What are the best places to have sex?


The bed is a common place to make love and I think one of the most used; but if you want to dabble in and get affectionate in other places or want to know about other places to have sex that can also give you a lot of adrenaline, surprise and wild sex, in Stylish Men we will give you a selection of top 10 places to have sex.

  • Stairs of a building: the emergency stairs of large buildings or hotels are dark, they are not visited by anyone and there are no security cameras. And if you choose the stairs of an apartment building, you can also add adrenaline, surprise, loneliness and the danger of being seen by someone. A place that guarantees ultimate enjoyment for unbridled love.
  • Car: if it rains, the windows will fog up and you won't be able to see anything from outside. That will give you the feeling of doing something outdoors, but without being it. But if you like risk, you can try a day without rain, both day and night, in the middle of the street or in a desolate place. Here also comes the possibility of doing it in a community garage, inside the car or, why not, also on top - and outside - of the car. Test it!

  • Pool: Although it can be difficult because the water eliminates the natural lubrication of the woman, it is one of the most erotic places to do it with your partner. In addition, the water helps you to make positions more easily. We also recommend this practice only to stable couples since water, friction and the condom do not get along and the condom can come off or break much more easily.
  • Cinema: the darkness and privacy of the last places are very exciting elements to have sex in there; And having sex with people around you but without anyone noticing it can be highly erotic. It will also be very exciting to make it "mute." The best hours are in the morning or late at night, when the movie theater is empty or there are few people. Enjoy another form of the seventh art!
  • Public transport: If you make a trip of many hours, whether by bus, train, subway or, why not, on a plane, try to choose the seats where the driver cannot see them and at times when there are not many people (or those who they are, they are asleep). Have you tried any of these?
  • Testers: If the changing rooms are mixed or those that only divide a door or a cloth, they are ideal for having quick and unbridled sex. You also have many elements that can help you: little space, dim light, mirror and, above all, danger. Here the adrenaline will also run and they will have to do it without making noises and in positions that do not put you in evidence.
  • Forest or, failing that, the square: having sex outdoors is extremely fun and different. If there are trees you can hide inside them; and if they are more daring, you can do it on the tree, the grass or the earth. The important thing will be to enjoy nature in its greatest splendor.
  • Toilet of a public place (or chemical toilets): the bathrooms of bars or discos, where there is loud music and a lot of disorder, are ideal for having sex with your partner. Bear in mind that in many of these places there are people who "take care" of them, so you will have to put some trick in place so that they do not see them.
  • Mar: the swaying of the waves are very conducive to having sex. Choose quiet or virgin beaches and, if there are people, the woman climbs on top of the man, and it seems that they are enjoying the sea together and hugging. But just like in the pool, you should bear in mind that the condom can come off more easily.
  • Any corner: For me, the best place is the one that presents itself spontaneously and the one that develops all our imagination and allows them to have a good time.

For you, which of these places is the best to have sex? Have you had sex in a very exciting place that is not on the list? Tell us!

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