How to enlarge the penis

How to enlarge the penis

Many men have ever questioned how to enlarge the penis of natural form. What circulates on the net is quite numerous in this regard and there are from pills to vacuum pumps that help you have a bigger penis. And it is that a man is never happy with the size of his penis. He always wants more or wants it in a different way or thinks that he does not give the necessary pleasure to a woman. From the insecurity and uncertainty of knowing if your penis measures up or not, different remedies are born to be able to modify the size of your penis.

In this article we are going to teach you how to enlarge the penis with a natural and proven method.

Scientific method

Bigger penis

When they tell you something about this, the most normal thing is to think that it does not exist. Advertising and big companies play on the hope of poor men who think that their penis does not bring happiness to women. It is with this that many companies profit from phantom remedies that promise to make you a huge penis when the only huge thing is the vacuum it leaves in your portfolio.

In order to support the fact of enlarging a penis in a natural, safe and completely proven way, it is necessary to demonstrate it with a method and scientific study where the results can be seen. Doubts can be cleared once you have seen the method to increase the size of your member a few centimeters and thus achieve the ideal penis size. Depending on the person and their habits, living conditions, etc. The increase experienced is different. However, there is a safe relationship between the size before and after the penis enlargement method.

This method we are talking about is based on an exercise guide completely dedicated to this goal and previously demonstrated. The penis is one more muscle that, although it works differently, if it is worked and stimulated it can grow. The security that it guarantees is that complications do not arise as can happen with surgical methods.

Method to enlarge the penis

Method to enlarge the penis

The fact that this method is faster and more effective makes many people question its veracity. However, we are going to prove it with the scientific evidence and the results obtained. Although pills to enlarge the penis are effective, they are chemicals that we are introducing into the body and have a temporary effect. What we are looking for is a real, effective and long-lasting lengthening.

There are few courses that specialize in penis enlargement that can guarantee you real success, so you lose faith in them. The book "Penis Master« It perfectly explains the situation in which many men are disappointed with the size of their member and offers a series of planned exercises with real success. With them you can increase the size both in length and width.

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This is like wanting to gain muscle mass. In order to have results, you have to be constant and do things well. The exercises must be carried out correctly so that the penis does not suffer any damage during the growth process.

Scientific experiment

Penis enlargement

Dr. Brian Alfred Richards he was the first scientist to defend the possibility that the penis could be lengthened in 1976. The study carried out was inspired by the "Chartham method". The method was created by Dr. Robert Chartham, a sexologist.

To carry out the experiment, a select group of men volunteered to have their phalluses enlarged by Dr. Chartham. 64 men were chosen randomly. Half used the Chartham method and the other half other varied techniques. That way, you could see which one was more effective in enlarging the penis.

As the experiment progressed, different essential aspects in the life of each man could be analyzed. One of them had some social and family disorders that caused him stress. None of the men subjected to the experiment had a micropenis.

The study lasted 3 months in total and various measurements were made on the patients as time passed. Measurements were taken in a state of maximum erection to verify that the results were real. To do this, the ruler was placed on the pubic bone and the measurement was taken. A flexible tape measure was used for the thickness. After the measurements, it was found that the subjects of the Chartham Method had increased their measurements up to almost 4 centimeters both in length and thickness. This offers an effectiveness of 93,7%.

On the other hand, the other half that did not use this method did not show improvements.

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Revolutionary method

Larger penis

When the success of this method was proven, it became totally revolutionary. It was published in the magazine British Journal of Sexual Medicine concluding that the methods really work. The tissue spaces that the male member has could increase, making it possible to obtain much more blood with each erection. This is how it increases in size.

It is a 100% effective and natural method that does not cause damage or side effects nor does it cost the same as a surgical operation. You can enlarge your penis and improve your self-esteem problems, thus improving your sex life and all the relationships you have.

The method has a few key factors that they had to take into account to be effective:

  • Exercises not only work on the penisInstead, they involve other muscles in the pelvis, gluteus, and lower abdominals.
  • You need to apply hot water before and after exercises to avoid damage to the penis and increase the effectiveness of the exercises.
  • Some revitalizing massages should be performed on the penis.
  • The use of a vacuum pump may be necessary so that more blood can be concentrated in the penis and increased results.

As you can see, with this method you can know how to enlarge the penis in a natural, safe and effective way. Hope you guys are lucky with the Chartham method.