Lump in the anus

lump in the anus

Although it may not seem like it, the anus is one of the most sensitive areas that we have in our body. An abscess in that part, a wound, injuries, can generate intense pain and lead to an infection.

Act quickly. differentiate between anus lumps, polyps, and hemorrhoids. They are similar pathologies, but with their own characteristics.


A lump in the anus does not usually appear suddenly, it is normal for it to be the result of some pathology. Constipation is often the culprit.

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The symptoms depend on the disorder causing the bulge in the anus. Among them, there is the high temperature in the area, pain when sitting and defecating, burning, itching and itching.

lump in the anus

No pain or bleeding

When there is no pain or bleeding, it can be normal lumps in the anus, or also a beginning of hemorrhoids. In any case, the physical examination by a healthcare professional. Must avoid manipulating the area and self-medicate.

With pain and itching

The lumps in the anus are a kind of lumps that cause, when defecating, a sensation of pain, burning and itching. Normally the lumps in the anus (unlike other pathologies, such as polyps), are benign, and do not constitute a serious problem.

Recommended drink plenty of water, high-fiber foods, and pads with an effective product for your treatment.

It's a fissure

A fissure in the anus will be a wound that is caused by a previous period of constipation. Due to contractions in the anal sphincter, the fissure cannot heal. They can originate severe pain, especially when defecating, and bleeding.

Treatment may be medical, in mild cases, or require surgical intervention.


It is a condition that arises because the veins around the anus swell, for several reasons. It can be after a period of constipation, due to excessive pressure in the area, obesity, poor diet, even due to childbirth. For this pressure, the tissues of the anus can enlarge and bleed.

In fact, lHemorrhoids are among the main causes of lump formation in the area of ​​the anus. What symptoms do hemorrhoids have?

  • Sensitive lumps appear in the vicinity of the anus.
  • When we clean our anus in the bathroom, traces of blood appear.
  • Much discomfort when sitting or excreting in the bathroom.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids there are many solutions, from laxatives, painkillers, water bags, etc. In the most serious occasions surgery is necessary.

It is not a serious condition or difficult to treat. Untreated hemorrhoids can cause serious damage.

Constipation also produces lumps in the anus

When a lot of time passes between one evacuation and another, we talk about constipation. In many of these cases the annoying lump may arise in the anus. The symptoms of constipation are very varied, ranging from pain in the abdominal area, nausea, vomiting, exhaustion and decay, bloating in the abdominal area, a dry and hard intestinal excretion, small stools, etc.


To treat constipation it is always recommended to increase our percentage of fiber, cereals, vegetables, fruits, as well as drinking a lot of liquid. In cases of constipation in children and pregnant women, it is even advisable to visit the doctor.


Although it may not seem like it, when we have colitis we can also develop lumps in the anus. This pathology is usually the origin of pain in the abdominal area, constipation, dizziness, weakness and diarrhea. One of the factors with the highest incidence in colitis in today's society is emotional stress.

LThe symptoms of colitis are well known. The formation of lumps around the anus is accompanied by constipation, abdominal inflammation, changes and alterations in intestinal function, insomnia, and even depression.

How to treat colitis effectively? It is advisable to improve your diet, exercise on a daily basis, drugs that treat emotional stress, and medication prescribed by a doctor or specialist.

Lumps in the anus due to pilonidal cyst

The formation of a pilonidal cyst occurs in the area between the buttocks. Visually, it is a lump in the anus. Even this cyst can lead to an infection, worsening the picture. In principle there are no significant symptoms, except for the presence of a small lump near the anus.

Once the pilonidal cyst is detected, To prevent the area from becoming infected, it is necessary to drain well and take antibiotics.

Lumps due to an anorectal abscess

Another very common reason for the appearance of lumps in the anus is that of anorectal abscesses. These abscesses usually originate from a collection of pus in the area of ​​the anus. In this way, a small lump develops. The origin of these abscesses is usually infectious or because the rectal glands have become obstructed.

Among the symptoms of an anorectal abscess, there is fever, constipation, aches and pains on the spot, the visual appearance of the lump, etc.

The antibiotics and pain relievers will help treat the infection, in case it occurs. In severe cases you have to resort to surgery.

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    I find the explanation very good and easy to understand, very useful

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    Hello, I want to ask a question. I often get a cyst on my ass for many years and always in the same place. Whenever it comes to me, they have to open to remove pus and I want to know the cause… thank you

  3.   Cristopher said

    Hello, recently I have remained constipated, today I defecated and my stool came out super hard as stone and thick, my anus hurt, when I finished, I realized that the pain was still, I checked my anus and I see that I have a small lump about the walls of the anus, I do not know if this was caused by the thick and hard stool? The point is that my anus is burning and in pain, now I don't know what I could take for this,

  4.   Derby Neighborhoods said

    Hello, I know it is a taboo subject for us men, but I understand the priority of prevention and co-serving health. It happens to me that two days ago I felt an unusual lump around my year, something that I had never felt, I tried to document myself about it before being alarmed and going to the doctor. And this, because I don't feel any pain or discomfort, but because I know my body, I know that it is not normal, since it was not there. I would appreciate a medical advice to me about it.

  5.   Jose said

    Hi how are things? I have had a lump in my anus for about two weeks and at first I thought it was hemorrhoids, but it has not gone away yet and it is still bleeding, what can it be? I have not gone to the doctor yet, I gave myself an ointment for the pain but the pain has already gone away, now it's just that I'm bleeding, thanks for answering !!