Double-sided tape, the perfect ally for DIY at home

repairs with TESA Powerbond tape

Double-sided tape is a perfect ally in our toolbox. Drilling holes in the walls or other types of mechanical fixings can be excessively costly and damaging to the material. However, we have a perfect ally, double-sided tape. But we have to bear in mind that the quality of it can make us succeed or fail in our DIY work at home. Nothing brings greater satisfaction than a job well done, when we have done it with our own hands. But when we are not experts, this type of help from the hand of recognized brands can make the result just as spectacular. We tell you the benefits of using double-sided tape in our DIY tasks.

What is double sided tape?

Double-sided adhesive tapes, as their name suggests, are sheets that have an adhesive material on both sides of their surface, which will give us the necessary support to fix two materials without the need to use mechanical fasteners such as screws, or make holes in the walls. We find different types of double-sided adhesive tapes, depending on the work we are going to do, but we will tell you about that later.

How is double sided tape used?

Tesa double-sided DIY tape

As well explained in the previous image, double-sided tape is quite easy to useWe simply have to thoroughly clean one of the parts that we want to fix, to later apply the adhesive tape on the side we want. We remember that both sides have adhesive, so there will be no problems.

Next, we will clean the next surface to which we want to stick the object. It is important that both surfaces are dry to give the full resistance of the product. Now we just have to peel off the protective strip and press both materials in the desired position for a few seconds, until the adhesive reaches a sufficient holding point so that we can check the results.

The perfect ally, in what to use double-sided adhesive tape

Crafts and DIY with double-sided tape

La double sided tape It is very versatile, it can be used for a huge number of DIY tasks, as well as the repair of according to what objects at home and in the professional field. We are going to list a good list of things that we can fix efficiently thanks to double-sided adhesive tapes, perhaps many of them you had not thought of before, but a trip to the hardware store to acquire this type of product can save you a good handful of hours of work, and it will give you an identical result to what you expected, because sometimes, less is more.

  • Mounting carpet at home: In many places, the perfect alternative to parquet or tile flooring is carpet, a good way to isolate the temperature in our feet. Gone are the holes and staples to hold the carpet well, or much worse, use soluble adhesives that later leave residues that are impossible to remove. Double-sided adhesive tape is the perfect solution when preparing your carpet floors.
  • Soundproofing by foam: Many times the best method to soundproof walls is the installation of laminated foam. Drilling holes to attach a material as light as laminated foam to the walls is disproportionate, therefore, the double-sided adhesive tape is once again the ally in our DIY tasks. It will offer a sufficient and stable hold.
  • Signage, posters and labels: Many times in our businesses and premises we are forced to signal the dependencies, as well as the exits or the toilets. However, using a soluble adhesive can be excessively damaging to materials, as well as leaving marks. Once again, we used double-sided tape to give these posters, signs or labels the hold they deserve.
  • Mirror gluing: Mirrors are generally not heavy enough to require drastic measures. However, the drilling of holes or the metallic hustle and bustle of the screws often cause irreparable damage to the screws. Therefore, for all those mirrors that lack a frame, double-sided tape is the alternative, careful with the mirror and the wall.
  • Placement of shelves in kitchens and bathrooms: The last tip that we bring you is the most classic, the placement of hooks and shelves, both in bathrooms and kitchens.Using the double-sided adhesive tape, it will allow us to attach these materials, usually plastics, to the flat slab of the wall, in a stable way, that will withstand the passage of time, humidity and temperature changes.

tesa® Powerbond, the perfect family of double-sided adhesive tapes

TESA tricks and repairs

Not all double-sided adhesive tapes are the same, it goes without saying, in fact, the use of low-quality double-sided adhesive tapes can cause irreparable damage to the materials we want to fix. Thus, we recommend a leading brand in the sector, such as tesa, which has a wide range of double-sided adhesive tapes under the Powerbond brand.

These products will allow us to hold the materials without dirt, without complications and without any perforation. Thanks to these tesa products, we will have a double-sided adhesive tape for each of the areas we can imagine: Indoor, mirror, outdoor, transparent and ultra-strong applications.

Tesa Powerbond adhesive tapes and their applications

TESA's product line

  • Ultra Strong Powerbond: If you are dealing with high-draft jobs, this is your double-sided adhesive tape. Supports up to 10 kg for every 10 cm of tape.
  • Powerbond Interiors: Perfect for a wide variety of applications in the home, it is especially suitable for fixing objects indoors, so it will be the perfect companion in our basic DIY tasks. Supports up to 5 kg for every 10 cm of tape. Indicated for plastics, tiles and wood.
  • Powerbond Mirrors: Perfect for areas with high concentrations of humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Holds mirrors up to 70 × 70 cm and up to 4 mm thick without the least risk of falling.
  • Outdoor Powerbond: Prepared for our work outside the home, outdoors. UV and water resistant, it offers incredible support. It is especially suitable for flat objects with a thickness of up to 10 mm and on smooth and firm surfaces. The variety of materials capable of fixing is quite extensive.
  • Transparent Powerbond:  Ideal for transparent objects, it goes unnoticed and is quite flirty and useful. Supports up to 2 kg for every 10 cm of tape. Also with a wide variety of compatible materials.

What are the benefits of using tesa®powerbond?

Easily repair with double-sided tape

These masking tapes are just as easy to use as any other, so you shouldn't be scared off by their incredible fixing features. They have a special feature, they are pressure sensitive, so they will fix with more effort those materials in which we have exerted a greater pressure at the time of installation. In the assembly instructions we will appreciate that the minimum pressure time at the fixing point should be approximately five seconds, to ensure a perfect result.

However, the tesa team has a wealth of tips and instructions for use at, the perfect place to make sure what is the product that we should buy.

On the other hand, it is the cheapest and least harmful alternative for the objects that we want to fix. On the other hand, it will save us time and money in making mechanical fasteners. For this and more, double-sided adhesive tape is the perfect ally in our DIY tasks.

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