Waxing on man's legs

Waxing on man's legs

Every time men they bet more on their personal care.  Waxing on men's legs is one of the treatments that is being valued the most. If centuries ago Roman and Greek men already took care of their waxing to project a clean image and stay fresh, today it can be given the same meaning, they want keep skin free and clear.

For all those men who opt for uncomplicated hair removal, perhaps the use of an electric razor or blade is your best option. We will update you on how to use it correctly, but you should still know that there are other ways and means to keep your skin shaved.

How can you wax a man's leg?

Waxing on man's legs

There are several ways, some in a practical and comfortable way, others with less or greater durability of growth and others where the pain will be present with greater or lesser intensity. Must assess which one best suits your needs and which one can offer you the best shave:

  • There are the traditional disposable razors or manual razors, they are practical, fast and painless.
  • Electric machines They are also a good alternative, they do a quick shave and it is painless.
  • Depilatory creams they can already be used in men. They are quick and painless.
  • Waxing It is an option with optimal and long-lasting results, although the pain it causes may be a great inconvenience.
  • Laser hair removal It is another option with very good results, as it is the alternative to permanent hair removal. The downside is that it takes many sessions to get rid of the hair and for some it can be painful.

Hair removal with electric and disposable razor

blades for hair removal

Maybe it's the most practiced method for hair removal in men, as it is practical and easy to use. Admittedly, the result is good and painless, but the hair will grow quickly.

To know how to shave safely, follow these steps: for both the electric razor and the disposable or shaving razor, you must first disinfect the blades with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

For the electric razor you can add some talcum powder and follow your cut in the opposite direction to the hair. With manual blades you will have to apply a gel or foam so that the skin does not dry out too much. For excessively long hair, you will have to make a cut first with scissors to reduce its length a little.

Then remove the rest of the hair attached to the legs rinsing the skin with a little water. Then dry the skin with a towel. For after shaving it is advisable to apply un antiseptic or an aftershave. Moisturizer is also highly recommended to leave that smooth finish.

Hair removal with depilatory cream

depilatory cream man

This form of hair removal is gentle, fast and comfortable. To start you have to spread the cream all over the part to be waxed with the help of a spatula. The cream must completely cover all the hair so that its components destroy the keratin that protects the hair. In this way, it will dissolve without damaging the follicle, since the cream is not absorbed.

Must leave the cream to act for about three minutes and then remove everything with the help of the spatulaIt should be noted that the hair comes off easily, if not, we will wait another three minutes. Finally we will remove the remains with water and dry the area well with a towel.



If you want to do waxing at home, you have to know that there are no special formats for men, but there are a wide variety of brands that They offer you the way to wax with convincing results. If you are not inclined to wax at home you can use the option of going to a beauty center to have it practiced, it is not a very expensive technique and the results you get are professional.

Laser hair removal

hair removal laser

It is the most defined waxing and with results that will prevent your hair from growing back. With the other methods we can find the same hair after several days and even weeks, but with the laser method that will not happen.

This technique is increasingly used due to its results. The only downside is that you will not need just one session, but severals, and even up to more than 10 and that will depend on the type of hair that is being worked on.

The big breakthroughs already They have succeeded in creating the diode laser that is much more effective and less painful. Prices vary from € 25 to € 50 per session and will depend on the prices that you want to apply.

At home you can also practice laser hair removal since we have at our disposal devices that you can use effectively. They come configured with different lights and flash modes to be able to apply it to your skin type. In addition, with the new advances we can already observe the positive opinions of the people who use it, based on the good results of its pulsed light. The type of hair removal and the result will be in the opinion and personality of each manYou can start with the simplest method and progress to much more positive results.

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