What are the weak points of a woman?

Know the weak points of a woman and how to exploit them

All men have several weak points that make us moan with pleasure, which we all know perfectly. How can it be otherwise? women have several weak points that today we are going to know in great detail. Of them we can already tell you that they are superior in number to those of men, so we must get down to work to conquer any woman from start to finish.

The ears, the neck or the sexual organ are the weak points that we all know, but at least there are half a dozen more points that we must monitor up close and knowing how to care and handle to be able to seduce and conquer any woman.

Here we show you the 10 main weaknesses of a woman:

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The hair area

Hair, despite what it may seem, is one of the weak points of any woman. If you have never tried it, touch your girlfriend's hair right now, to your flirt or to the woman for whom your eyes make chiribitas, and you will see how they are very receptive.

Of course, choose the time and place where you touch the hair area well, because it is not the same to touch their hair when they are doing sports and they have sweaty than when you are trying to be intimate in the last row of the cinema.

The neck area

Just like vampires do, If we want to discover a woman's weak point, we must throw ourselves at her neck, yes, not to give him a bite to get all the blood out, but to give him kisses and caress him.

It is not mathematical, but the neck it is usually in almost all women one of their greatest weaknesses, and that every good man should take advantage of without thinking twice.


Another of the weak points of any woman, except for some somewhat rare, are the ears which we can bite, suck or caress to get any woman to melt hopelessly.
As always, do not be an animal, which sometimes we are a lot, and be careful with the ears that are not edible, nor can they be folded or played with them like the beast.

Whisper them and tear them down

They say that one of the most attractive things about a man is having a nice and pleasant voice. Whether it is your house or not, take the opportunity to whisper to them and bring down any woman. It may seem a bit absurd to you, but talking whispering, for example in the ear of your girlfriend or wife, can drive her absolutely crazy.

The belly and abdomen area

Leaving the head, the belly and the abdomen area is another of the weak points of any woman, or at least of the majority. Giving them kisses, licking them or even giving them small bites can be something very pleasant for your partner.

Of course, be very careful, because the belly and abdomen in addition to being a weak point can be a problem point, especially after dinner or in those bad times that women usually experience every month.

The back

massages to stimulate weak points in the back

Behind the belly and abdomen area is the back and is a new weak point for most women. A good massage, a few kisses or the occasional blow can melt any woman's defenses.

If you want some good advice, a little cream or oil can help you a lot on your journey down a woman's back.

The vagina

How could it be otherwise another of the weak points, not to say the weakest of any woman is the vagina, as well as the external and internal lips of it. A good massage with your fingers, with your mouth or whatever comes to mind can be the highlight of any meeting or any review of all the weak points.

Tip: Fingering this area with your penis can also be very pleasurable for your woman. It is not necessary to have a very large virile member to achieve it, but if you are still interested in increasing your penis in a safe way it is now possible downloading the Master of the penis book by clicking here

Once again, be very careful not to go into the depths of the vagina if you are not sure that the woman is surrendered to your feet, because otherwise if you enter her lightly, you can end up very, very bad.

Inner thighs

If the vagina is the weakest of all weak points, stroking, fondling, or kissing the inner thighs can break any woman's resistance.

For the umpteenth time we must recommend that you be very careful, since it is a part that cannot be accessed lightly and especially if you do not have the necessary confidence with the woman.

The feet

how to stimulate erogenous points on the feet

Unless you feel a little disgusting to touch or suck on a woman's feet, this will be one of the weak points of any of themAlthough depending on the moment and the situation, and the smells of each one, on more than one occasion it is highly recommended that you approach them.

At the risk of being heavy, be very, very careful, not only because of the smell but because if a woman has tickles and you manage to find them, you can end up with a good kick in your mouth.

The anal region, the weak point and forbidden in many cases

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Danger, the last weak point you can visit in a woman is the anal region, but In this area, if they let us get close, you have to be extremely careful.

A few caresses, a few kisses or a simple touch can melt any woman, but most of them unfortunately will not let us come within several centimeters. If you are one of those who have a restraining order from these areas, try to show your girl what she is missing.

Ready to explore all of a woman's weak points? If that girl is also engaged, here we show you how to seduce a married woman.

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    I would like to know a little more about these weaknesses, both as women and as men.

  5.   luiferrero. said

    I would like to know a little more about these weaknesses, both as women and as men

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