5 recipes for salads with legumes

Healthy legume salad with chickpeas

Forget about heavy stews when you hear the word legume. The stews are delicious and can be cooked in different ways to have lighter or stronger dishes. But it is true that when the hot months arrive, perhaps a plate of broth and spoon is less appealing. Here are 5 salad recipes with legumes delicious. 

Legumes are one of the most complete foods and, therefore, it is worth including them in our menu throughout the year. Rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, they are very satiating. Cooked without fat, in salads, they are ideal for a healthy lunch or dinner.

If you need ideas to make your legume salads so that they acquire the gourmet quality that you deserve when you sit down at the table, take note.

Chickpea, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and radish salad

Salad recipes with legumes

Chickpeas lend themselves well to salads and cold dishes. Beans too, but in the case of chickpeas, making a nutritious and delicious dish is as simple as using cooked chickpeas (we also use those leftover chickpeas from cooking or stew, as they will have more flavor this way. 

Cut a cucumber or half a cucumber into small pieces, depending on the amount of salad you have to prepare and the size of the cucumber in question. Add cherry tomatoes and radishes, the latter also cut into not very large pieces, so that they are pleasant to chew with your salad.

Dress with olive oil, vinegar and salt. You can also add other herbs, seasonings or ingredients that you like, such as fresh cheese, onion and a pinch of pepper.

Black bean, chickpea, apple, chive and dill salad

Recipes for salads with chickpeas and black beans

The black beans They are widely consumed in many parts of the world, however in Spain we are not so used to them. They are delicious, so it is worth trying them. This time we do not give up chickpeas, but we add the black beans that are more consistent than the white ones. With both legumes you are assured high doses of fiber, Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, to which we must add all those that will provide the rest of the ingredients, such as apple and chives.

It will be one salad with an exotic touch, so you can try different but exquisite flavors. And that mixture of salty, sweet, sour and spicy flavors, from the apple and the chives, gives a very special flavor to this dish that you can eat as a single dish or as a starter or side dish.

These legume salads, like the rest that we are going to teach you to prepare, help regulate cholesterol and take care of the heart.

Herring salad with beans, dried mushrooms, onion and walnuts

Recipes for salads with chickpeas and black beans

More beans or beans, this time, we opted for the white ones, although if you like black or pinto beans more, you are free to add the ones you like the most. Serve with herring, dried mushrooms (yes, in case you didn't know, dried mushrooms exist), onion and walnuts.

It will be a perfect salad because it has a little bit of everything: legumes, fish, vegetables, nuts and the antioxidants and nutrients of the oil and the dressing you want to give it, which also counts. 

Those who find it difficult to eat fish find herring a cheap, healthy and interesting alternative to include in their diet, for example, in a salad like this one. It is an oily fish rich in antioxidants, which reduces bad cholesterol, reduces the risk of suffering from some types of cancer, strengthens bones and skin and reduces blood pressure.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. dried mushrooms, manage to enhance the flavor of this tasty salad. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of different mushrooms: trumpets, morels, porcini, etc. They are a natural food that preserves the nutrients of mushrooms.

Walnuts support heart, brain, and memory health. Besides, they are very good and go well with sweet and salty flavors. Interesting in its fatty acids and fiber.

Dare to season with some flavored vinegar, such as balsamic or red fruit vinegar, etc. 

Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salad

Salad recipes with legumes, corn and beans

A salad with grilled ingredients? Of course! Furthermore, we highly recommend that you try it, because you will discover a new salad concept that will hook you with the first fork you put in your mouth. 

If you don't feel like a cold salad, you can serve this one hot. It will be a way to eat healthy, staying away from cholesterol and saturated fat and opting for an excellent source of protein and fiber, full of flavor and very satiating. 

If, in addition to filling your stomach, you like to eat by sight, this recipe is perfect, because you play with color, with the black of the beans, the toasted yellow of the corn and the green, red and yellow of the peppers that Add the tomato and other ingredients that you think will go well with your dish. Season with olive oil, wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

Red lentil salad with sardines

Red lentil salad with sardines

We continue our repertoire of salads with this red lentil salad with sardines. You can use packaged products to prepare this healthy dish, using canned red lentils and sardines, two extraordinary sources of calcium, iron and other minerals. 

You can accompany it with chives, raisins, green pepper, capers and use a spicy sweet and sour dressing made with vinegar, oil, sugar, lemon juice and salt. The vegetables must be cut very thin. 

It will be a shot of iron, proteins, fiber and fatty acids to nourish your body. Don't be scared of the new and dare to unleash your creativity in the kitchen, even if it involves salads.

Think about your health and enjoy spectacular dishes with these 5 salad recipes with legumes that will keep you well all year round, not just in winter with stews. Because legumes are also for summer and to eat cold or daring with new and incredible flavors. You dare? 

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