We can speak of this term as one more label for catalog the sexual behavior of a person's life. Demisexuality is a very little known word that is beginning to be used in many people when they have a different type of sexual orientation than the terms that are already implanted.

We know heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality and asexuality as words related to sexual attraction, towards people of the same or different sex or even without absolute attraction. That is why there are people already cataloged with the term demisexuality, They admit to being attractive but with a certain resignation.

Definition of demisexuality

Demisexuality is a term that has already been coined since 2006, according to the Network for Asexual Education and Visibility (AVEN), where it represents a person with feeling and sexual attraction towards another person, but only and exclusively without first forging a deep emotionally strong bond towards that person.

This type of persons are on the way to being asexual, If not, it is because they can complete their sexuality, but always forging that sensitive and affective bond.

It is understood that this fact usually corroborates that there are many people with this type of feeling, that is, they feel an erotic attraction, but it has to be tied to your emotional ties. The truth is that it is true, but demisexual people need to have a form more intense and emotional to maintain a relationship.


His personality in depth:

Generally they do not feel any type of attraction to any gender, although apparently he may like anyone. But in the carnal subject it is a taboo subject for themPerhaps it is something that has accompanied them throughout their lives, or perhaps their life has made them reconsider an act that has withdrawn them in such a way.

Of all these consequences, there is none that can justify in the present what this type of person may feel. Usually this person he feels no attraction without love. At first glance they are incapable of feeling sexual desire, not even if this person is very striking or beautiful. Your feelings will be forged over time, inside that person, with the emotional bond between the two and when all issues are treated for the better, on a spiritual level.

By this I mean that if the person moves away due to some consequential factor, the demisexual will not miss him much, perhaps the little bond that he maintained will cool down again.

This does not mean that this person is repulsed by the subject of sex, you may enjoy solitary sexual activities such as masturbation or viewing pornographic material. Perhaps here you imagine the situations that you would like to share with the person you envision.


Gray sexuality or disexuality

They are two even terms, with equal and reciprocal consequences. It is the same way of calling this type of person.

They are people who are halfway between sexuality and asexuality, since sex is not your main source for maintaining a relationship at first sight. They are also not very averse to carnal desire, because they can in the future maintain a sexual level with the desired person, but always at a low level, since it is not his greatest wish.

To better explain it according to AVEN, half of the respondents used to share in feeling an indifference in relation to sex, while the other half maintained a favorable attitude, only 16% were totally repulsed by the sexual act.

How are your relationships?

Most people feel a type of attraction from the first moment, resulting in having sexual relations in a consequent way. Demisexuals don't act like that It is difficult for them to face this situation if they hardly know the other person.

When a positive response to another person arises, it can take a long time and even years to feel sexual attraction for the first time. They will observe how their instincts awaken over time or their lives.


Conclusion we cannot logically encompass all styles and shapes about sexual tendencies. Only the already known and existing terms are those that logically more people could cover, due to their apparently framed and precise sexuality.

Regarding a final reflection, it is concluded that there are personalities who feel attraction and desire at first sight, others that I know fall in love easily, others that will be particularly selective, and others that will hardly feel attraction throughout their lives. Each person is free to feel and experience their sexual diversity. Each person is different, but this does not mean that they should be classified as better or worse than the rest of society. This makes you a unique person and that is why You should feel free about your sexuality.

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