Do men want a small nose?

La nose male is the carrier of myths. It is said that the larger the nose, the greater the size of the virile member of the person who wears it. Whether true or not, the nose oversized is a personality trait. Even actors like Adrien Brody or Gérard Depardieu owe a high percentage of their popularity to their noses. And although Tom Cruise was also catapulted to fame by the hand of a nose prominent, over the years he decided to have it operated. Like Cruise, many are the men who today want to carry out plastic surgeries in order to reduce the size or correct the shape of their nose.

La Rhinoplasty (cosmetic surgery of the nose) is second in the ranking of the most requested among men. The objective of this surgical intervention is to correct all the defects that affect the structures that make up the anatomy of the nose (defects of the skin, nasal bones, nasal cartilages, septum or some functional structures such as turbinates, which due to chronic functional problems, can also alter the shape of the nose)

When selecting, together with the plastic surgeon, the nose desired, some points must be taken into account: male structures are much larger and stronger than female ones, so they must be taken into account in order to avoid feminine results. In addition, the tip of the nose male is naturally very bulky and poorly defined.

The end result of a male rhinoplasty should be a nose with a harmonic tip, straight back, defined, projected and rotated enough to generate a maximum angle of 90 degrees between the nose and the upper lip.

HR rhinoplasty Male have the advantage of being carried out through the nostrils avoiding the risk of leaving external scars. Once the surgery is finished, the inflammatory process tends to be shorter than in women because there is less fragility in the skin capillaries. In the post-operative period, it is essential to apply ice for the first 48 to 72 hours, elevate the head of the bed as much as possible and perform nasal cleansing with applicators to avoid sneezing. The average disability is 4 days and the recovery period is 2 to 3 weeks. The final result can be appreciated just after the healing period of the nose. It can have a duration of 6 or 12 months.

Beyond the complexes and standards of beauty, the important thing is to recognize yourself in the mirror. If this implies a nose different from what has been given by nature, there is no reason to hesitate to carry out a rhinoplasty. However, if the decision does not come from a personal dilemma, it is best to take the time to think and accept yourself.

big nose

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  1.   peritoni said

    Well ... my nose is not one of the classics, if not quite the opposite, but over the years and overcoming adolescent complexes I got used to it. People who like me say that it is my "personality", I would not say so much but it is something that would not operate on me. And I speak from the aesthetic point of view without going into surgical "details" and the dread they give me.

  2.   Andrew said

    Hello, I had a fairly large nose and I wanted to operate it… I have already had 1 rhinoplasties and I cannot achieve my goal….

    and in my case… yes… I want a small nose… I don't like big noses at all… I hate them.

    But I do like people with big noses XD

    1.    the mexican male said

      hey you wey you are a piece of gay fucking homsexual swallows sabers

  3.   ukko said

    I don't think most men want a small nose! A small nose looks good on a woman but not on a man!
    It is my humble opinion.

  4.   angel said

    hello well, what happens is that my nose is a big poko ie I have been thinking of having surgery parero it scares me since you are 15 years old and I would like you to give me advice to make my nose smaller without makeup because I am a man

    I hope your help, ..

  5.   Marcelo said

    small nose ?? noo… but normal yes ..

  6.   quasi said

    Well, the dick has to be ascertained how they are sons of bitches

  7.   gay said

    oh piyi don't be like that, we gays are so bad born homophobic, well do you like succcc

  8.   Your mom! said

    I know how to have a perfect nose Friends. I recommend you take 6 glasses of chele from my PINGA! .. plus a pill against menstruation .. ÑANGONESS!

  9.   ariadna said

    I have the best small nose in the world people who have big noses I hate it

    1.    ariadna said

      people with big noses will spend their lives crying

      1.    ariadna said


    2.    Rigamortis said

      And who says that all men like your nose?, I hate women with small noses because they have nothing sexy or morbid, I have a big nose and been with a lot of women and I do not stop flirting, asike that It means that many women are not like you, your comment shows that as a person you are not worth anything, you may be very young because adult people do not make those comments

      1.    David said

        XD tank profile

    3.    daniel said

      do you like men with a small nose?

  10.   Rigamortis said

    the big nose is a mostly masculine trait, the Romans had it big, from there comes the Roman profile, and didn't they have women?

  11.   The Black Garca said

    Hello, I'm 13 years old, I'm sorry. 14 XD Well the truth is, my nose is not that big to say, but the truth is that they would have to see it. hand I am in class I put my hand on my nose covering it everywhere until when someone passes near me he turns me and sees my face he gives me an impulse and I have to cover myself The truth is that from the front I am very handsome but on the side I am horrible I am very ashamed to be honest and I am not comfortable with my body my hair is straight I am not fat nor am I so skinny that let's say I am medium I am tall not so much So to speak I am normal my only defect is my nose that is a little weird I would have to see her

  12.   Julian said

    How about, I actually have a turned up nose, but my septum and part of the bridge of my nose look big, this is because when I was little I fell on my face (I didn't even put my hands) and my septum fractured making it look « big »my nose, I'm not vain but I'm beginning to notice that that looks bad. What kind of surgery should I have? I also do it for health problems, since I have to sleep with my mouth open because I can't breathe very well through my nose.