How to prepare a Lemon Champ?

lemon champ

Its origin is not entirely clear. A certain sector of Argentine gastronomy attributes its invention to this country of America, although there is no way to prove it so far.

The truth is that Lemon Champ is one of the most popular drinks. And what some do not know is that its preparation is surprisingly simple.

Dessert or Drink?

This is also a "controversial" point. For many it is a drink and should be treated as such. An ideal drink for some toasts, preferably in summer times.

Others classify it as a dessert. A "daring" and "interesting ice cream”, Made to remove a certain tone of boredom from a fruit as versatile as it is common: lemon. A dessert, after all, whose added value is that it has a low dose of alcohol.

Precisely Lemon Champ's low alcohol content is one of its hallmarks. It is a drink (or dessert, depending on the occasion), which combines the best of two worlds: the solemnity of a celebration (like the New Year's toast). It is also a cold sweet as imposing as it is delicious.

Lemon Champ ingredients

Lemon champ drink

It is made from ingredients commonly found in any pantry and refrigerator. In any case, they are easily affordable products in most grocery stores or supermarkets. Namely:

  • 1 Bottle of Champagne or cava. Preferably very cold.
  • ½ Kg of lemon ice cream.
  • 1 large and showy lemon.
  • Sugar
  • Additionally, to provide a slightly wider range of colors and flavors, you can include cherries or some decorative strawberries.


The Lemon Champ is a drink that is served in glasses or in glass glasses. The first thing is to prepare these elements to receive the drink. For this you only need to moisten them and then pass them through sugar.

The preparation of the drink as such is as follows: ice cream and champagne are poured into a jug and stirred vigorously. The goal is for the mixture to have a smooth and creamy texture. It is served and decorated with the lemon, which must be sliced. Cherries and other strawberries can also be added.

The blender: the differential value

So that the drink is creamy and fluffy, there is an important detail: beat in blender. The flavor will be practically the same, but the texture will be different. The sensation inside the mouth will be much more pleasant. And even on a visual level you can see the difference.

Chill the glasses before serving the drink

This is another detail that can make a difference between a good toast and one that the people who participate in it will always remember. Chilling glasses or stemware costs nothing and is well worth a try.

They should only moisten with a little drinking water and place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. The effect will not only be evident to the touch. For the first few minutes, it will provide a frosty image that will also serve as a decoration.

An express LemonChamp?

Lemon ice cream glasses with champagne

There is an even easier way to assume this recipe. Ideal when it is done as an exclusively personal whim or for a small group of people, up to three members.

Once the glasses or glasses are ready, Two large scoops of ice cream are placed per container. Then the champagne is poured on top, until reaching the maximum capacity. It can be taken in this way or the contents can be lightly beaten in search of the flavors to mix.

Preparing ice cream at home

Buying ready-to-serve lemon ice cream is a time-saving idea. As simple as buy, uncover and serve. Despite the practicality, there are those who like to prepare this food at home. This in addition gives a more personal touch to the Lemon Champ.

To be encouraged by this recipe, the first thing that must be weighed are the ingredients that are needed. It is important that in addition to offering good flavor, it is quite creamy:

  • ¼ liter of lemon juice.
  • ½ liter of milk
  • ¼ Kg of sugar
  • ¼ liter of water
  • Egg whites 2
  • 2 tablespoons of invert sugar
  • Zest of a lemon
  • Optional: a touch of salt to taste

Let's do it

The first step is dilute the sugar in the water and put over a moderate heat, stirring constantly. When it comes to boiling point, lower the heat to a minimum, cover and wait 10 minutes.

After this time, add the juice and lemon zest. Leave on the fire until the preparation comes to a boil. Then the invert sugar is added and removed from the heat. Transfer to a plastic container and It is taken to the fridge to lower the temperature.

Later, milk is added to the mixture and placed in refrigeration. At the same time, the egg whites (with a pinch of salt) are brought to the point of snow. This preparation should spread with the help of a trowel on the main preparation. After leaving in the freezer for 12 hours, one of the main components of Lemon Champ will be ready for action.

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