Keys to achieving a casual look

Casual look

Among the different styles that we can find in the world of men's fashion, the casual look It usually represents the one most chosen by the majority, because one of the most comfortable and that most of us have the type of garments of this style in our wardrobe. What's more does not require us to make a large investment If our intention is to completely change our way of dressing, although at first if we are going to need some money, although knowing which stores to go to, savings can be important.

Despite being one of the styles most used by almost all men, the first thing to keep in mind is that we cannot confuse the casual look with the urban one. The shoes are always used with a tracksuit, nothing to go with jeans or pleated pants with sneakers no matter how beautiful and eye-catching they are. Although it seems obvious, many are the people who confuse both terms and in the end in the search for a casual look they end up finding a casual look with similarities, a more casual urban look.

If you want to achieve a successful casual style, you have to follow pre-established guidelines That may seem logical, but from my experience I have been able to verify that it is not at all. A quick example of casual style allows us to use a jacket with jeans and a T-shirt with Converse or Fred Perry. Striped or checked prints are ideal for casual style, unlike others where they do not stick or glue as it is in the urban look.

The tracksuit

The tracksuit is designed for all those who they like to be comfortable at home but especially for those people who like to go for a light walk for a while every day. Of course, each item of clothing has its moment and the moment of the tracksuit is very limited to certain activities, which do not include going down the street. Just as the tracksuit is a prohibited garment within the casual look, the shirts of sports teams are also completely banned.

Offensive T-shirts

T-shirt for casual look

Like the sports team tracksuit and t-shirts, the t-shirts with messages that try to make you funny with messages that in most occasions they have to do with sexual issues, political ideologies, racist symbols ...They are not appropriate to offer the casual look we are looking for, as is the case with the tracksuit. So if you are thinking of renovating your wardrobe, start by getting rid of these clothes.

Where to buy clothes for a casual look

The casual look is characterized by going out of the ordinary, offering a different look than we are used to. But that doesn't mean we have to buy any garment that we like at any price since we will only focus all our activity on our way of dressing, which although it is important, is not the main thing in people's daily lives.

The outlets so fashionable in recent years they offer us cheap garments that are inspired by well-known brands and they are always more recommended than using imitations because the ready-to-turn will always arrive who knows how to find out the difference between an original and the copy we are wearing.

Casual look for men

When we have already managed to put aside the Hípster fashion, that fashion that came from the hand of the Vintage style and that in the end has not found its place beyond beards, typewriters and old mobile phones, everything related to vintage still has a high appeal. In the markets that are held mainly every Sunday, we can find various stalls that offer us second-hand clothes that in their time were a reference in the world of fashion, so we have to search a lot to find those quality garments that are still in fashion.

This way of expanding our wardrobe is one of the cheapest that we can currently find on the market. Although we can also end up visiting some of the Inditex group stores, where you will surely find everything you need, that is, sometimes at exorbitant prices.

In the variety is the spice

I'm not just talking about the type of clothes, but I'm also talking about colors. Pink without going any further, despite being one of the favorite colors of girls (thanks to Hello Kitty) is one of the colors that better contrast with the brown skin of men. Like certain shades of orange. You have to change the chip and dare with other colors leaving the traditional black, blue, white, beige ...
As a general rule and although sometimes we can get out of the marked lines on time, the ideal is to always bet on neutral tones such as blue, white, beige and black.


Casual footwear

All kinds of clothing or footwear that has to do with sport it is strictly forbidden if you want to adopt a successful casual look. Sneakers, by some mistakenly considered a sports shoe, can sometimes be the perfect footwear to attend an event. Many are the manufacturers of sportswear such as Nike, Adidas or Reebok that are betting on this type of footwear, hence in the market we can find a wide variety of brands and colors available. The Fred Perry sneakers They offer us a great variety of colors that allow us to combine them with almost any garment in our ensemble.

But we also have to talk about the classic Converse, those misnamed sneakers that cover us up to the top of the ankle. As is logical, the American manufacturer is not the only one that manufactures this type of high cloth ankle boots, but also various fashion manufacturers such as Lacoste, Fred Perry or Geox They also bet on this type of footwear that we can find in a large number of establishments.

Wear shirts

There are people who consider shirts as a luxury item, reserved only for celebrations or important events. Shirts and polos allow us to dress in a comfortable and simple way without complicating our existence, but shirts always they give us a touch of elegance that also combine with any garment. Some Fred Perry, since we have talked about them before, jeans and a linen shirt will allow us to go out with a simple casual look but at the same time very elegant.


Casual pants

Preferably the pants that best offer us a casual look they are the Chinese or khakis of discreet colors. In second place we find the jeans, although on some occasions and depending on the event we go to, they may not be ideal. The belt is another important part of the pants that whenever possible should be the same color as the shoes. If this is not possible, we cannot have a belt of each color, we will try to avoid it being a very striking color.

Accessories are not just for women

To get an idea of ​​the importance of accessories in men's daily clothing, we only have to look at fashion pages where actors appear on a daily basis, outside the cinema and television dishes. Surely you have noticed that in most cases, these carry some scarf, wristwatch, sunglasses, backpack, gloves, ties ...

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