Types of jackets

types of men's jackets

Now that winter comes, you have to continue to maintain a style. Having a pair of jackets in the closet brings numerous benefits to your everyday look. In addition, you will always be protected during the coldest nights and winter seasons. There are different types of jackets that adapt to the style of each one and the needs of the moment.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you what are the different types of jackets and their characteristics.

Advantages of wearing a jacket

types of jackets

There are people who are not very prone to wearing a jacket during low temperatures, although this has many advantages. Let's see what are the different advantages of the types of jacket that exist:

  • Protect from cold: There are different types of jackets that are made of different materials and different thicknesses. However, all jackets have in common the mission of keeping you safe from the cold or winter wind.
  • Brings styleAlthough many think not, jackets are very versatile garments. Most of them can be combined with a wide variety of clothes and with really good results. Without a doubt, it will be like wearing a badge of your style.
  • Safeguarding from dangers: Some jackets can protect against abrasions, strong impacts or even functions. This is thanks to the resistance of certain materials with which it is made.

Types of men's jackets

variety of jackets

Before acquiring any type of garment in any of its presentations, it is important to take into account certain factors. First of all is your general dress style. It is here where tastes play a fundamental role when choosing between the different types of jackets. The colors also serve according to your needs and are things to take into account beforehand.

Currently there are numerous types of men's jackets available on the market. They not only vary in shape, but also in style. They are made of different materials, which made your search much easier. You will surely find one that meets all your requirements. Let's see what are the main types of men's jackets:


It is the most modern type of jacket and that a few years ago there were only for women. Now they have been adapted for men and it makes them look great. And it is that this garment combines very well with spot and formal styles. This makes it a perfect garment both to wear with pleated pants or chinos as well as to use with conventional jeans.

The blazer for men is very versatile, so it can be used whether you are going to work or going out with friends. Keep in mind that this piece has a variable that can make it ideal for you. And you can go for those models that are more of a sport style or a more formal one, depending on your tastes and the use that you are going to give it.


It is a classic in fashion. It has a more informal style and was popularized by motorcyclists. It should be noted that among the best known and most used jackets are those made of leather. However, you can also find jackets available in different materials such as polyester or denim. These materials achieve positive results in appearance.

Similarly, jackets are characterized by being shorter and adjusted to the body. Typically, the design is made up of large lapels, a wide collar, and several snaps that can hold it against the wind. All these elements are what can make a jacket different from another that suits your style more. Usually the hunters have been associated with the most rebellious boys.

Types of jackets: parkas

It is a type of coat but with a more informal touch. It tends to be better with an urban style. The most noticeable feature is its hood, which is made up of hairs. They usually have a zip closure and many pockets. They are ideal outings for winter or to protect you during an overnight excursion. It is usually tighter to the body and has an above-average length.

Warm clothing

It is a classic in fashion and one of the most used. It is both formal and informal. It has great versatility and allows you to wear it with any style, both day and night. Currently there are lighter designs and other different styles with a wide range of colors. The gray palette is the most used.

Trench coat

It is a variable of the coat that has become a fashion icon. Among the characteristic that stands out the most of its impermeability. This characteristic makes it essential for the days of the rainy seasons. Covers body up to the knee was dieting in front. The most normal thing is that it has a belt that allows its closure. There are some models that include buttons for greater protection.

Suit jackets

They are of a more formal style and go with matching pants. Although there are some lighter ones that are usually worn with jeans, they are more for a youthful style. They are ideal for some special events such as fashion or for a work meeting. Currently, there are different types of cut on the lapels and on the neck.

Jackets types: casual jackets

This category includes all those that have a more peculiar style but that are not suitable for all occasions. Denim jackets, tracksuit or sports jackets are usually included. It usually works perfectly for a walk or as part of your wardrobe if you have an urban style.

How to choose a men's jacket

When choosing the jacket it is necessary that you take into account several details. The type of jacket, the measurements according to the style you have and the use that you are going to give it. Although the best option is to try on the garment before making the decision to buy it. A jacket may not go well with your style but it is more suited to your use and you may like it anyway.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the different types of jackets and their characteristics.

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