We were friends and there was sex… how is it going on?

We have already discussed the relationship of friendship between man and woman. From Stylish Men We have said that we do not believe in this, since many times - if not always - the relationship is confused and we can lose that friendship.

Many friends of the opposite sex do the same thing as any lover: they go to the movies, have dinner together, watch movies sitting on the couch, etc., etc. Now, what happens when you have had sex with that friend? That can be very good, especially if you feel good about it or if you already had feelings for her.

It can be an excellent kick to start a relationship, but on several occasions, having sex with a friend can provoke another type of feeling, the most common being regret. This can happen because you want to maintain a friendly relationship with her or because you do not want to have something serious with her. So, the big question arises here ... what to do so that everything remains as before and that neither of us is confused?

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The first thing you should do is talk to her, acknowledge what happened openly, but without expressing any negative feelings. In this way, she will not feel used, but by not giving her too much interest in what happened, she will not believe that it was something more than it was. Then, try to make a clean slate, call her like you did before but only by acting as a friend.

The most important key to making sure you are still friends after sex is not sleeping together again. It is one thing to "make a mistake" once, but it is another to have it happen two or more times. There the thing will be more confused and you can lose it.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you stop imagining her naked or remembering the moment you spent together. You must act and think as if you have never seen her naked, as normal as possible. Another trick is to keep doing the same friends routine that you had before sex. If you were going to dance together, keep doing it. If they met one day a week for coffee, I continued to do so. And most importantly, do not do anything that could be misinterpreted.

One of the most typical behaviors of men is to shoot out in the opposite direction of the uncomfortable situation. Do not dissapear. The topic of the sex night will come up in several conversations, but that does not mean you have to disappear. You have to talk it up and tell her that you just love her as a good friend and that you don't want to lose her. Be honest and tell him how you feel and how you feel.

Now, since women are very complicated, nothing of what I told you above may happen. If several weeks or months have passed since that incident and she treats you as if you were the boyfriend, then she has not understood that you do not want anything romantic with her. So, in this situation you will have to know that the friendship will end and possibly in bad terms. And be prepared for whatever she does to you ... spiteful women can be terrible!

Have you had sex with a friend? How have you acted if they want to keep that friendship?

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  1.   oswaldo suarez said

    The article seems written by a woman !!! What happens then when we want to continue having sex and at the same time a friendship relationship? For many, a relationship like that could be the ideal one. It seems to me that they suggest inhibiting the normal desire a man may have for a friend.

    1.    I no more said

      Would you like your daughter or sister to be treated like this? Think better!

  2.   Seba said

    Hello friends, I tell you that a few weeks ago and since August I had something similar to a friend of years I had relationships with her
    We also went out as a couple but everything got confused and the opposite of what comes out here I hooked on her and now I am something wrong without her, but in the end it will be taken away, I would recommend that if I never have sex or if it is that you have only once since then everything is confused and in the end we both suffer because we are no longer as friends as before and because for one reason or another beyond sex I also started to like her, better not to mix things up and have a separate friendship from the pleasure.

  3.   rony said

    Well, I had a friend. She liked me but I didn't want Jada with her, good step. We ended up doing it one afternoon. And then it happened other more times and I finished everything. Being the marred of my daughter now we hunt and live happily Muhammad

  4.   C. said

    I slept with a friend, but she has a boyfriend (although she told me that in bed it does not satisfy her, I gave her a night of love from 00:8 to 14:XNUMX in the morning / hot my friend, but then we went to bed and at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. I went to My house / the next day I felt very good / at one point I faced her and told her that I wanted something serious with her and she refuses all the time, she rejects me, but she has an iceberg next to her I do not understand and even so She wants to be my friend, but what a rare friendship I have that we talk about sex on some occasions, what's more, I'm with her in her room and she's half-naked but she always puts the brakes on, they advise me, because the truth is I live a personal hell.

  5.   Adrian torrez said

    Well this article was good I had a wife in times of pandemic but it was great and then following these tips we are already dating and we have a son on the way