Factors influencing health

Cigarette smoke

Do you know the factors that influence health? Daily life has many factors that can be harmful to your body.

Let's see what some of those factors are, many widely known, while some may surprise you.

Lack of sleep

Man with glasses in bed

Do you get a good night's rest? Everyone suffers from insomnia a few nights a year, the problem is when it becomes common. And is that Lack of sleep can have a very negative effect on people's health.

According to research, not getting enough sleep at night increases your risk of developing various diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. It is advisable to sleep 7-8 hours a day, being the key to achieving this, setting a routine (going to bed and getting up always at the same time) and trying never to skip it.

Spend many hours sitting

Fatigued person in the office

There are many people who, due to the demands of their profession, spend a good part of the day sitting in front of the computer. This factor influences health by reducing the speed of metabolism, something that increases the risk of overweight and obesity. It has also been linked to an increased chance of developing heart disease. Last but not least, it can be harmful to bones and muscles (especially those in the back, neck and shoulders) and eye health.

What can you do about it? If you spend too many hours sitting, you must remedy in your spare time. How? As easy as getting moving. Let's look at some strategies that you can put into practice to combat the negative effects of spending many hours sitting.

  • Train first thing in the morning before you go to work, as when you leave, you are more likely to skip training.
  • Use your legs whenever the opportunity arises on everyday days (taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a great strategy).
  • Weekends are key to disconnect and regain strength, something that is not incompatible with exercise. A good example are walks in the countryside, which allow you to breathe fresh air, be in contact with nature, increase your heart rate and exercise your whole body.
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Too noisy environments

Loud speaker

Subjecting the ears to too many decibels on a regular basis increases the risk of hearing loss. Excessive noise is one of the health influencing factors that you should be aware of. There are situations in which noise is beyond our control, such as walking down the street, while in others it is in your power to protect your hearing health. One of those cases is the volume of the headphones, which is advised not to exceed 75 decibels and never to be used for more than two hours in a row.

Eat a lot

Grilled sausages

Of all the factors that influence health, food is undoubtedly one of the most decisive. It is convenient to control what you eat (the processed foods, the less, the better) and in what amounts to keep the risk of many diseases at bay, including some types of cancer. Naturally, eating more calories than the body can burn also leads to weight gain.

Make sure your portions are the right size, even if they are considered healthy foods. Eat a healthy and varied diet (whole grains, fruit, vegetables) and eating slowly will help you avoid giving your body more food than it needs, as they better satisfy the appetite and are a stable source of energy for the body.

Abusing alcohol

Beer cans

Drinks like wine can be beneficial to health, but be careful, because consuming alcohol in excess increases the risk of many diseases. More than two drinks a day is no longer considered moderate consumption, being dangerous for the organs, especially the liver and kidneys. It can also cause certain types of cancer. The solution if you are a drinker is to drink less and if you do not drink, it is better not to start now.


Tobacco in 'Mad Men'

By now everyone knows how bad smoking is for your health. Its influence is very negative on practically all the organs of the body, increasing the risk of a high number of diseases, from bronchitis and diabetes to heart disease and cancer.

What happens when you stop smoking?

Take a look at the article: benefits of stop smoking. There you will find the positive transformations that the body undergoes when the last cigarette is extinguished forever.

Poor dental hygiene


Poor dental hygiene increases the risk of gum disease and cavities. But this factor does not only influence the mouth, but also has been linked to very serious problems, such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

What to do to achieve good dental hygiene? The key is to keep both the surface of the teeth and the spaces between them clean. Thus, The ideal is to brush your teeth after each meal and floss as often as necessary to remove all the bacteria that may remain between the teeth..

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