Ten easy drinks to make at home


Are you going out to an after party today? Do you do the preview at your house or at a friend's house? So we give you ten recipes for simple and inexpensive drinks that will not take more than a minute to prepare.

  1. FREE CUBA. The mix of rum with Coca and a lemon wedge is infallible. Almost everyone prepares it with Bacardi, you can choose any brand. The classic Havana Club also does not fail, although it is more difficult to obtain. And another very good option is Venezuelan: the Pampero Añejo Reserva, more or less at the same value, with a great price-quality ratio.
  2. SCREWDRIVER. It's that simple: 1/3 vodka + 2/3 orange juice. The Screwdriver provides vitamins in the juice and punch in the vodka. It had its golden age and was slowly becoming a simple classic. With freshly squeezed juice, on the balcony, it is excellent. You don't need Premium vodka.
  3. FERNET TAIL. There is no party, event, or birthday where you don't see someone arrive with a bottle of Fernet in hand. Branca is the absolute leader. In the highest range Ramazotti is shown and now 1882 has just been launched, very good, at the same price as Branca. All are around 30 pesos. Although some claim that the formula is 90210 (like the North American series), translated into 90% Fernet, 2 ice cubes and 10% soda, it is good to give Coca a little more space so that the bitterness does not eat everything .
  4. GIN TONIC. Elegant, imperial and exotic. This is the classic Gin Tonic, created by English soldiers in India in the 2009th century as a medicine to combat malaria. Today the gin and tonic is a great option to share the "malaria" of 1. The formula? 3/2 gin + 3/XNUMX tonic + a twist of lime, or lemon Which tonic to use? Paso de los Toros, Indian Tonic or Schweppes. They are similar. What gin? Any imported, like Bombay, Tanqueray, or Beefeater.
  5. WHISKEY & COKE. There cannot be a more American mix than this. All the character of the whiskey of the United States added to the soda of the empire. One of the best ways to drink Coca, perhaps the most respectable. Jim Beam White is a little less sweet than Jack Daniel's. Try them and discover your favorite.
  6. CYNAR WITH GRAPE. The Cynar didn't just come off the shelves of the old bars. He did it at the hands of bartenders who claimed its use as a noble ingredient, owner of a unique bitterness in complex mixtures, but also as a basis for simple and effective formulas. This is the case of its combination with grapefruit juice or soda. The ratio ?: 40/60 or 30/70, it depends on your taste. A different and surprising option.
  7. HESPERIDIN WITH TONIC. Trademark number 1 in the Argentine trademark registry, patented by a North American citizen (Melville Bagley). Although the Hesperidina has always been in bars, still lifes and inns, as well as the Cynar, it has regained its shine in recent years. And it has launched to conquer new consumers. With tonic water it balances its sweetness and highlights its orange notes. If you want to give it a personal touch, put a bit of Cynar at the end.
  8. GARIBALDI. OK, this is better known as Campari with orange or Campari Orange, a tilinguería (The Campari is Italian!). Although other orange bitters like the Luxardo are available here, the Campari is a staple. Mixed with orange, it makes up one of the blends that has been recruited by the most drinkers in recent times: refreshing, revitalizing and with just the right amount of alcohol. With a splash of soda you can make it lighter.
  9. BE BREEZE. A sea breeze, although the Pacific (owner of the cool breezes) is on the other side of the mountain range. This combination of vodka, orange juice and cranberries is a sophistication compared to other beverages, but it is still simple and delicious. Its taste is very similar to the loved and hated Cosmopolitan. And you can prepare it in one touch and without leaving your home.
  10. VERMOUTH WITH SODA. The local luxury is based on the folklore of vermouth in still lifes and inns. Cinzano, Martini, Punt E Mes… inexpensive drinks that perform and deliver without exception. The old bartenders say that it is better to have them in the refrigerator, for and from the cold drink, without having to add so much ice. With soda, always siphoned, it is an exquisite pleasure. You can add an orange peel to it. Opens the appetite, comforts, stimulates.

Source: DiarioUno

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