Spartan training

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Already by the name you will be able to intuit what the spartan training. It is about doing very intense activities with the aim of improving physical capabilities while improving our physical appearance. The person who undergoes this type of training seeks a perfect balance between a functional training and an aesthetic training.

In this article we are going to explain in detail what Spartan training is, what it is based on and what you have to do to be able to practice it.

key features

Advantages of Spartan training

Since this training is not something common that we have anywhere, it must be taken into account that the potential for injury may be somewhat higher. The most conventional thing is to train with weights in the gym to gain muscle mass or lose fat. This type of training introduces movements in which we use the largest number of muscle groups.

Among the benefits of Spartan training we have:

  • Loss of fat
  • Greater control of our body
  • Application of the exercises in real life
  • Greater variety of movements
  • Serves to gain muscle mass
  • Increases physical endurance and strength

This training is something more general that can help to obtain certain advantages. The ideal place to carry it out would be a box where CrossFit is done. The availability of the material is important when carrying out this type of training, since we will need a lot of material. The most used material are usually bars and discs, sled, truck wheels, jump box, weighted vests, ropes, kettlebells, etc.

When asked if we can also do it at home, the answer is yes. As we have commented in other articles such as that of CrossFit at home, working at home causes us to have numerous limitations. The ideal is to use the tools that we have in the box or combine the exercises both inside and outside the house.

Obstacle courses

Spartan training

One of the main features that Spartan training offers is the famous obstacle course. In this type of race you will not only be able to give your best but you can also compete with friends or other people.  When it comes to training, continuously improving yourself is essential if we want to obtain results and improve performance.

It is also a good option to know what your limits are currently, which will be in a certain time after training. You can be proud of yourself if you manage to overcome yourself every time you do this obstacle course in the shortest possible time. It is a good exercise option, since combines movements based on strength and endurance to overcome obstacles. You will need a good willpower to dare to achieve everything and survive in the attempt.

As for the routines that are done in this type of training, they are a mixture of other disciplines. You could say that he seeks a balance between CrossFit, Strongman and Athletics among others. Thanks to the introduction of these sports disciplines you will be able to have the most possible stimuli to be able to train in different energy pathways. This way you will be able to provide the body with the ideal response capacity for when each activity takes place.

Therefore, in Spartan training we find exercises focused on different parts such as strength, power, plyometrics, calisthenics and metabolic conditioning. An important aspect to keep in mind if you want to progress in this type of training It is the improvement of your cardiopulmonary capacity. There is no use trying to overcome the obstacle course if later you do not have enough cardiopulmonary capacity to endure the entire circuit.

Spartan workout diet

Characteristics of Spartan training

If we want to find what the limit of our body is, we can do this type of training. Shortly after doing so, we will be causing the corresponding adaptations at the level of the nervous system. However, in order to respond well to this type of exercise, it is convenient to follow a diet according to the objective.

The most used diet in this type of training is the paleo diet. It is a diet based only on real products such as Meat and Fish, Eggs, Nuts, Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits, Seeds, etc. Without any processing or the minimum possible. It can also be combined with some eating protocols such as intermittent fasting and other training protocols such as fasting training.

In order to do the Spartan training you must have some requirements to meet:

  • Have good cardiovascular capacity.
  • Good resistance in the muscles and high speed.
  • Knowledge of basic Olympic movements.
  • Having trained a strength routine that has introduced you to the exercises that are carried out in the circuits. Among these basic exercises we find the squat and deadlift.
  • You being able to perform movements with your own body weight such as chin-ups or funds.

Normally the circuit is oriented for people with a more advanced training and who have enough experience to perform the exercises well.


Spartan training competition

Let's give an example of what a Spartan training routine would be.

1) Run

On this day we must complete a resistance circuit with the following intervals without resting any time between intervals:

  • 1000mts
  • 200m Fast
  • 800mts
  • 200m Fast
  • 600mts
  • 200m Fast
  • 400mts
  • 200m Fast
  • 200mts
  • 200m Fast

The part where it says fast we will go in a sprint.

2) 12 minutes of EMOM

We perform 5 power cleanings with 15 series of Burpees where we will jump the bar laterally.

3) We will do 100 repetitions of chest bottom in rings.

Each time we do 15 reps, we will do 10 clap pushups and resume training.

As you can see, this training is very demanding and only the advanced ones can carry it out. In addition, poor exercise technique can increase the likelihood of injury. We want to train hard, not injure ourselves and lose all the results we have obtained.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about Spartan training and can apply it in your daily life. You can become a true warrior.

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