How to conquer the classmate?

study groupWhat male student hasn't ever been attracted to his classmate, whether in college or university? Many times we do not know how to talk to them, in what way to face them. On We will give you some tips so that you can connect with your classmate.

The first tip is not idealize the girlRemember that she is a woman like any other, therefore she has weaknesses that you should take advantage of

At the University you have different subjects and classes. Each subject with different companions, that represents an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that you can risk carelessly since if you do not achieve your goal, practically no one will find out and you can try it with another girl. The downside is that you meet the girl 2 or 3 times a week so the conquest may take a little longer.

First of all you must be sure of yourself and confident, this means that you should always speak to him naturally and with a positive mindset.

Must make you friend of her friends Since women listen a lot to their friends to make decisions and if they like you, you will have half the game winning. On the other hand, you can enter into the conversations between them and add some extra points

Try to get the phone, msn or Facebook to start making conversation with her.

Try to get into a team with her so that you can spend more time together and she can get there.

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  1.   Enrique Castellanos said

    Look, she receives all the classes with me, we get along well but when I try to get closer, she walks away, what can I do?

    1.    steven pardo said

      try to be her laugh talk to her and something she likes that will make her go like you

    2.    Alejandro said

      My case is that I like a girl in my class. We are both thirteen years old. We don't talk much and I don't know how to approach and tell him.

  2.   jesus said

    my case is that I like a girl who is older than me I am 19 and she will turn 23 in November she is my high school classmate I don't know what to do if I lose her forever ……… I don't have time you already understand me weno ciao take care …… ..

    1.    pepper said

      What do you have? What do you do? Is to give her a snogging and tell her, Auntie, I am all fired up at your house or at mine.

  3.   octavio said

    Jesus, you have to be sure of yourself, if you have insecurity on your part you won't get anything, the girl I like is over 6 years old, and what does that have to do with it? I don't know, you have to get closer to her, talk about topics that she likes and you can communicate, ask her likes, call her to ask for the task and then qedar or things like that, do you understand? 😉 be safe with yourself and you will have everything !! = D

  4.   Juan Antinio said

    I am a sencible boy, a girl that I like, goes to another room and does not talk to me, how can I make him talk to me

  5.   alex said

    How can I flirt with a classmate? Look, I talk to her and we are friends, she is 10 years old and I am 12, what happens that she is in love with a bull boy?

    1.    luis eduardo ardaya arteaga said

      Alex tell your teacher that a man and a woman feel and sit in the distance and in the direction of her seat and make her laugh annoy her and give her things and that will work, you will see and do not spoil it and send her letters and say this It is the home address I live on the street darling in the corner of oblivion and my phone number is love in you tended Alex

  6.   Sergio said

    I have a classmate that I like, she tells me that she is in love with me and that she loves me, but nevertheless I am afraid of screwing her up when I say something to her, WHAT DO I DO?

  7.   Brii said

    : O Chees dan penaaa uu
    the point is that women are like that and point and if you like it in real life and you see her in the classes as you say
    aslaa laugh (:
    be friends with your friends
    talk to him, ask him for his Fb
    accompany her nosee ¬¬ 'Ptm! be you!

  8.   ignacio said

    I like a girl of the same age, what I have is that I can't get close to her, I'm in secondary school, each one has a group of friends and I don't know any of theirs, nor do I like them. with her what should I do

  9.   incognito uu said

    My situation is the following ... I like my classmate and I if I talk to her, I am a friend of her friends and we talk, we laugh and everything, but the bad thing is that when I'm with her we don't think of topics to talk about but I know that We both want to talk I like hip-hop and she likes English music and I am from the town, she is from home, she has good grades, I don't have so many good grades –I'm not porron– but the fact is that I want to make her laugh at everything. the time
    She does not stop talking to her, how do I do it if we have many differences ——- there is a question for women. Do women care is it good grades or not? Or if it is white or brown? —–That would be I hope your advice ———

    1.    Federico Ferrero said

      do not pay attention to his tastes in music and if you dare declare him !!

    2.    Federico Ferrero said

      and no, they don't care about the grades or the skin color if they like you because of your grades (I) would feel used hahaha

  10.   artur said

    hello… .my problems is that I have a friend from class at school… and she attracts me a lot, I have a little confidence with her, from time to time I make her laugh and make me laugh, but the problem is that I am afraid of Tell him that I like him a lot, since he can tell me that he doesn't…., I don't know if he will have a crush and also when I approach to converse I am afraid… .but you tell me that you advise me .. ?? xfa I await your answer 😀

  11.   jaime said

    I am 12 years old and I also like her a lot and I think I like her but I am afraid to ask her out and tell me no.
    I make her laugh a lot and she makes me laugh too.
    I am a friend of her friends and she has given me her phone number
    what should I do?

