How to perform a testicular self-exam?

El testicular cancer It is one of the most common cancers but also the most curable that occurs in men. The key is to detect it early to start treatment as soon as possible.

Just as women should palpate their breasts to detect breast cancer early, in the testicular cancer the same thing happens.

Next, we will show you which parts you should palpate in order to detect testicular cancer as soon as possible, taking into account the nodules or changes in the testicles.

The best time to perform a testicular self-exam is after taking a shower or immersion bath with very warm or hot water, so that the scrotal tissue is relaxed and sags more saggy.

  1. Move your penis to the side to look at your testicles in the mirror. Watch for swelling or nodules. Make sure each testicle is roughly the same size as the other. It is normal for one to be slightly larger than the other.
  2. Support the testicle with your index and middle fingers underneath and your thumb on top. Generally, the testicle is oval in shape, smooth and firm. By knowing the texture of all these parts well, you are more likely not to mistake them for cancerous nodules.
    • Check yourself for lumps by gently moving the testicle between your thumb and fingers. Check to see if there is any change in size or shape, or if it feels different to the touch.
    • Check the epididymis - the soft, spiraling tube where sperm matures and that runs above and behind each testicle. It may have a more nodular texture than the testicle.
    • Palpate the tube called the vas deferens that exits the epididymis and is shaped like a spaghetti. It should have the texture of a soft lace.
  3. Repeat the test on the other testicle.

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    About 3 years ago I felt pain in the left side so I went to see a urologist who recommended a doctor to me, they diagnosed me with varicocello (I think that's how it is written) in the first degree they operated on me but I still feel the pain, it will be possible that there is no did the operation go well? or what do you recommend me to do?

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    The bump must be on the testicle or on the outer skin?