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Getting tattooed

The bicep tattoos They are among the favorites of men. It is one of the areas where we prefer to have them done for several reasons. One of them is that, when the muscles are well outlined, they highlight the image we tattoo.

But it is also because it is an area that we can easily hide if we don't want to show the tattoo we have. For example, in some jobs they are not well regarded. Next, we are going to give you some ideas regarding bicep tattoos. But first we want to offer you some preliminary considerations.

Previous considerations before getting a biceps tattoo

Arm tattoo

Tattoos on biceps and forearms

Many people who have not yet gotten a tattoo fear that it will be painful. While it is true that the needle may be a little annoying, it is not. Above all, the outer part of the arm at the height of the biceps is characterized by being, precisely, muscular and also for having a quite thick skin. This makes it painless when getting the tattoo. On the other hand, the inner part of the arm has softer and more sensitive skin so, perhaps, it may bother a little more.

This, in turn, leads us to address the issue of tattoo location. If you decide to get a minimalist one, place it on the outside of your arm because otherwise it will barely be visible. Instead, a larger one can be placed on both the inner and inner biceps. However, you should keep in mind that the biceps area is not as large as, for example, the back or the chest. Consequently, the tattoo you choose should not be as large as those chosen for those areas. Therefore, you can decide on a small one, but also on a medium one, especially if you have fairly developed muscle.

Finally, think about whether you want to get a biceps tattoo with various colors or monochrome type. The latter matches better with the drawings geometric or abstract. Instead, realistic They combine best with the variety of shades. But, once we have clarified this, we are going to give you some ideas for bicep tattoos.

Realistic tattoos

Realistic tattoo

Realistic flower tattoo

As its name indicates, these are those that faithfully reproduce an image of reality. Therefore, what they show is easily identified, although they are always done in an artistic way. In fact, some are authentic artworks. However, they are usually large in size because in very small drawings it is more difficult to achieve so much detail.

As for the models they reproduce, they can be very varied. There are those that recreate animals or landscapes, but also floral motifs and even human faces. The possibilities are as many as the reality that surrounds us.

Also, as we told you before, this type of biceps tattoo is usually done with Various colors to accentuate realism. Even the most qualified professionals dare to do them combining different elements. For example, a tiger surrounded by the jungle in which he lives. However, despite their realistic tone, they sometimes have symbolic character. As you know, in some Eastern beliefs, each animal represents a quality and the person who tattoos it wants to show that he or she embodies it.

Geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoo

A geometric and polychrome tattoo

When it comes to getting your biceps tattoo, you can also opt for a geometric type. They are among the most recreated on the biceps. To a large extent, this is because, although the geometric figures are limited, Their combinations can extend almost to infinity..

Thus, you can choose an engraving that combines triangles, circles and squares or another that simply progressively superimposes several polygons. In all cases, these tattoos are very beautiful because they allow us to achieve a high level of perfection and, precisely, symmetry.

But they can also hide symbolic content. To show you an example, the triangle can have a religious meaning, but it can also recreate the phases of the Moon. Or the square represents security and order. Likewise, you can combine geometric figures with other elements such as flowers, animals and even people in your tattoo.

Minimalist, among those preferred as bicep tattoos

Minimalist tattoo

A minimalist tattoo of geometric shapes

Minimalist tattoos are also among the favorite tattoos for the biceps. This is precisely due to what we told you before about the size of the engraving. Since this area of ​​the body is not as large as the chest or back, tattoos are chosen that do not take up much space. However, this does not mean having few options. On the contrary, The possibilities of this type of engravings are very numerous.. Likewise, they almost always have a symbolic character, having to express a lot with very little. For example, it can be a motto in the form of a phrase or, even simpler, a single word or a proper name.

But it can also be a drawing that also usually symbolizes something. For example, a rose represents passion, the heart represents love, or the globe represents the desire to travel. You can even opt for recreations of the ancient world. Thus, the eye of the Egyptian deity is very common Horus, which is considered a good luck talisman. Finally, we will tell you that these minimalist tattoos are usually fine line. That is, the line that marks them is stylized and lacks colors.

Armband tattoos

Combined tattoo

Tattoo that combines religion with other elements

They are halfway between minimalist tattoos and the most elaborate ones. As you can imagine, they are those that imitate a jewel that is placed on the arm and they are also one of the most common engravings among bicep tattoos and even among those on the wrist and forearm.

On the other hand, also They have symbolic value, although they can be merely decorative. As for the symbolism of it, each person can give it their own. But, in general terms, the bracelet represents protection and unity. Regarding the latter, above all, the importance of staying together.

As for their designs, they can be very varied. There are some so realistic that they even look like a real jewel. On the other hand, others are simpler or more imaginative. Likewise, they can be made in various colors or be monochromatic. But, in any case, it is one of the most common bicep tattoos, among other things, because of the shape of the surface where it is applied.

Tribal type tattoos

Tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos are very old

Maybe they are The oldest, that is, the first ones that were made. Keep in mind that tattooing is a practice that, although it is very current now, It began centuries ago among the warriors of some tribes. Therefore, it is not surprising that, in the beginning, they had tribal forms. But these have survived to this day and, in fact, these types of engravings are among those preferred by body art fans.

Thus, tattoos of this type have their origin in the Maori and Polynesian peoples, but also in the celtic world. Among the first, the so-called Moko, a facial tattoo that occupied the entire face and was a symbol of status within the tribe.

The engraving that represents Maui, a mythical character of his culture who, according to legend, was the creator of the hawaii islands. This says that he was a fisherman who, using a magic hook, caught a piece of land, and this, upon emerging to the surface, gave rise to that Pacific archipelago. The tattoo of the marquise or maori cross, which symbolizes the harmony and balance of nature. Finally, the image of the turtle, which represents life, peace and good luck.

Celtic tattoos


Design of a triskelion to be tattooed

But, among tribal tattoos, due to our past, perhaps those of Celtic origin are more important to us. We cannot forget that this town occupied a good part of the Iberian Peninsula already in pre-Roman times. As in the previous case, his engravings responded to elements of their mythology and beliefs. However, they show differences from the Polynesians. In the case of the Central European people who lived here, it is interlocking geometric drawings and, sometimes, with a lot of decoration. Perhaps the best example of this is the trisquel, which is still very present in this body art.

It is a kind of spiral with three arms that end up joining in the center of the image. Each one of them symbolizes something different. The first arm represents the senses, the second the thought, reason and conscience and the third the spiritual part. If, in addition, an outer circle is added, it embodies the world. You can also choose a simplified version as a tattoo: the spiral, which symbolizes life in all its concept of eternity.

Anyway, other tattoos whose origin is found in this town are the celtic knot y the triqueta. The latter consists of three pointed ovals that are joined by a line. It embodies the three dimensions of the Universe. For its part, the knot, which can be of different shapes, represents destiny and, as such, is a talisman that attracts good luck.

In conclusion, we have shown you some of the most popular types of bicep tattoos. If you are thinking of recording one of these body art samples, you can now get an idea of the options you have and what each one of them means when it is symbolic. In any case, we advise you to start by choosing a small tattoo in case it doesn't convince you. You will have time to get bigger ones.

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