Zara or H&M? You choose

Today the thing goes from stores low cost, specifically of two of the main ones; Zara, the main asset of the Inditex empire, against the Scandinavian H&M. Both with similar prices (is H&M something more expensive? I ask innocently) and with an important diversity of styles. So if we talk about these types of stores ...Which one do you like the most (if you like either of the two)?

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  1.   Okko said

    In my case I have voted Zara. The quality of the garments is somewhat superior to me, and at least Inditex, as a whole, offers more than H&M.

    Massimo Dutti, although not my style, is my usual shop for basic white, black, brown and gray t-shirts. They are comfortable, they fit me well and the cotton looks better to me than the one used in H&M.

    Zara, on the other hand, to catch accessories or "must" garments (when they have them) without leaving a dough and that you know that you are going to wear only a couple of times, I already like it.

    I don't know, H&M has always given me a bit of a flea market image, except for the store designed by Mariscal in Portal de l'Àngel and that huge one on Regent Street, the rest, puff, a mess ...

    Anyway, the best in the low cost, for me, is in TOPSHOP (or TOPMAN, come on), Uniqlo, GAP and Dockers.

  2.   Seville said

    It is well known that the quality of materials (especially cotton) and the manufacture of garments is better at H&M.

    What happens is that Zara beats him in design (in copies to other brands)

    Therefore I do not choose either of the two, although given the choice, my point would be for H&M

    1.    antonio de abrantes said

      All H&M clothes seem to me to scratch, they are very rigid, nothing good ... seriously, some garment will be saved but few, and it is worth that there are bad things in Zara, but it beats H&M without a doubt, also as it says around here people, the market air of H&M is the worst, not to mention tooooooooda pressurized clothes that you find on the racks ... in Zara there is disorder, yes ... but at least you find something, in H&M no no and NO

  3.   Jose martin said

    I voted for ZARA !! although both have some clothes ... affordable ... but Zara has something of higher quality (to say the least) although so much so much clothes overwhelms me ... and that happens in H & m and in some Zara ... ..! So how do I have more things from Zara then Zara! 🙂

  4.   Thin said

    Hello? Are you really comparing Zara and H&M ??? !!

    H&M has excessively vulgar, plain clothes, and without any class, on top of being of poor quality. Above they are chaos, clothes thrown everywhere .. buuuff, no, no and NO.

    Zara has superb things in my opinion, it is true that in the whole store you find a couple of things counted, but I have some light green skinny pants that are INCREDIBLE, I love them, everyone who has seen them has fallen in love with they. I hardly wear them, but seriously: they are amazing.

    1.    Enrique said

      People with your prejudices are the ones who see someone with H&M clothes and laugh with their posh friends of that person ...
      Although good, I prefer Zara although I have some things that I love about H&M.
      And you if you are tacky that you have put it without "h" ...

      1.    antonio de abrantes said

        it's true, how tacky it is with H!

      2.    Thin said

        Haber kid, I have H&M clothes, and I forgot to put the "h"

        And if I want to laugh, I laugh, where, when and for whatever reasons I want. Well? I say this in case it has not been clear and that H&M clothes are vulgar, no one can deny it to me, and that it is not Hortera either, it seems that you have not set foot in an H&M store in your life, that or that you feel offended because you are precisely a tacky and a vulgar.

        PS: Las H del Hortera in capital letters. Better? Hahaha… prin… look, I was going to disrespect you, but I don't want to put myself on your level, or seem tacky or vulgar. Read with a sarcastic tone.

        1.    antonio de abrantes said

          «Haber chavalín», to see if it will be better to go to a library than to H & M ...
          but I agree that H&M clothing is vulgar, it is ideal to buy something that you only want to use once because you don't care if it gets damaged ...

  5.   Isma said

    H&M is much cheaper than Zara, yes, the quality is also lower.

