Does the condom give you erection problems?

I have several friends who, when we get together, always give me lots of ideas about new items to Stylish Men. Today we will talk about a case that a friend told me that her boy lost sexual potency when the condom was put on.

Believe it or not, it is very common for this to happen to men and it is not that the condom is the culprit of this lack of erection. There are many causes, but the most common is when the man is used -for a long time- to do it without using a condom and then, for whatever reason, he must use it again and this can cause the loss of erection.

In a sexual relationship, the head plays a very important role and in the case of sensitivity, it is true that with the condom you lose - a lot - but you have to concentrate and get past this barrier.

What you must do is stop thinking at that moment and at the precise moment that you are putting the condom on, you must do - and ask your partner - to keep the foreplay at full capacity. You can also ask her to be the one to put the condom on you, so that this also becomes part of the foreplay, and at that time you can do other things that keep you busy.

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You can also try using condoms from another brand, or those that are thinner than the one you use, or try the vibrating ring, which keeps the condom in place and at the same time will stimulate your penis and your partner's clitoris.

There are many things you can try, but the important thing is that at that moment you try to relax and not think. Who has it already happened to? What things did they try to avoid it?

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  1.   tahuel said

    I am part of a community of seduction and sexuality and we touch on this topic thousands of times because the infections of venereal and fungi are much more common than most people believe, it is true that the condom removes a lot of sensitivity and can reach up to be uncomfortable, it is worth saying that even some latex can generate allergies!
    The biggest tricks that I can give you are, as the partner said, to keep the foreplay, the placement of the condom should also be as sensual as possible, it is understood that your partner places it, that he licks the shaft of your penis while Lower the roller or whatever comes to mind, here is where your imagination plays, brother! An alternative is always anatomical or extra fine condoms as well as leather or synthetic ones, but the latter two do not prevent 100% of diseases and are something more fragile! I do not recommend them.
    Finally, remember that another of the missions of the condom is the prevention of pregnancy and has almost a 98 percent "real" effectiveness when using it correctly! And the best thing that I recommend in this matter is that you use lubricating gels with spermicidal action since the percentage increases to 100 percent!

    Remember !:
    The condom protects us both from contracting a fungus or venereal disease as well as from an unwanted pregnancy.
    The foreplay should not last longer than the sexual act and should only end at the moment of penetration
    Never trust women with regard to health (it can be and usually is that they do not know it or are too hot to comment on it!) Nor with regard to fertile days (they are a disaster, face it we have to take care of everything !)
    The two best options if we suffer in this matter are the anatomical ones followed by the ultra fine ones.
    And finally, in young people in good health, most, if not all, erection problems go through a psychological level, enjoying sex and fantasizing every time they look at a woman is the best for male energy!

    Greetings EL TAHUEL

  2.   erection problems said

    I had never imagined this situation, honestly. Well, I don't know if, for example, a condom that is too tight can influence vasodilation or something like that. They got me thinking ...

  3.   ana said

    Due to circumstances, my partner has been with prostitutes for several years. Of course it has been discovered but he says that he has always used a condom for everything, even French, I do not believe it taking into account that for many years we have not used it and he is not used to it and he says that it is not noticeable in the sensitivity . Who believes that? He says that the girls take care of themselves a lot, (but it is even announced that he does it without, hers) and also he caught the hepatitis B virus that he did not develop and he is already cured, I know because he discovered some tests that they did in the hospital to other things, and he says that he knows nothing that the doctor did not tell him anything, and if he was infected it would be that his condom would break, and he did not realize it, what a joke! truth? regards

  4.   pedro said

    What great recommendations Tahuel !! Thank you!

  5.   jasmine said

    I believe that the man who does not use a condom is a time bomb, he can catch any disease.
    I had my boyfriend who did not like the condom, he travels a lot, he goes to different continents for vacations. Imagine what can happen.
    I tried by all means to make him use the condom, I put it on, I turned him on, but when I had it, his penis fell asleep.
    I was finally afraid of him.

