Williot & El Ganso ... Reasonable Similarities

What came first, the chicken or the egg? If we had to apply this question to the brands that we propose, we would have no doubts. The Goose would be the correct answer. But we are not here to talk about El Ganso, at least today. williot is a Spanish brand that presents us some Sneakers something seen already, although no less special for that.

With a marked english character and by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Spain with the comfort per flag. Williot presents itself as an innovative brand in which the careful design of its shoes comes to achieve resounding success. And the truth is that it is a safe bet. Not only because there are already shoes with that design that are sold two by two, but also because these are somewhat cheaper. But take a look at what I tell you ... williot

As you can see, the differences are minimal between the Williot and the ones in the photo above, belonging to the now established "El Ganso" shoes. Style Retro y seventies on both brands. A touch of "High class" perfect for carry with jeans, shorts, rolled up sleeves or polo shirts. An infinity of possibilities to which now we must also add the brand that we want to carry on our feet. For my part, I have already made up my mind.

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  1.   Camilo said

    I do not know, they do not stop looking like an imitation of the originals, and there is nothing worse than that, wear what you want to be but it is not ... I love the goose and I adore the ones I have but lately I hate going down the street and seeing the amount of imitations that are already in the shop windows ...

    1.    Paul said

      Well, these two brands are so similar because they are from the same manufacturer, for those who did not know. The owner of williot is the one who designs and manufactures the El Ganso models, so let's see if you stop your nonsense ...

    2.    Neo said

      Let's see, the fact that these two brands are so similar is for a simple reason, the owner of Williot is the designer and manufacturer of El Ganso ... I know because I know him personally, so stop fooling around ...

  2.   Jesus said

    I think you have just given me the answer to why so many people in Zaragoza, where I live, wear shoes similar to those of El Ganso, since this brand does not have any store here ... the other day when passing through a downtown street I took a I looked at a shoe store window and I saw them .. when I realized what I had seen, I backed off and stared at the window more carefully .. they were shoes à la El Ganso, but of a different brand .. the bad thing is I don't remember the brand they were from, so I can't say if they were Williot ... anyway I don't think the Williot are a fake from El Ganso, or else they wouldn't be sold in a shoe store like that

    1.    ALVARO said

      Please I would like to know where I can find this type of shoe in Zaragoza. I need them, THANK YOU

      1.    Jesus said

        The official El Ganso store in Zaragoza is on Isaac Peral street, they opened it a couple of months ago. You can also find them in Colonial, on Calle San Ignacio de Loyola.

        1.    Jesus said

          PDT .: if what you want is Williot, you have them in El Corte Inglés de Sagasta, in the shoe store section of the men's plant, and surely in several other shoe stores (for example, one of a intersection of León XIII)

  3.   Jose Luis Coloma said

    Camilo, don't despair because when something is successful it usually happens. I have known the people from El Ganso since they opened their store in Fuencarral three years ago, and I interviewed them for a university job (What times!). I paid € 35 for the shoes and look, now you can't find them for less than € 55. Of course, I stopped putting them on 2 years ago, hahaha.

    In any case, I would like to make it clear that at no time have we said that they are a fake. Only their "reasonable resemblance" has caught our attention.

    1.    MM said

      It seems incredible to me that wearing an "imitation" supposes such helplessness, it is clear that people who have excess money have nothing to think about other than that their latest model shoes are authentically authentic ...
      By God is that the comment of "Camilo" of June 16 is like to think about putting all the imitations of filthy sneakers of more than 60 euros by the ears, that someone explains to that child that in Africa there are millions of children dying from hunger, not to say they don't have slippers ...

      PS: The Goose are spoiled months before the Carrefour ones, which being «IMITATION» are identical and three times as resistant ...
      Those of us who are not rich will settle for those.

  4.   Jesus said

    Confirmed: they were Williot, and they are already in my closet, I could not wait to go to Madrid next month and visit El Ganso, also they have cost me the same and without having to pay the AVE =)

  5.   Jose Luis Coloma Boronat said

    I'm very happy Jesus, hehehe.

