Ideal penis size

Perfect penis size

Surely every man has ever thought what is the ideal penis size to satisfy a woman. It is something that all men are crazy about. Think about whether your member is long and wide enough that the woman is surprised to see it and can leave her satisfied. And it is that just as a man may like a woman with large breasts or a well-formed butt, women also like men with a bigger penis.

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Do you want to know the ideal penis size? In this article we explain everything to you.

Relationship between thickness and length

Average penis size

There are many women who make statements about the ideal size of the penis. After all, they are the ones who have the say and the ones who receive (or not) the pleasure. It is not the same to have a very long but thin penis than to have it shorter but very thick. The middle ground is usually more accurate. It should also be mentioned that for color tastes and that, given the choice, women prefer thickness to size.

We are going to see the ideal conditions that a penis must meet for the woman to be completely satisfied:

  • It has to be a penis with a tight girth and size. Not much of one nor little of the other.
  • To satisfy, it has to give pleasure but without hurting. With this requirement we remove all the smaller or thin penises that do not provide enough pleasure to the woman or those that are too large that give more problems than enjoyment.
  • There are women who prefer a large penis just because visually it makes them more. However, it is more correct to have one between thick and long, as most claim.
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Ideal penis size for women

Ideal size for women

There are markers that are the result of thousands and thousands of surveys conducted on women that place the different types of penis in a classification. This classification is determined by penis girth and length sizes and the average of the most frequent opinions of those surveyed women. Therefore, those lengths and thicknesses mentioned as "ideal size" more frequently, will be more likely to be correct.

On the other hand, there are also penises that have only one of the two variables on the right track but the other somewhat deviated. These penises are considered acceptable. However, unfortunately, there are also penises whose two variables are unfulfilled. As usual, these penises are despised and, on many occasions, they cause trauma or depression to men.

In the table you can see how, depending on the thickness and length measurements, we get closer to the ideal penis size in women. There are several types of tiers to classify sizes. We find those unsatisfactory and that women would not choose for the world. The nice ones that are the accepted means. Then we continue with the satisfactory ones, which are the ones that are most often found. We continue with those very satisfactory but improvable penises and, finally, the ideal penis.

Penis size chart

Table results

After thoroughly analyzing the table, we can extract the following information:

  • There are penises whose length is short, but is exceeded in thickness. These penises are considered nice. However, they are not at all the favorites of women. It gives them pleasure and they fulfill their function, but neither in sight nor in depth is it enough.
  • On the other hand, there are completely opposite penises. There are those that are too long but too thin. In this case, they are also considered as pleasant, but without being by far the ideal or chosen.
  • Those penises with 19 cm in length and 15 cm in thickness are the closest to those considered ideal measurements. They can still be improved, but they are still considered very satisfactory. If a man has a penis of this size, he should not worry, more wanting to achieve more is wanting to touch perfection without any different result.
  • The average between correct and satisfactory is the most common penis. One that is 15 cm long and about 14 cm in diameter. These penises are the most common and they fit perfectly.
  • Penises that are less than 12 cm long and 11 cm thick are considered unsatisfactory. No woman would bet on them.
  • The same happens with those penises that are too long or wide and tend to become a nuisance to have sex.


Ideal measurements of a man's penis

The ideal penis size is too unrealistic. According to the data obtained in numerous studies, the Spanish average is 13,48 cm in length. The most frequent cases of penises are those between correct and satisfactory with a measurement of 15 cm in length and 14 cm in thickness.

If you are in one of the satisfactory or very satisfactory range, you can be more than calm, because you have plenty to satisfy a woman. The ideal for them does not have to be generalized.

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Each one has a different taste and for us, there are also standards of ideal women and not all of them comply. You do not have to be so demanding of yourself, since only 12% of the world's population has the ideal penis. That places other men as perfectly fit to have sex in perfect condition.

The size is not everything, more women prefer a handsome and attractive man with acceptable measurements, to one with little appearance and with ideal sizes. In addition, many of them also look at social position or money to choose their man.

As long as your penis is not at the unsatisfactory level, it will be a penis large and thick enough to give pleasure. Your own partner will probably tell you that she is perfect and that she does not need anything else. Although you think otherwise, there are more men with short measurements than large ones. As long as you get on the acceptable side, you are on the right track. Do not think that you are less than anyone, you just have to know how to use it well.

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