    1.    Federico Ferrero said

      emm .. call her you do not think haajajajaj, fuck off, ask her out, don't be a cagon and, cheer up JAIME !!

  12.   Hector said

    my case is hers she gets together a lot with her friends and as we sit together she separates and sometimes she hugs me but I don't know what happens to me that I can't hug her

  13.   naza said

    I like you a girl who is the same age as me, we speak little, she is single and she already gave me her phone number.

  14.   Federico Ferrero said

    Mine is that I like her, she knows that I like her but she doesn't like my jaajja and she doesn't talk to me a bit, I like her friends but not so much help me, okay ???

  15.   Geaa said

    Well guys, I'm crazy because she is 12 years old, I don't know if she loves me and I would like to ask her out, but I'm very, very shy and I know that I am for her, I talk to her and sometimes we meet friends together and what I do is I am afraid that I will reject and the whole school will find out. I believe that something loves me because I have a friend who is trying to get out with me. Well, please help me! If I get it, I will owe you all one

  16.   Noah said

    Look, the thing is this;
    I go to class with the girl I like from first grade, through primary until now secondary (4) and I like her a lot, but I'm a bit shy (which I try to change) and I try to make her laugh and talk to her. But when I'm alone with her I get very nervous and I block.
    Any advice?
    Should I tell him how I feel?

  17.   Juan said

    I am 14 years old and she is 18 years old. Do I have a chance following this post?

    1.    arturo said

      posi. possi ...

  18.   enigma said

    Well this is my case
    There is a girl from my school that I like, I speak her and all that but when we are alone I don't know what to talk about and if that were not enough I get a little nervous I don't know how to do a little help

  19.   abel siccha marquina said

    Well, we study together, he sits next to me, but now he's mad at me and he still doesn't want to talk to me, but until now I don't know why he's mad at me. Well, please tell me, what can I do to forgive me?

  20.   luis eduardo ardaya arteaga said

    I really like a girl in my living room and her name is Julia. She tells her cousin to tell me everything she feels about me. She says that one day she will tell me how much she loves me and I said the same to her cousin. I told her and we are classmates from second year and now I'm in fifth year in third year she loved me in fourth year she loved my partner who is called Victor Antonio and in fifth year she says she loves me a lot I make her laugh I defend her but that will be it's all help me please I love her a lot tell me quickly

  21.   eliver said

    My situation is: but advise me tell me something to make her fall in love

  22.   edward said

    Hello, I like a colleague from my classroom and how to know if she likes me, I have secretly sent her letters, but I don't know if I am reciprocated, I am also afraid of losing her friendship since it is difficult to be in the same classroom and her ex is still looking for her, what can I do?

  23.   antonio bicoro said

    My problem is that and a woman that attracts me, I have her number, but I don't know how to talk to her ... or I don't know what to say.

  24.   Alexander said

    I like a girl in my classroom. I've only been in the room for 5 days and I've already kissed her in all the ways that you can kiss but…. She is a very ordinary girl, she says that I am cute and I am good, but that is what she tells everyone and we understand each other very well, we have many things in common and I like, I don't know how to tell her that I like her for fear of damaging the relationship of friends. If her mother realizes that she has a boyfriend, they will take her to the United States, I'll call her and she calls me, we'll talk to her friends and if one of them looks at me, she stops, I think she also likes me, but it may be something temporary. Since she also likes other boys and could she say no to me when I told her what do I do, do they advise me?

  25.   Alex said

    I started a one-month course twice a week, in my classroom there is a girl that I like, I sit almost at her side, I did not make the conversation, in the recess I see her alone eating, the first day I saw her with normal appearance and the second day more arranged, he dropped the pencil, then a boy caught up with him, then again he dropped it and he no longer picked it up. At the end of the class he left and put on his headphones. Help me what can I do.

  26.   Lucas joel vaca orihuela said

    I don't know how to love but I already fell in love

  27.   Carlos Arturo Lopez said

    Good afternoon, a council I like it, my colleague from La U, since we met we looked at each other and she has just left a relationship and I make simple details for her and that, which advises me, please tell her

  28.   arturo said

    My case is that she is my partner ... and I stop with her ... but my ex is her friend who is also my partner ... and I don't know how to tell her that I love her ... and let her be my girlfriend

  29.   eduin said

    I am a common child in love with a classmate from my classroom and we are friends but I want to tell her that I love her very much and I am in love with her but I do not know if she has the same as me and her friends always keep me away from her, what can I do

    1.    j said

      just make her laugh and if she looks at you a lot it means she likes you and I'm a boy too

