How to choose a desktop computer

desktop computer

If you want to choose a desktop computer you know that in the market there is a wide range of variety of brands with all the benefits at your disposal. But we have not reached an era so advanced as to find the super computer that has a higher edition than you can suggest, you have to know how to choose the one that best suits the current market and your needs.

Within all the advances that we have in our market, we can find the professional desktop computer, the classic or the advanced one, just choose the one that best suits your needs and then look for the best quality-price offer, the one that best suits your portfolio.

How to choose a desktop computer?

A desktop computer It is a device designed to be located in the same fixed position, It does not have a certain autonomy of transport like a laptop, but it is to be placed in a static way.

This type of computer consists of a tower, a screen, keyboard, mouse and other components such as speakers or a printer. These models offer the guarantee versus notebooks where they perform much better and have more processing power.

When looking for a computer You must think carefully about the use that you are going to give it at that time or even in the future, hence your suggestion will determine the type of computer you will need. There is a way to assemble your own computer and make it very powerful and economical. In this case they are called white label computers. And there is the other possibility of buying a brand computer with the warranty and technical service offered by that manufacturer.

desktop computer

What do I have to take into account to buy a computer?

So that you do not stray too far from what you may need, we can give you some small information about what it can mean today have a computer for around € 300 with basic features.

  • Processor. Intel: 3th generation i4600 or Pentium G3. AMD: Ryzen XNUMX.
  • RAM. 8 GB of ram. At least this capacity since today's program updates need space.
  • Storage. 1 TB HDD.
  • PSU or power supply: 500 W.

But if what you are looking for is a computer to play powerful games like Minecraft, CS Go or Fornite the price goes up (from about 700 onwards) and you will need:

  • Processor: Intel: 5th generation iXNUMX or higher
  • RAM: 16 GB of ram in the 8 GB X 2 format.
  • Storage: 1 TB HDD.
  • Graphic card: nVidia GTX 1650.
  • PSU or power supply: 750 W.

Outside these ranges there are professional computers that provide many more features including graphic design processing, video editing, or professional architectural work, and here the price shoots up reaching € 1200 onwards. The characteristics are equivalent to those of the previous data, we would only need a fifth generation processor, the Intel: i7.

desktop computer

What does each element of the computer mean?

The important thing when buying a computer is to look at these three key elements: the processor, graphics card and memory.

The processor or CPU

Intel Core will give you the possibility of offering you any of these ranges depending on the features that you are going to run on your computer.

  • Intel Core i3: They are low-performance and low-power processors. They are ideal for office automation or word processing tasks, as well as quietly browsing the internet.
  • Intel Core i5: They are of medium performance and are used to run simple 3D graphics editing programs or games.
  • Intel Core i7: They are the high-end ones designed for more powerful graphic editing processes and to be able to run multiple applications much faster.
  • Intel Core i9 or Intel Xenon: It is designed to adapt to much more professional jobs.

RAM Memory

It is a temporary memory that cannot be managed by the user, as it will be in charge of processing all the information stored by the computer. This type of stored information will be data required by your system that will be responsible for executing various functions on your computer when you need it. It has a lot to do with applications, the higher the RAM, the better you will manage these applications since they need more and more storage space.

We have since 4 GB to 6 GB of RAM for very simple tasks, those of 8 GB of RAM for an average user and even 16 GB of RAM, designed for a superior user.

Graphic card

Graphic card

Graphic card

Is the one that allows you to view images and videos efficiently. There are two types of manufacturer NVIDIA and AMD. The most expensive and most popular because they have better quality and power are the NVDIA. If you want to know more about graphics cards you can look this link.

Memory or hard disk

It will be responsible for storing all the information that you process and want to store secondarily on your computer. The higher the capacity, the higher the expense. There are two types of memories: SSDs that are solid hard drives and they lend themselves to having less capacity, but they are much faster and more expensive (about 256 GB); and the HDDs: with higher capacity but slower in the process, they are also much cheaper than the previous ones.

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