  6.   Juan said

    Does anyone know what kind of stores the Williot can be found in? It's just that I'm looking and I can't find them. If you could tell me some stores in Santiago de Compostela or Vigo !!! Thank you very much !!

  7.   Pablo said

    Hello Juan! I was also interested in some, it is more this afternoon I have gone to look for them (I am from Vigo), and in Santano, which is a store that is in Colon, they have told me that until the end of July the Goose will not arrive And the ones that exist are the "stocks" of the Madrid store. And I found the Williot, in a shoe store in Urzaiz, next to Sfera. right where it grows, in front of Centroxogo, going down the MacDonal's 🙂


  8.   josé said

    An objective definition; Plagiarism: Substantially copying other people's works, giving them as their own. (Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy).
    A personal and therefore subjective opinion: In a generic way, there are two types of people on the subject that matters to us, those who at any price and without their own personal criteria want to resemble or imitate those who consider certain social models without understanding them , ... and those who have authentic personality and do not seek or settle for imitations.
    Only the latter, regardless of their social status, have class when it comes to behaving, and consequently also when it comes to dressing.

  9.   josé said

    An objective definition; Plagiarism: Substantially copying other people's works, giving them as their own. (Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy).
    A personal and therefore subjective opinion: In a generic way, there are two types of people on the subject that matters to us, those who at any price and without their own personal criteria want to resemble or imitate those who consider certain social models without understanding them , ... and those who have authentic personality and do not seek or settle for imitations.
    Only the latter, regardless of their social status, have class when it comes to behaving, and consequently also when it comes to dressing.

  10.   Juan Miguel said

    The problem with the Goose is that they want to be so exclusive
    that lose the sale The Williot are more widespread
    surely because the commercial network is more extensive
    and similar prices and qualities.

    1.    George said

      look, goose and williot is the same, these manufacturers separated and the k came out of the original ones I call them williot.

  11.   Lucia said

    Although they are quite similar, let's not forget that neither the guys from El Ganso nor those from Williot have discovered the formula for Coca Cola since this style of sneakers has already existed for years, I think the Williot have managed to soften the model much more, which , always to my liking, it gives them more class.

  12.   Jose Luis Coloma placeholder image said

    I see that the subject is giving opinions that are very different from each other. It is always interesting to see your vision, but we have to bear in mind that there are chain stores that do the same and nobody says anything ...

  13.   josé said

    Whoever wants to understand the difference between using an imitation, to a greater or lesser extent concealed, or an original, who understands.
    He who is not capable, well ... well ... what are we going to do. Everyone is free to choose, but your choice defines your personality, if you decide to imitate ..., in the case that
    It concerns us, it is not El Ganso who excludes you but you exclude yourself.
    You choose what you want to wear: An imitation or an original,.
    Therefore, if you decide on the imitation, do not complain. You exclude yourself, in no case El Ganso.
    From this moment on, having said everything I had to say, whatever I answer is answered, I will not intervene again since it is not worth it, and I say this with knowledge of the facts and after having made the pertinent checks I tell myself).
    Goodbye, and best regards.

    Postscript: there is something that. Regardless of the commercial, it is trying and it is worth protecting: copyright in whatever creative field.

  14.   Lucia said

    Dear Jose

    In the world of fashion we cannot forget that there is something called a trend regardless of who the pioneer is. I do not know if you have ever gone to the El Ganso stores but if you visit one day you will see that it looks like a Ralph Lauren store that has had the label changed and, however, no one can say that it has been copied but that follow a certain style, a concept. And yes, a polo is a polo regardless of whether it bears a horse or a goose, and with sports shoes the same.

    Because as I said in the previous post, in this case we are talking about a type of sneaker that has been around for years and now has hit hard again. That is why when you say that there is something called Copyright, you forget something else called competition and in these situations in which two similar products compete in the market one of the keys is in marketing. And I believe, always from my opinion, that this battle is won by Williot. BECAUSE?

