What to ask on a first date?

first date

A first date can be foolproof to be able to make a good impression and get to give the best version of yourself. If it is not just any date and there is nervousness, surely your expectations with that person go much beyond what was thought.

A date can create moments of uncertainty, with misaligned words or uncomfortable silences due to lack of topic. Knowing what to talk about on a first date can become stressful if there has been no "feeling", although sometimes it is better to be prepared on how to ask the appropriate questions and be totally successful.

Have a correct first date

The composure, the detail, the place, the formality ... are the details that comfort a beautiful date and a good first impression. As advice it is ideal to say that one has to be how it is, the more naturally the person expresses, the more possibilities they have to create a much more comfortable environment.

It is known that a first date is synonymous, In most occasions, of nervousness and some anxietyThis is why the first contact does not have to be too long. It shouldn't last more than two hours And even if the date is fun, it would not hurt to end it after that time, so it will create interest for a second date.

The best meeting places are public placesIt is not a good idea to stay in a place that is too intimate like a house, as it can be challenging for the other person. Or places like the movies or places of great distraction that make it not focus on you.

first date

For your first date you have to be neat but with a natural appearance, do not emphasize some details that may exceed your personality or go with abundant perfume since it subtracts virility.

It is important that what we are going to say has a rational thought and resembles reality. Nothing to give internalized messages that give the feeling of having fear and insecurity.

What can I talk about?

Once the ice has been broken, it is time to talk about the most natural. You have to tune in with neutral topics, do not contradict the other person or raise your voice to be noticed.

We must avoid talking about politics, football or religionPerhaps you can talk about something that happens with the present time, but without going much further, you do not have to enter into controversy.

If it helps you it is good to use the silences and it is better to use the gestures and position of your body. This creates more moments of intensity and gives a little aura of mystery. Apart from all these tips Talking and asking will always mean a lot, but you have to do it the right way. It never hurts to try to get to know the other person and that is why we can give you a small guide to the type of questions that you can get to question.

first date

Questions for a first date

Have you had other relationships with other men? It is an interesting topic, if you want to answer it in a concise way, without going any further from the question. Also avoid talking about your ex partners no matter how hurt you are with them.

What would you like to dedicate yourself to in this life? It is a good way to clarify if that woman has objectives and projects that mark her character.

How do you like men? This type of question is very interesting. You probably don't want to do it out of modesty, but with a little courage she can solve a few doubts about the type of man she is interested in.

What do you like about a relationship? This question is in line with the previous one, it can give you more clues about how he would like to live a relationship with passion.

Who would you like to look like? He may have a heroine in his head or he may not. It is an innocent question that many women still do not know how to specify, but they will like to ask themselves this type of question.

Would you change something about your past? It is that question that even we ask ourselves. The answer speaks volumes about that person's insecurities.

What do you like to do that you are passionate about? In this way you can know what they are passionate about, know their tastes and hobbies. What is the best thing that has happened to you in life? surely many more clues are being given of what his preferences are, this serves as a strategy to be able to anticipate wanting to make him happy on your next appointment.

Where would you like to travel? What has been the best trip of your life? It is a subject that is passionate, since memories and experiences can be shared.

first date

Do you have great friends? It is one of the keys that can give you a lot of information about their social life. If he is a very outgoing person, you will be interested in how his concept of friendship fits with others. If he is an introvert, he may want to focus on his behavior for some kind of reason that interests you.

How has your childhood been? It is a very descriptive situation to be able to find out if that girl has had a happy childhood or if she has gone through moments of anguish that now she can drag.

How is your relashionship with your family? It is a way of wanting to lovingly share how family ties are established with loved ones.

If you want to know something more about his personality, there are never a shortage of questions like what music do you like to listen to? This type of question says a lot about the person, covers a lot about how they think and what their feelings are like. Any movie that you liked? Do you see something on television that you are passionate about? They are also questions that say a lot about the preferences and tastes about her.

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