  30.   Roberto said

    Putos ami wanted to hit me with a stick with nails

  31.   John Pita said

    Here is my testament !!!!!!! xDDD XD… .. Well, my case is the following, (I hope you do not see this, otherwise I die crj xD). Well, I don't know if I like her, but I sweat a lot when I'm around her, I get nervous, I usually ignore her, so as not to generate suspicions: v, but there are times when we cross glances, pure coincidence, I only look towards the door if the teacher came or to see who was the one who entered, and right, she is next to the door, I mean …… xD, fate forces me to have to look at her? and BEWARE: many times when I think of her, she just appears in front of me walking, it will be the work of Satan or Goku, I don't know xDDDD, but I think she thinks I want to look at her, but it's not like that, I think She sees something strange about me, as if I wanted to annoy her, and well, little by little with the passage of time, I began to "like" her, that is, to "fall in love" with her based on looks, well I do not talk to her, I already said it, xD, and neither with her friends, since I am not very "to start conversations", and I only dedicate myself to my personal things (games, homework, etc.), while my classmates are falling in love with those of another room, walking with girls, I have noticed an incredible FINDING! Before, men used to walk fast towards our houses, but when you are in love or outgoing, you walk like a turtle! And he goes round and round through the corridor of the school, streets, etc. xD this has nothing to do with it, but I wanted to put it just because if xDDDDDD: v: v, But returning to the topic, I am not a talkative person, it is not because I am shy (well a little in front of her xD) but because ... no I know what to talk about, that's right, I can't think of anything, other than video games or homework, I have few friends, she hardly knows that I exist hahaha xD, I always say that love does not interest me, and that is something that remains carved in my mind, and perhaps that is why I did not "fall in love" totally with her, and it is here when I present my theory as Einstein: "The theory of love", that's how it is xD my theory is that each person falls in love, He is acquiring feelings towards that person, which he would represent in a line or phases, first is "incomplete" love, then shyness, then nervousness, then appreciation, then affection, then wanting to "impress", then wanting "Being with her", then finding "happiness" in her and finally total love !! and well, I know that in the middle of this line, I mean, I acquired "incomplete" love, shyness, and nervousness and a little appreciation xDD that is to say, my love not towards her is not complete, (something that many of us have) and Anyway, I honestly think I'll never tell her that I like her, because I don't know if I really like her, as I said. and also ... also she is a lesbian hahahahahaajja xDDDD I don't know but it seemed like a good joke hahahaha, na lie, and I hope she does not see this or any colleague who passes by here, but the truth is that I am not John Pita, I am I am I am A cacaguate !! Rock! xDDDD ajjajaajajaj yes yes another joke! , but seriously I create a fake Face and I will only leave my FB ID in code: * a * i * B * u * * S yes yes in code, and well that was all, if you want to comment on what phase they are in or so if you liked my joke, my theory, my discovery ajajja hahaha to her name of the girl is is is is is is Your Mother, Turn Down For What !!!

  32.   manuel laguna said

    Thanks for helping a lot, I already have it in my hands

  33.   cristobal said

    Elegance counts muxo in sts csos, jjjjjj ligatela are ours.

  34.   j said

    He is older than 5 months and I like him, he also likes me

  35.   Alex 8 said

    I fell in love with a girl named Claudia Faustino Torres from the first my heart is crazy about her, what do I do?

  36.   Alex said

    There is a girl in my class that I really like, I don't know how to say her, her name is Claudia Faustinos Torres, she likes animals, she has dogs, cats, gamters, birds, etc.

  37.   i miss said

    My partner is one of the difficult ones ... I don't know what to do anymore ...

  38.   Rodrigo Barria said

    I have a partner that I like since last year and she rejected me but this year (2018) we are best friends and I fell in love with her but she said that we were going very fast if she left me and we made friends again and in fact in a game we are all brothers the course bothers us, even the teacher !! Well, I know who she likes and I help her trying to get closer to her in the alliances (I suppose they catch them if they don't catch them, they are like competitions where the entire course is faced and there are dances and all that) already, in the alliances she dances With one of the B, he has best friends and my best friend is like walking with his best friend and it benefits me because we have more time alone to talk to him but when we became friends again he asked me if none of this had happened and if he agreed and yio I told her that yia and I can't talk about it, I make her laugh a lot (sometimes) she always sits with her best friend and that best friend is the one from before that means that I have a place next to her almost always assured but how she likes it another I have to wait until the end of class for him to arrive and he does not sit next to the one he likes and the one he likes is his ex !!! and when I sit next to her friend she will sit in another place and I look like ": v" she has 3 exes and the first humiliated him because he told me that it was not his fault that I would like her and I told her and it is not my fault that I have broken your heart and the whole course to if like «OMG HOOOOO» and there is to bkn and I don't know what to do please tell me I would appreciate it very much, thank you

  39.   mohamed said

    I have a partner who is very pretty and has a love affair and she is unfaithful to all my colleagues, she tells me that she wants to be with me and she kisses my other partner on her mouth and that hurts a lot and I can't do it

  40.   Hugo said

    She told me that she liked it and that if I wanted to pull with her I was blocked because I did not believe that such a beautiful girl would notice someone like me and I thought it was a joke but then I realized that not on Monday I will try this wish me luck.