    Well, without going any further in their presentation, I bought some for my boyfriend, the first thing that caught my attention were the wooden displays in which they were presented, then the box design. But the thing is that inside there was an endearing story about the supposed origins of the brand, now I don't remember well, and finally I noticed that they collaborated with an association. All of this contributes to creating a concept.

    Pd: Anyway, neither of them are my style, I keep my lifelong conversations

  15.   Jose Luis Coloma placeholder image said

    We should not write comments in a hurt plan as if our lives were lost on it. Regarding what you say (Jose) that if we exclude ourselves and others simply point out that the "walking logos" are horrible.

    The fusion of luxury garments with basic clothes is perfection in fashion. Just also say that no matter how much money you have, style is the only thing that goes into the person. And not by wearing a brand are you better than anyone who does not.

    Moreover, I venture to say that if a person all wears is branded, it is a complete tacky. Unless they are brands so exclusive that they do not put the logo anywhere, which I really doubt will happen.

    By the way, I adore El Ganso's clothes, always in the right measure. But the merit of the Ganso slippers does not go to them, but to Jeremy Scott "creator" of the design.

  16.   josé said

    Postscript 2: good singing about mixing commercial competition with copyrights.
    Postscript 3: The El Ganso logo is not walking but static.
    Postscript 4: His name is not Jeremy Scott but Jeremy Stanford.
    Postscript 5: Before writing, honor your profession, so please inform yourself better.
    Postscript 6: I take things as I please as long as I respect the rights of others, it would be more.
    Now if really, goodbye.
    I no longer lend myself to this manipulated game.

  17.   Jose luis coloma said

    Thank you for your comments. They amuse me a lot. A mistake about SCott by Standford. I will do the race again so as not to be wrong. All the best

  18.   Pablo said

    Personally, I like the Williot much more than the Goose, and I bought the Williot, not because they are cheaper, because in Vigo the difference between the williot and the goose is € 1 ... and I don't think that Someone who wears williot shoes is someone who wants to be rich or stylish and is poor without style, it seems absurd to make a qualification of that type for a type of shoe.

  19.   Lucia said

    Dear Jose

    I would ask you for a little humility, I remind you that we are not talking about Armani, but about El Ganso and you are comparing it with another brand that, as Pablo says, is not that it gives precisely the shoes, (I bought Williot some to my boyfriend and the Price was even higher than the Goose). If I opted for the Williot is simply because my boy found them much cooler than the others, period. So, you should rethink your arguments.

    Because, in addition, (and I really do not want to be heavy with this) these types of shoes HAVE NOT BEEN INVENTED EITHER OF THE TWO, that's why when I talk about competition and not copyright it is because in this case it does not exist.

    By the way, explain the "manipulated game" because you have left me a little lost. Thanks

  20.   Jesus said

    As I said many comments ago, I bought the Williot ... and not because they were cheaper than the El Ganso (which by the way, they are not), but because they have a greater commercial diffusion and today they are the only ones between the two. brands that are for sale in my city and, as you will understand, I was not going to do 300 km. more than to buy some sneakers =) and in my opinion, the Williot are not an imitation of El Ganso or vice versa, they are simply the same type of shoe offered by two different brands ... or is it the «Converse type» shoes of, for example Ed Hardy, are they an imitation of the Converse themselves? Regarding branded clothing, I personally for the only reason that I buy it is because I believe that in the long run it gives a better result due to the quality of its fabrics than clothing from Inditex stores, which follows fashion trends but Its quality is mediocre, and of course I always try to buy clothes in which the brand's logo appears as small as possible or cannot be seen, since I don't like to go advertising on the street, for that they are already paid, for For example, Formula 1 drivers

  21.   Jose luis coloma said

    Jesus!!!! Congratulations on your comment. Sensible and very sincere. Thank you very much for your opinion.

  22.   Juan said

    Thank you very much Pablo !!! I know what stores you tell me Today I was in Santiago and I looked for the goose and nothing at all, instead the williot if I found them, but you know if there are the white williot shoes with the red and blue stripes, it is that the girl from the store told me that that model In this brand it is only sold for girls, and I know that in the goose there is this model for xico, right ??? That is why I decided on the goose ones, so until the end of July they do not arrive in Vigo, not Pablo How much are they already ??? Thank you very much !!

