30 things to do on a first date

what to talk to a girl on a date

If your techniques for starting a conversation to flirthave borne fruit and it's time for the first date. The first dates with always the most exciting and are full of nervousness along with the hope of checking if we have really found our ideal partner.

If you are not very clear what to do on a first date, in this article we give you a good handful of ideas so that, at least on your part, it will be a perfect day, seamless and that you can remember with your partner in the future while you tell your children about it.

Go for a walk

Although it may seem absurd, going for a walk during a first date is ideal to help calm anxiety and discomfort that is usually associated with these initial appointments.

walking the dogs

Do you have animals? You can stay on your first date to take the dog for a walk and, incidentally, see how they get along. If only one of the two has a dog, it is an excellent option to find out how our partner gets along with animals.

Go running

If you don't have pets, another way to approach a kind of first date is go for a run or play a sport jointly.

a bike ride

In practically every city, there are bike rental points. If you live in a small city, surrounded by nature and going for a run is not an option, going for a bike ride and discovering new places to have a picnic is ideal.

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A picnic

A cookout may be the safest option at this time. Grab a blanket, pack some snacks, and head to your favorite park.

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make dinner

It tienes culinary skills or you like cooking, you can show off your cooking skills by making a light dinner that you know will turn out well. Do not get involved in making a dish that requires several hours of preparation.

Have breakfast

If dinner seems too formal, you can meet for breakfast, even if that means getting up earlier than usual on weekends.

Drink coffee

If getting up early is not in your date's plans, having a coffee can be an excellent option. Who says a coffee, says a glass of liquor. Something with more graduation would not look good on both parties.

Drink a tea

The tea rooms are a bit more special than coffee shops, and they give you the opportunity to try new flavors that you don't usually have access to.

go to a brewery

You don't have to be a beer fan to enjoy a brewery. It has all kinds of drinks and, in addition, most also allow you to eat something.

In this way, you can know what you like both eating and drinking.

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Cook together

If the other person also likes cooking, the first date you can do the first date at the supermarket to buy everything you need to make dinner.

This is an excellent method to begin to know your tastes in the kitchen.

first date

If you like video games

Although video games have always been associated with the male sex, women are increasingly enter this sector and that they have no consideration when it comes to hiding it.

you can stay for play a few games at home or in an arcade, although it is increasingly difficult to find one.

Learn to dance

Whether it's salsa or waltz, dance classes are a good way to approach and break the ice.

Host a karaoke

Karaoke is an excellent method to check shame level that we are able to endure. If you don't mind making a fool of yourself singing, you can choose to host a karaoke at home or go to a place where you can show off your skills behind the microphone.

In this way, also you will know the musical tastes of your partner and thus be able to organize future outings, if the first one has been satisfactory for both parties.

Go to the beach

If you live near the beach, taking a swim and sunbathing is an excellent plan for a first date, as long as do not be prejudiced in your appearance.

a wine tasting

In recent years, the fashion of making winery tours It has reached many countries. If you have a winery nearby that offers you the opportunity to do a tasting, it is an excellent way to face the first date.

go on an excursion

if you like nature, you have a route along which you usually walk, inviting your partner to take a walk in the middle of nature, will help you to know their tastes. In addition, after making efforts, the endorphins that are generated will help us feel more fulfilled.

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play bingo

If you would like to have a laugh, go to bingo, it is an ideal and you will surely surprise your partner, since these rooms are usually intended for older people, they are gloomy places...

first date

To go bowling

Showing off your skills in a sport you probably don't play is a great way to have a laugh and break the moments of silence.


If either of the two knows how to skate and in your city there is a skating rink, you have to take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate the skills of each one and, incidentally, teach the other.

View of the zoo, a botanical garden…

To whom more and who less He likes animals. Going to a zoo and interacting with animals is an excellent way to break the silence that sometimes accompanies first dates.

Do you like art?

There are art galleries in every city. if you like art, whether painting, sculpture, photography or any other type, the excuse of going to an exhibition is ideal.

In addition, it will allow us to check the knowledge you have to find conversation topics satisfactory for both parties.

Mini golf

Everybody likes golf, a sport where physical strength is secondary and where skill is rewarded when hitting the ball.

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View an escape room

Another excellent option to get to know the other person more in depth and where we can demonstrate our skills.

go for a boat ride

Whether on a local ferry or rowboats in a park, the water is especially relaxing and romantic, as long as you both know how to swim

perfume first date

go shopping

If in the future you have a formal event and you don't have clothes, invite our partner to go shopping, will help you to know the opinion of how you feel beyond what you may like.

A puzzle

If you like legos, puzzles or other types of board games, first check if your guest likes them too, since a date like this, It can't leave you in a very good place.

extreme sports

Skydive, bungee jump, zipline… performing a task that generates a large amount of adrenaline can be a good or a bad idea depending on the tastes of your partner.

Go to a concert

Although until we have been going out with a person several times, it is difficult to get an idea of ​​their musical tastes, if you already know them and in your city there is an artist that they like, a concert is a excellent plan for a first date.

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