  6.   Oviedo said

    H&M may be a somewhat uncontrolled mecca and does not have the store "aesthetic" that Zara does. H&M spends four towns putting seasonal garments when they have been rolling around the store for 3 years (this is even reportable). I think the design is much better at Zara and when it comes to renewing clothes within the same season, Zara has no rival either. But Zara has a horrible point, balls come out at the third wash !!! Which is not the case at H&M.
    For all the above, I stay with Zara!

  7.   antonio de abrantes said

    H&M more expensive than Zara ??? Where has this been seen? H&M has a lamentable quality, well, adjusted to the price of its garments that tend to have a rather bad pattern and not very careful, in addition to quite loose fabrics and colors that go away in the first wash ... also, what What happens with the sizing and the garments that they sell year after year ?? Less marketing and more quality would be better for you or better apply the Ikea formula.

  8.   David said

    Zara without any doubt, for several reasons:

    1 Design
    2. Quality - price.
    3. Shops, some superb.
    4. Customer service / treatment.
    5. National product, I repeat national.

    It is true that there are things that are not very good quality, but others are really very good for the price they have.

    And for those who say that Zara copies, it may be, but ... isn't everyone (H & M ... etc etc) copying the Zara model now?

    (I don't work, I don't have anything to do with Zara, I just like it, as I like other more expensive brands).

  9.   Antonio said

    Hello, I have also chosen Zara for quality and design, if H&M has that air of a flea market because of the disorder and such. But lately I have noticed better designs and it is a little more orderly, although it is still far from Zara, we hope it continues to advance in those aspects.

  10.   mauricio chile said

    well ... from national (Spanish) the name because they are made in Brazil, Argentina, India, China, Vietnam etc etc
    I prefer Benetton, definitely of better quality than the two previous brands and that if a more sober design but not so… I don't know how to say it, as footballer as Zara's clothes. H&M in Chile is not sold, unlike Zara, which is popular, too popular, but what I have seen of H&M when I have traveled, I do not like anything at all.

  11.   ¿? said

    Will you leave Sfera behind? pleaserrrrr…. H&M? that would not even have to be on fashion websites. People are called attention only by their low prices that looking closely are not so low but people bite.
    Zara Or Sfera?

  12.   Se said

    Well I imagine that the people who frequent this website have a style more similar to that of Zara. It is true that H&M has a vulgar and mercantile point, and is adequate to its prices. Anyway you find clothes a little more daring than the classic lines of Zara. It is a store that helps you to vary the wardrobe at a very low cost. I buy a lot in both and neither is of a great quality.

  13.   Inditex complaints ... said

    With your money spending it at Zara, you help harassment and
    labor discrimination against women, child exploitation (the collapse of
    a company that has in the third world caused quite a few
    dead), imitations, etc. INditex is the company with the most companies
    closed thanks to its unfair competition and distribute rags, at prices
    abusive. € 12 t-shirts that cost a few cents
    (they do not reach € 0,50), children working 14 hours with salaries that do not reach
    to change at € 4 per month, if € 4 as it is read and pants that those
    creatures sew for € 70, in the Bershka you have some models. Someone
    in our blog he said:

    "We'll see. these sludge come from
    those powders ... We are INSOLIDARY, yes, although sometimes we dress in
    solidarity ... We don't give a damn where, when and how the
    pledge, as long as they put us in the tsarist showcase at good
    price ... If there are slaves who get annoyed, if they fire, let them
    j… ..dan,
    if they earn millions, what do I care ... I want that
    clothes, because I want to be cute, cute, or cute, cute ...
    sink the world world ...

    And has
    More reason than a saint. This is a chain, where if you foster the tyrant
    who sells rags, you give them authority to deal with employees (on
    all women) like that, rags. I've seen neighborhood stores, which
    They sell clothes from Spanish companies, forgive me the expression, but it is
    an authentic orgy of good quality, that you buy something that is not a
    copy, of splendid fabrics and at prices as good or better than zara and
    company. Yes, of course there is more life beyond a company of
    scoundrels and scoundrels.