  23.   Pablo said

    I, the wlliot I bought them for € 59, and the goose they sell for € 60. I don't know how they will be now (because of the sales). I bought the Italian flag ones, and the truth is that I love them !!

  24.   josé said

    Dear José Luis Coloma, on July 3 I wrote what I supposed was going to be my last intervention.

    Almost a month has passed and I feel the moral need to rectify:

    1- When you said that you did not like walking logos, you were not referring to the description of the graphic characteristics of any logo.

    2- Writing Jeremy Scott instead of Jeremy Stanford was not an error on your part but a simple professional lapse as we all have, more justified in this case because Scott is another renowned designer.

    3– I think you are a good journalist with a very promising future. I am not saying this just because I have followed your career but also because you have demonstrated an essential quality in your profession: temperance.

    4- Temperance that I lacked in my abrupt response.

    A greeting and until forever

  25.   Jose Luis Coloma said

    Hello Jose,

    I'm glad to hear from you again. I have to confess that I missed you reading to us, unless it was clear that it was so. Regarding the previous opinions do not worry, nothing happens!

    Thank you very much for rectifying ... Like the wise men. I hope you continue to "contradict" me in the opinions I make around here. In the end we will become friends and everything, hehe.

    a greeting

  26.   Gaspar said

    It occurred to me to put Jeremy Stanford's name on google because a couple of months ago I bought some El Ganso sneakers designed by him and I wanted to know more. That is why I have ended up on this page. I remember when I bought them I saw the Williot tricks in another store and immediately thought "what a plagiarism." Now I see that it was evident, although it is also true that neither of the two brands has discovered anything.
    Of course I did not imagine that this could provoke a debate of this caliber!

  27.   Jesus said

    You should visit the "Must Have" of menstyle.es ... so you would find out that Williot is the brand that is causing a sensation in the US. The North American edition of GQ has even dedicated an article to them.

  28.   alberto said

    Hello !!! Can you tell me in which stores they sell williot shoes? And also do you know any store in the north of Castellon and in Madrid where they sell them? Thank you.

  29.   notable said

    Hello, could someone tell me where I can buy the williot in coruña or in salamanca?

  30.   Daniel said

    Hello. Could someone tell me how they carve the Williot? If you normally wear a 42, in Williot is it also 42?

  31.   novictimsnofashion said

    I am amused at how cynical we can be sometimes !!! Unless we have the bank account of wealthy people such as Carmen Lomana, we cannot always afford to buy original garments and, without knowing it, we buy in stores where copying / plagiarism / imitation is daily.
    Clear example: ZARA.

    And to finish, yesterday I caught some Williot in an Outlet sale online… for 22 euros of ná.

    A greeting.

  32.   Paco said

    There has already been a trial regarding this, I know it first hand ... Williot has finally won, although it may be for many ...

    1.    miko said

      I can't sleep and I just read this blog, I find it very interesting and the opinions of people amuse me, but what is not allowed is the lie.
      1. There has been no trial between The Goose and Williot that Williot has won.
      2. The Goose predates Williot, and, being exactly the same, it must be understood that Williot is the copy.
      3. The Goose is the one who has denounced Williot for plagiarism.

      And please, let's not put it first hand to give more credibility to such inventions that we are already older.

      a greeting

  33.   Saints said

    Anyone who takes a close look at one or the other, examines their history, compares the stores where they are bought ...

    that is, anyone who really chooses between one and the other, it is logical that he chooses El Ganso.

    More variety of models, the finishes of the shoes are better, they continue to innovate with new models, they are more exclusive when deciding which stores sell them ...

    And which is a copy and which is not ... if the same article by Jose Luis says so.


  34.   Alfred said


    DANIEL !!!!!

  35.   Alfred said

    I mean WILLIOT wings !!!

