F1 special in Valencia: Eating in the center

If a few days ago I was messing with the shortage of supply in terms of men's fashion, the offer of restaurants in the city center is quite wide. Be careful, that it is wide does not mean that it is good, there are restaurants that are good, obviously, and there are others that are rubbish. Trash, yeah, why use euphemisms?

I will focus on the ones that are good, of course, but I suppose you will also be interested in knowing the name of those restaurants to avoid. Although luckily or unfortunately I have tried many, I am sure I will forget quite a few, so don't take these paragraphs as dogmatic. They are just a simple recommendation. By the way, in the picture; the colón market.

To start with a restaurant with tradition, we could talk about the Civera Seafood Restaurant, located on Mosén Femados street, next to the Lys cinemas, in the heart of the city. Extensive menu, exquisite treatment and high quality cuisine. My weakness is kokotxas with elvers, but that is going to taste. You can choose the restaurant or have a bite at the bar. It should highlight your squid like the best I've eaten around here, even though it's in The barrels, on Calle Játiva and also in the heart of the city, where the best in the city are supposed to be. If you like the atmosphere of a tavern and all that it entails, you will undoubtedly love Los Toneles. Right in front of Civera is the Taberna Alcázar. Also with tradition and with a similar menu. Between one and the other, I prefer Civera, really.

Continuing with restaurants with tradition, we can highlight World House, also right in the center, in Juan de Austria. Tapas and sandwiches. Simple and effective, it goes without saying. And speaking of tapas, it is worth mentioning The Albero, in Conde Altea, a classic Andalusian tavern in Valencia with more fame than anything else and frequented by the kind of guys who wear a pink sweater around their shoulders and snails in their hair. Don't get me wrong, cooking is as insane as appetizing. Inside it has excessive noise, and outside it is better to reserve a table.

To continue through the Cánovas area, and since we are in Valencia we can talk about paellas. For the center, the most classic option is Roberto's house. I quote it simply for historical reasons, I just don't like it at all. The rice may be more or less good, but eating surrounded by photos of Enrique Ponce is not clear to me. Regarding the service, I don't know if deified is the correct word. But hey, you know, raise fame and go to sleep. Too much exaltation of Valencianism, there is a fault in the middle of the premises. I also have to say that I haven't been there for a long time, and more than that, so things have changed anyway. Or not.

More things, let's move on to Gran Vía. On the one hand Fast good, hamburgers with the Ferran Adrià stamp. Better than Burger King it is, of course. Mind you, plastic chairs are infamous. And on the other hand DibluCreative cuisine with much more generous portions than normal for this type of place. The chef, whose name I can't remember, is a disciple of Arzak, or so it says on the menu. The scallops, the cheeks and the liver, for example. I also like that they have mojito slush and Martini flan. Yes I know, that's pure snobbery. But it's cool.

From Gran Vía towards the center you can see the spectacular building of the Colón market, which houses terraces, restaurants ... and a small Corte Inglés. The terraces upstairs I know little, I was in one and I left because of the lateness of the service. Regarding restaurants, two; Alto de Colón above, and Bamboo below.

Respecto a The Alto de Colón, well, correct menu, curious views and good cuisine. As good as limited. Don't get me wrong, I don't like opulent meals at all, but this restaurant is laughable. They must have been disappointed when they were not rewarded with a Michelin Star that they were supposed to obtain.

And then it comes Bamboo. Bamboo is a restaurant that has been operating in Valencia for years and that opened with pop decoration, sofas and red crystal glasses. Creativity in the kitchen, minimalism in the place and chill out to liven up the evening. That may have worked years ago, certainly not now. What was minimalism at first is now even funeral (walk through the door and you will understand why), and what was a correct service is now a inoperative service and with a total lack of experience. They have come to bring me a bottle after paying the bill, imagine. The kitchen, with touches Japanese as they say, and a supposed creativity, is not a big deal. As Woody Allen would say, the food is really terrible, and also the portions are so small .... It's not that terrible, but hey, you get me.

More things, for example the restaurant RiFF, in Conde Altea, again by Cánovas, holder of a Michelin star, although that at this point is worth little, if anything to increase prices somewhat. Signature cuisine from the hand of the innovator Bernd Knöller. I recommend the large menu with wine pairing, for about 120 euros if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps the lunch menu is a bit lacking. Good service and very good food. Fortunately or unfortunately, it has rather little to do with Vertical.

There are also good restaurants in the Carmen neighborhood, but like the one who writes, he is reluctant to wander around that area. I invite you to venture through its innumerable streets alone. They will find something, for sure. Not me, sure too.

And for now, in future deliveries, more restaurants in other areas. Did I leave any important ones? Surely, comment it if you want.

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