What is the love of a couple

What is the love of a couple

Love is that universal feeling that any person feels and about another person, animal or thing. Love when it is built with strength over a long period of time we can say that it is couple's love, a love that goes beyond and deepens in feelings.

However, defining the love of a couple can greatly transfer its meaning in our time. If before there was unconditional love that came before any circumstance, now it makes us understand a love that varies according to circumstances in which a couple goes through.

Shades may vary since there are many scenes that come before two people and there are many personalities. We must not forget that the love of a couple continues to be that bond that build an unconditional commitment between two persons.

How is love as a couple defined?

couple's love is that feeling that two people share, is a different value because it is valued in an extrapolated way, where there is already a balance, a certain attachment and well-being. This love commits without grounds, to be able to create a faithful sentimental relationship. Where two people owe each other support with full respect and where their trust reaches the point where they are too friendly to ask each other for any kind of advice.

This type of love refers to a much more consolidated feeling, where time has formalized the ways to be defined as a couple. There may no longer be those butterflies in the stomach as at the beginning of the relationship. Now your binding is based on the commitment and respect.

What is the love of a couple

We must not forget that if two people love each other and feel very attached, individual space must be respected and the goals that you want to achieve individually. Although it does not mean to stop communication altogether, but also efforts and sacrifices are made by the other person when they are not favorable to oneself. Hence, this condition exists so that between the two they can support each other before any offering and personal objectives.

Qualities that define the love of a couple

There are certain characteristics that define that special love between two consolidated people as a couple. The two people advance in love day by day and that It shows in the little details. Their respect must reign at all times and that is why they will always apologize when a fault is discussed or commented on.

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The two persons they have to be directed towards growth, any triumph must be shared and celebrated. This function is also related when you have to give support if one of the people is going through a difficult time. You must always demonstrate that unconditional love so that well-being is created.

Another point to note is when opinions are respected and the space that each one needs is left. Projects and goals are shared at all times, as well as values. Sincerity always has to abound, it is one of the values ​​that forge the couple.

What is the love of a couple

 Are there different types of romantic love?

You could really define the love of a couple depending on the type of people or the perception that one has about the other. It is important that this love is going to be consolidated is by mutual agreement and you always get that common feeling.

  • friendly love It exists between those couples who are looking for affection, trust and above all friendship. They are people who relax the commitment a little and let it consolidate little by little.
  • passionate love is the one that creates that super intense attraction. It is very emotional and transfers many passions. We try to forge that relationship above all else so that passion is shared to the extreme, and thus reach that well-being and satisfaction.
  • pragmatic love It is the one that relates to self-interested love. Between two people, an attempt has been made to find many requirements and qualities so that they may supply that love as a couple. For them they are characteristics that have to be there, they are indispensable.

What is the love of a couple

  • obsessive love defines it as such. There is such a passionate love between both people that it becomes very intense. They constantly invade your personal space, demand many calls for attention, and your relationship ends up becoming very possessive.
  • altruistic love It is when the other person is constantly favored and without asking for anything in return. They put that love above everything else and are always supplying the needs of their partner with favors and deeds, even if they have a personal cost.
  • playful love it is established between people who like to cultivate numerous experiences. They are permissive and give a lot of freedom to their commitment. This type of correspondence becomes so liberal and so little possessive that they end up having passionate relationships with other people.

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