  36.   FAITH said

    Against any falsification, if the price seems expensive for the product, I do not buy it, if the money I have does not reach me for the product, I do not buy it, you have to have style and class and not want to pretend something that you are not, which is what people who buy imitations do not do, they only want to look like the originals at all costs lacking personality, sorry if I annoy someone with this comment, it is simply what I think.

  37.   A simple person said

    I think that what nobody knows (I will not say my name, but I am in the footwear sector) is that precisely the friends of El Ganso have had to change their so famous models (with the stripes in a semi-vertical position) for others with the stripes in almost horizontal position and different style. The reason is none other than the aforementioned trademark and industrial property rights.
    They were a copy of a Japanese brand whose owner saw fit to register the design worldwide.
    I never participate in forums, but it bothers me that the El Ganso brand is defended without knowing the whole truth of the story.

  38.   kike said

    Hello !! how are you ? I am looking for the white goose boots, with the French flag in vertical stripes, but it seems that they are false and make them horizontal? a greeting..

  39.   Jose Luis Coloma said

    And this continues to grow. Impressive!!!!

  40.   Mark said

    Let's see, the williot were much earlier (3 years) than the goose, so they are not a fake, in any case it would be the opposite. Also, a forgery trial was made, and the goose lost so forgery nothing. If you are tired of seeing williot on the street, buy some you know what they say if you can not beat them, join them.

  41.   Raul said

    The debate open here is very interesting ... it occurred to me to look for them on Facebook to see what each of the brands had. I have only found the page of El Ganso, it is the following:


    If anyone finds Williot, please post it.

  42.   Clara said

    I want some williot, where can I get them? .. I live in Asturias, Gijón. 🙁

  43.   Borja said

    I think that if there are really some "original" those are the kawasaki noo ??

  44.   Fredperry said

    What a curious debate ...
    I work in this sector apart from being a consumer of this style of clothing for many years ...
    The originals are from Fred Perry's, an English brand that imitates the tennis shoes of the time of this famous tennis player, apart from his collection adopted by urban tribes as mods, with a marked English style.
    The first brand to make a similar shoe after Fred Perry's was Kawasaki; but the first brand to introduce the entire lined instep was El Ganso: there is no kind of lost judgment for this brand, you do not invent such nonsense (possibly to justify what you wear in pursuit of pride; and the change of stripes to sense vertical is precisely for the opposite reason: once the brand and its star product have been consolidated, once it has reached all the public and after being copied even by Carrefour (yes, true), a stylistic change can (and should) be allowed In said product, it gives them distinction over the copies; in fact, the new design is much more complex when it comes to manufacturing it and, therefore, to copying the previous one.

    A greeting.

    1.    miko said

      I have the same data as you. In addition, the El Ganso concept goes beyond shoes as successive models have succeeded even more than the original two stripes. And in fact the change of stripes was not by Williot but by Adidas who said that 2 stripes was equal to 3 stripes and as an SME they were not compensated for the economic effort to bring down an entire multinational. The change of course was risky and they have embroidered it.

      a greeting

  45.   merch said

    Can someone tell me where they sell goose slippers in Gijon or Oviedo, my son really wants one and I can't find them.

  46.   Angela said

    Hi! I live in Castellón and I can't find this type of slippers anywhere, so someone can tell me where I can find them in Valencia, if you can provide me with the exact stores, I'm talking about the Ganso.
    Thanks and best regards 🙂

    1.    mikito said

      In Valencia they have El Ganso store in Jorge Juan 26!

  47.   Country said

    Hi! These shoes are great, but I live in Valladolid and I can't find them anywhere: S
    Does anyone know where they sell them in Valladolid?
    It would be a great help (:
    A greeting!

  48.   Gabri-h_96 said

    in valladolid in 50 yards in montero calvo

  49.   The Goose said

    I have two pairs of the goose, they are very comfortable and much more original and better finished than the williot

  50.   Javi said

    I want some goose shoes and I didn't want to spend a lot of money either, does anyone know where I can find them?
    Thank you.