Traps to discover if your partner is being unfaithful to you


When a marriage or couple does not work, the best is cut to the chaseregardless of how old you are. There is no use prolonging an agony that does no one good. Being unfaithful in a marriage is associated with a loss of trust on the part of your environment, a loss that, at times, is impossible to recover.

So much if you are the unfaithful as if you think your partner is being unfaithfulNext, we show you a series of traps with which you can discover or you can discover if your partner has gone a step further without having previously cut off the relationship.

The first thing we must keep in mind is that Lies have very short legs. As the saying goes, a liar is caught sooner than a lame man. By this I mean that creating a lie means being able to maintain it over time and know at all times what we have said to maintain it at all times, since any contradiction can raise the first suspicions.

You have changed the unlock code of your smartphone


If you have been together for several years it is likely that both of you know the unlock code of your phones. The reason for this knowledge is not to browse inside, but so that you can use it on occasions when we cannot for any reason, either because we are cooking, we have dirty hands, we want you to take a photo with our mobile, to reply to a friend, to see an email ...

A relationship is based on mutual trust. If this begins to disappear, the first thing that those involved in change access code to your mobile device in order to prevent it from prying inside.

If it is your partner who has changed the unlock code of his smartphone, it is an unequivocal symptom that something doesn't work, that trust has been lost and that he is hiding something inside him that he does not want you to see.

He / she gets nervous when you pick up his / her cell phone

If he gets nervous or restless when you pick up his phone, even just to move it around without intending to access it, you can let us understand that you are afraid that you will be able to access your content, as long as you have not done the previous step by changing the unlock code.

Talk to friends


Generally nobody goes out alone to have a drink and much less if you are in a couple. If she has started dating just with the excuse of meeting her friends, you should talk to one of them to confirm her story.

If, in addition, that friend has a partner, you should also talk with her to confirm the story. Obviously, tell him not to say anything to his partner.

If in the end it does, it is likely that you see a change in your partner's behavior, a change that can be motivated by various reasons and not only because he is really being unfaithful, but because he has realized that he is leaving you aside.

Does not want anything with you

Another reason that we must take into account when starting to think if our partner is not being unfaithful is invite him to bed. If he refuses on pointless excuses, we should start to consider that something is wrong and that our partner has probably sought comfort elsewhere.

Has changed routine


If you check how your partner's daily routine outside of work has changed and he barely stops at home without asking you out or does it very sporadically, you should check if it really goes where it says it goes.

The easiest method is to follow it and check it. Another method is track your mobile phone, although to do so it is necessary to have the username and password of the device (mobile phones cannot be traced by triangulating the cell phone masts as we see in the movies without a court order).

Pretend you know everything

A method that never fails when it comes to discovering an infidelity is act like we know what's up. If we change our way of being with our partner overnight, if they have nothing to hide, they will ask us what is wrong with us.

If not, it is likely that, with the passage of days, or weeks, this give up completely, of his arm to twist and confess to us that he is being unfaithful with another person. It is also likely that, overnight, he will disappear from our home with all his things and without giving us any explanation.

Search the dating apps


If the relationship has not worked for a long time, but you continue living together by routine Without maintaining any relationship beyond good morning or good night, it is more than likely that some component of the couple has sought to meet new people through applications such as Tinder, Badoo, Meetic ...

Carrying out a search for this type of application, through the different filters that it includes, will allow us to quickly find if our partner is in the market looking for a new partner or is only looking outside of the partner what he does not find in it.

To be able to search, you will have to pay a monthly subscriptionOtherwise, the number of available search options will be reduced to practically zero.

He walks away from you to answer calls or messages

If you are with your partner and suddenly, when he receives a call or a message gets up and walks away to answerAs if he were afraid that you would see his mobile screen or hear what the other person is saying, you should start to ask yourself that there is something that is not working in your relationship.

As you return to us after answering the call or message, we must ask who he was. If he answers us with a nonsense of the type, it was nobody, they were wrong, he was a relative, we must answer that he wanted to get rid of doubts and see if he can confirm his story.

If it takes time, it is to answerIt is because he does not have an excuse ready to give you and something begins to smell bad in the relationship. If since you met him he always does the same thing, at first it should not be a problem, since it is a custom that some people have.

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