Types of training with your own weight

exercises with your body

La calistenia, Also known as bodyweight, is a kind of training that uses your own weight to strengthen muscles thanks to the body's resistance against gravity. This means that it is no longer necessary to go to the gym or use equipment to be in shape; You can do this training at home and get the same benefits as if you went to the gym. Ideal for those who are just starting out in training, calisthenics helps them know their physical state and its limitations to progress as the exercises are performed. What types of training are recommended to train in this way?

Types of training

The body can work many muscle groups Through different types of training and variety it will not only keep your interest in the exercises, but it will also contribute to a more complete routine. Thus, you will know your limitations and you will work to overcome them by progressing in your training.



The dominated they work the spine, the back muscles and the arms. Basically, they require the body to be lifted through the use of a bar and the arms themselves. This type of exercise is one of the most difficult to master, so it is recommended to start with the eccentric chin-ups that allow you to perfect the technique and then increase the difficulty. In addition, pull-ups can be combined with other routines that work your back and give more variety to your training. Some of the best alternatives to chin-ups are pullover dumbbell and pulley row.


En squats they work the buttocks, abdomen and legs. Like chin-ups, it is essential to master the technique to obtain all its benefits; Squats improve body flexibility and help prevent back pain. Maintaining good posture and putting your weight on your heels are key to mastering this exercise. Once the technique has been mastered, you can progress to more complex types of squats, such as the Bulgarian.


Push-ups work your arms and upper body. It is important to note that, to perform them correctly, the body must be aligned and you must tighten the abdomen. Once you've mastered the basic push-ups, you can increase their difficulty by placing your hands in different positions, and even perform one-hand push-ups.



Burpee's test works the whole body and improves muscular endurance since it gathers several types of exercises. As it is an exercise that combines squats, push-ups and vertical jump, it is recommended that you first master these techniques before attempting to do it, adapting the intensity to your physical condition.

Calisthenics benefits

To obtain all the benefits of calisthenics, it is essential to maintain good body posture and vary the exercise routines. The main advantages of this type of training are the following:

  • Prevent injuries since the body is capable of performing very varied exercises that, unlike what happens in a gym, are more dynamic.
  • Promotes flexibility which, among other things, allows for increasingly complex exercises.
  • It helps to control the body and overcome your limitations.
  • Burn calories.

Calisthenics is a workout that uses your own weight to exercise the body. Pull-ups, squats, push-ups, and the Burpee test are some types of exercises that promote flexibility, burn calories, and prevent injury. This type of training allows you to know your body and its limitations but, fundamentally, overcome your own obstacles.

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