Types of caps for men


Discover the types of caps for men It will let you know which one is the most suitable for each day. It will also help you put the one that best goes with him cool what do you want to take. And, in addition, this garment will protect your head on cold days.

For this last function, you also have other types of clothing along with the caps. For example, the various kinds of hats. However, these have fallen out of favor lately, while the former are increasingly more fashionable. Therefore, we are going to show you the most popular types of caps for men. But first we want to do a little history.

Baseball cap

Baseball cap

A nice baseball cap

As its own name indicates, it is the one used by the players of this sport. In fact, it was designed in United States for them. His role was protect your eyesight from the sun's rays so they could better follow the game. For this reason, its visor or front part is long, rounded and folded at the corners. Also, on the back it usually has a snap closure that allows it to be adjusted around the head.

With the passage of time, it has crossed the baseball fields to become one of the most common garments in the urban fashion. It has even been assumed as their own by the rappers, which symbolize with her the youth and the own style. However, nowadays gets along with many others formal and casual looks. There are even those who dare to wear it with a suit.

mesh cap

Cap with grids

A cap with side vents

We could tell you that it is a version of the previous because their shape is very similar. It basically consists of two parts: the part of fabric that covers the head and the visor, which is also long and rounded. Its main difference is that it has a grill on the back. Thanks to it, it lets the head breathe and is perfect for spring and summer.

This type of cap for men also came from United States, but it has become very popular all over the world. Today it is very common to see singers, soccer players and other celebrities with her. Among the reasons is the fact that combines very well with formal and casual looks casual and denim.

Also fits with lumberjack guy shirts. On the other hand, like the previous model, this cap can carry very different prints and drawings. Thus, it can have an advertising logo, the name of a company or any kind of drawing.

British Style Soft Flat Caps

soft cap

a soft cap

They are very different and more elaborate than the previous ones. They are characterized because both their cap and their visor are soft. Also, the latter is more short than in other types of caps. The kind of fabric in which they are made also differs. This type of them is made with cotton, wool or lighter fabrics.

Its manufacture requires more work because it includes more seams and rivets. As for the look it gives you, it's more elegant and, with a certain touch of sophistication and bohemian. For all this, you can wear it with any garmentat a tailored suit even jeans. Likewise, based on this cap, others have emerged. For example, the famous duckbill or gatsby, so called because it became famous as a result of being worn by the protagonist of the film The Great Gatsby.

cycling cap

cycling cap

A cyclist with his typical cap

Once again, as its name suggests, it gets its name from the fact that it is used by cyclists as part of his uniform. Likewise, the function it originally had was protect them from the sun, but it has also passed to the street many years ago. Since he often carried the team's name, he became a advertising gift item and, as a consequence, its weaving and elaboration are more basic.

On the other hand, there are men who wear it with all kinds of clothes. However, for such a basic garment, does not go well with formal and casual looks To wear. We recommend that you better use this cap to go to the beach or for mountain excursions as head protection.

Beret, a classic among the types of caps for men


The beret, one of the oldest types of caps for men

Although for many it is not a cap, but another kind of garment, we include the beret here because it only has one difference with that one. Is the lack of visor. For the rest, it has a very similar design. In addition, it is much older than the typical caps of United States.

Its origin is unknown, but it already appears in terracotta figures found in Crete. Since then, she has been part of the clothing of very different towns up to our days. In fact, there are numerous types of berets that are distinguished by the personal touch they have given them.

So we can mention you the scottish, which is part of their national costume, the irish, Galician o the basque. In the latter area it is so popular that it is even used as a trophy for sports championships. However, in recent decades, the beret has fallen a bit out of fashion, at least in its more classic, smooth and black form.

Instead, now you can find it assorted colors or with decorations such as, for example, tassels. If you decide to use it, combines with all kinds of styles, even with the most formal. And it will always give you a certain bohemian touch and own personality.

Wool or fisherman's hat

Wool cap

Wool, one of the most used men's caps

Perhaps it is the most popular among the types of caps for men. We are talking about the simple garment made exclusively of wool that fits the head. It is widely used by fishermen and, above all, for who practice skiing. But, in general, everyone wears it when it's cold, even in the cities.

Not in vain, its greatest advantage is that protects the head very well from inclement weather. On the other hand, it may not be the most stylish type of cap, but due to its great functionality, it is also used with all kinds of styles.

Ethnic Type Caps


A man wearing an ushanka

Finally, among the types of caps for men, we want to talk about models more ethnic. With this, we want to refer to those that come from different towns. Likewise, they make up a distinctive garment of them, although they have spread throughout the world.

Perhaps the most famous case is that of the so-called ushanka. Her name may not sound familiar to you, but when you see her, you will surely realize that you know her. She is a cap originally from Russia that is made of leather and, in addition, has ear flaps finished in flaps. In turn, the latter can be tied on the chin or on the top of the head.

It is, therefore, a winter hat which is also used in baltic countries. Putting it on when it's cold is synonymous with keeping a warm head. If you decide to include the ushanka trust your cool, you will get a original and cosmopolitan look.

In conclusion, we have shown you the types of caps for men More popular. However, there are many other kinds of this garment. For example, the flat visor, the raglan, the deep layer and even the deerstalker, a hunting hat that popularized the character of Sherlock Holmes. Go ahead and try these caps.

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