  6.   Miguel said

    Hello, greetings to all ... I have a comment to make. :: well ... I have used ... a condom with a retardant. On 3 occasions with my partner and it has worked well for me ... normally I can continue at least 3 or 4 times ..but I have noticed k when I use that condom one more time .. I could only .. do it 1 time I want to continue giving me my time no! I rested a little but .. my penis .. was flaccid .. and it was strange to me. Because that has never happened to me .. and ps I could not continue .. I don´t know if I have lost sensitivity .Aunke a friend told me when one uses condom with retardant loses sensitivity. but after that .. 3 days have passed. and I feel that my penis is not as erect as before .. if it is true that sensitivity is lost, how can one regain sensitivity .. is that possible? .. I am worried about that. Because I went back to having sex with my partner using another condom without retardant .. and then I only did it once .. I wanted to try it again but .. now it takes longer .. to get erect before it was not like that. Before, after a short time, I just had it very erect again .. well, thank you very much for listening to me, I hope you help me ...


    How can one regain sensitivity ... is that possible?

  7.   Monica said

    Hello Miguel! Don't worry because I had a boyfriend who was also quite powerful (that is, he could do it several times in one night) and the only time his erection failed was because he used a retardant condom. If the penis loses sensitivity it is quite normal for it to decline. He did not care and later with normal condoms everything was great. So I advise you not to give it importance because you already know what it is and that you enjoy everything you can. All the best!!

  8.   Maite said

    Good! Do you think it is common for a guy to lose his erection about 10 times with his girlfriend who he has been with for 2-3 years? We would say that he has a streak in which he has 2 failed erections, half a year later another small streak ... and so on. He is 30 years old alone. It is delicate for everything when it comes to doing it: noise, perceiving me a little less excited ... They say that half of the men have had some stage like this, but it is not known well because they do not talk about it. Thanks!

  9.   David said

    Hi, I have a comment to make .. it was my first time and I decided to use a condom with a retardant .. I wanted to try it but my penis was flaccid .. I don't know what to do, someone tell me if it's normal

  10.   Julio said

    I also wanted to ask for advice, the other night I met a spectacular woman and after a few days we had intimacy in my apartment, we were both very excited with the foreplay, I noticed that she was already about to explode like me, in that At the moment she asked me please to put the condom on, automatically when I put it on, my erection went down so much that I couldn't make the penetration, therefore she got quite annoyed, that was the third night we saw each other, from that moment on. He did not want to see me, therefore it brought me a lot of frustration, since without the condom I was barbaric and with a very good erection. Is this totally psychological? could someone give me a hand? I thought that using a viagra pill this would not happen, is this correct or can it happen to me anyway?

  11.   wegs said

    Before I had good erections and enjoyed intercourse …… .. since I used the condom… I have decreased my reccion… .. now I have problems

  12.   Alexander said

    Hey, how can all this be solved? From all your comments there is something that they did not touch, for example my girlfriend was her first time, you will know that she is very naive, I tell her to touch me and she feels sorry, so how do I tell her that I put the condom on ?????, you do not know anything about sex

  13.   Carlos said

    Very well brought this question. It should be more widespread, not only for us but also for women. This can ruin a relationship: The woman will feel uncomfortable with the flaccidity of her partner, she will feel that she is no longer attractive enough or that she is less trustworthy, she will blame him, she will not talk about the issue as a taboo but he will no longer see the boy in the same way, if it is the first relationship between the two he may not think of a second. It is a complex issue, you cannot do without the condom, but the condom can ruin a lot if sexuality is not approached with an open mind and it is believed that men should always be rock-hard precision machines. The same thing that happened to Julio has just happened with something that seemed to be going for a serious relationship, which will no longer go anywhere for this reason. Although she didn't bring up the subject either, I know it because of how I totally changed my attitude after the act.

  14.   mathias said

    This happened to me yesterday, I could not maintain an erection because of the condom, I just wanted to put it on I lost my erection

  15.   Manuel9 said

    I think we should start to see if condom brands matter. I challenge all men who have this problem to say with which condom brands most usually the erection decays. In particular it happens to me with today.

  16.   Manuel9 said

    I think we have to identify whether the brand of the condom is important or not. I challenge all the men with whom we share this problem to share with what brands this has happened to us. In particular, it usually happens to me with today.