  41.   Hugo said

    You can give me the summary and I hope it went well for you

  42.   John Pita said

    Hi, I'm "John Pita" (the top one) xd. Well, it's been ... 3 years? Whoa, time flies by. I will tell you what happened regarding my «love life» (if it can be called that v :) after what I wrote and also before, which is a detail that I never mentioned ... First, what happened before: To the school where I went there were 5 secondary "levels" (first, second, etc) (well, you will know that). Turns out… Wait! No, this is not. The thing goes back long before that, when I was a grade school kid. In the middle of Third and Fourth (primary school), I "liked" a girl, and as usual I never spoke to her, so much that I BELIEVE that 2 of my friends also liked her. I'll put them like this: she was the most beautiful girl in the entire Grade (or Educational Level v :), and I'm not saying it because I liked it, but it was like that. I was happy with that feeling, until everything fell apart… inside of me, inside of me (do you know the song? XD). Yes it is. One day I was chatting with my friends about who we liked, and how we agreed on the answer; one said, "What if we compete (that is, fight) for her?" Some said yes. I didn't say anything, just that I'll go see them how they do it (xd). Obviously they weren't going to do it, I mean, it was a joke. But fair! just!. That girl is passing by, and she asked one of my friends what they were doing. And he said: "They want to fight for you." Oh, what happened next has no name (like no xd, if I ONLY grabbed it with me, and he threw me a strip of insults about my physical appearance, and that really hurt me so much that I cried later). From there I became depressed, and my personality changed a lot. The thing went from "love" to hate. Well those things already happened v :. Now what happened in Secondary: In the middle of the first year, I was «interested» (it is not the same as falling in love) a girl (I loved her smile, but I knew it was impossible), there was not much conversation, but at least if I took it in counts as a partner, or so xd believed. Was she prettier than the elementary school girl? No, but I think I only saw how pretty that girl was. Instead, what I liked more about the girl was her smile and her cheerful personality. There was a year that she left (in Third). And that year another girl appeared. And yes, that is the one I told you about above in another comment. I liked her personality because I compared her to mine (in fact we were similar), and her eyes, which were very pretty (: v). To learn more about her, read the comment above… So in Fourth the other girl returned (the one from before, the one with the smile), already when she had already lost interest in her. But it was not like that, when I saw her again, that "interest" revived, and over time in those short 2 years, I realized what love really is: If you really feel it, no matter what happens, neither time nor distance can erase it completely. Thus, the girl who arrived in Third I lost that feeling that was not love either. And I have realized that every time I am interested in someone, the thing is moving away more than how beautiful it is, but more about how they think or act v :. That is something that should analyze it: v. At the end of the year (in Fifth), something happened that was beautiful. One day when me and the girl with the smile, we were out of the room because we were late, we were talking about something. Obviously I was nervous, I mean, I was never alone talking to her, and I just lowered my head or looked the other way. She realized that. And when I turned to see her, I saw her smile (this was special). At that moment, the door opened and we stepped inside. That was the end. And it will seem weird. But I realized that I never did anything about it for her until that day: I made her laugh. That was just one lesson: “If you love, look for love. Love is lazy to find you. That was the path that I always chose: that of solitude, and that I still maintain today.

  43.   One more asshole. said

    Well, from what I see it was 11 years late, I have a similar problem as many people who have commented, but I tell you something ...
    Don't be cowards, don't be cowards like me, go and talk to the girl you like, make them feel safe, let them know that you are there for them, take your face off the fucking cell phone and go have a conversation with that girl with the Which one do you want to start a romantic relationship, be yourselves, but most importantly ... Respect them, if you have a boyfriend, respect your relationship and do not interfere by any means, bya getting into someone else's relationship is the most cowardly thing anyone can do, stay as friends and nothing else, on the other hand, if the girl is single but does not accept that they have a relationship, respect her decision, do not pressure her more and remain as friends.
    In short, I wish you all a pleasant and loving relationship.

    Atte: Someone from some part of Uruguay.