How we have already reviewed a person who really loves you is wanting to be by your side constantlyAlthough you should not let it become a constant attachment. But if we are at the beginning of a relationship we can see that he adjusts his routine and allows himself in make a lot of plans including you in their activities.

Freedom is another of the buttresses, since it is one of the pillars that must be built in a relationship and if it has been maintained from the beginning until today, it has very good values ​​on the part of both people. A person must grow freely and that your partner does not have to put impediments. It is the only way that there are no harmful conversations and that a person has the total freedom to be whoever they want to be.

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