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When we begin a stage of gaining muscle mass or losing fat, we are interested in reading about this world. It is here where we begin to see the different types of body that exist based on their morphology and their capabilities. These body types are referred to in somatotypes. There are several types of somatotypes and each one has characteristics that make that person unique. When training, the capacities of each person must be taken into account to adapt the training to each level and objective.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you everything you need to know about different body types and somatotypes.

Body types in men

types of men's bodies

If you are a tall and thin man there are some characteristics that are related to a lack of strength from training or a body shape that is apparently too weak. There are several types of people depending on the morphology of their body. The set of characteristics that make up a body type is considered a somatotype. Somatotypes are divided into three: ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs.

When it comes to training you need to know the type of body you have to adapt the workouts to your abilities both to recruit muscle fibers and to rest from workouts.

Somatotypes: ectomorph


We are going to analyze what are the main characteristics of an ectomorph. The characteristics of this type of body are related to the late onset of puberty since the bones are longer and It takes more time to grow than in other types of physical constitutions. The pelvis is usually wider than the shoulders, and excess weight may accumulate in the thighs and hips.

Joints and workouts

The joints of this body type are quite mobile. The muscles are mostly extended in length before width. This makes you have a much smaller overall volume than the rest of the somatotypes. These types of people are those to whom They find it difficult to gain generalized volume throughout the body and take longer to progress in the gym. They create hypertrophy better in series than in parallel. That is, it is important to highlight eccentric training and plyometrics. This is thanks to its great muscular extension capacity.

Eccentric workouts are those that prioritize the eccentric phase, slowing it down to maintain mechanical tension for longer. The circulatory system of ectomorphs has a lower blood pressure. His pulse at rest is relatively fast and his blood circulation is weak. This leads to vasodilation, such as vasoconstriction at a slower rate. These factors often cause colder hands and feet and even some kind of vertigo to get up.

Nervous system and digestions

In these individuals the nervous system is very effective. They tend to react quickly and are more sensitive to a variety of stimuli. However, they are more sensitive to pain and tend to undergo greater stress on the neuromuscular system. Digestion in these objects is slower as they absorb nutrients with greater difficulty. It cannot be considered as effective digestion. They tend to have low blood sugar levels so it is more advisable to eat five meals a day to have better glycemic levels.

Regarding the posture of the body, it must be said that due to a narrower thorax there is little room for the intestines. This makes the belly bulge with almost any food, no matter how small. This causes postures and hyperordotic. All these facts must be taken into account to correct during training.

These individuals generate long levers during muscle fiber recruitment exercises. Their muscles tend to be longer than they are wide. This causes the strength improvements to be smaller and more gradual. You have to follow different training programs to better adapt to the improvements. In the same way, if an ectomorph leaves training your loss of strength and muscle mass becomes more visible and evident than in other somatotypes.

Somatotypes: mesomorphs

somatotypes in women

They are those named after the genetically blessed. It is a body type with an athlete's appearance. Blood circulation muscle performance are good as they have low blood pressure and bradycardia. The most negative aspect is that if you get into advanced age, if physical activity is decreased, increases the risk of heart disease. A more regular aerobic training is advisable.

In these types of individuals, blood vessel dilation occurs more rapidly. It better supports the cold of the ectomorph. Muscle strength has good connective tissues and strong stretch reflex. They tend to have high levels of adrenaline and powerful muscles. Their digestion proceeds normally unlike the previous case.

Somatotypes: endomorphs

They are those people who have a large accumulation of fat and rounded shapes. The main characteristic is since somatotype is that it has weaker blood circulation and muscles. They are stronger than the ectomorph, which leads to establish their posture somewhat more rigid but more mobile than a mesomorph.

They have a good assimilation of nutrients with good digestion. However, this makes it easier to gain weight. Therefore, your diet should include foods that are less energetic than the rest of the somatotypes in order to maintain an optimal balance between strength and weight. Their ability to relax is very good and they tend to be less sensitive to pain. However, all its functions are carried out more slowly. They usually have a slow resting pulse, low blood pressure, and delayed puberty. They are usually people who are sedentary and overweight or obese.

Because they have great problems conserving body weight in case of injury, it is necessary for them to have a more adequate life and more intense resistance training.

As you can see, the different body types cater to somatotypes and each one must take into account some main aspects. I hope that with this information you can learn more about somatotypes and body types.

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