Rubber exercises

Exercises with rubber bands

To be in good physical shape or increase your performance day by day you do not need to go to the gym. There are countless routines at home or outdoors if you don't have the money to join a gym. Among the home circuits, the exercises with fitball and what we bring you today, the exercises with rubbersYou can stay in shape from home in case you are lazy to go to the gym, you have no money or you hate these places full of men believing they are strong.

In this article we are going to explain what exercises with rubber bands are and which ones are the most important in order to improve our physical condition.

What are rubber exercises

Buttocks with rubber bands

We chose rubbers because it is a material quite simple to use with various possibilities in its use. They not only serve to tone muscles or make legs, but you can work the entire body. With them you can perform different types of routine and help generate a higher caloric expenditure if you are looking for fat loss. For those who want gain muscle mass it is not very advisable since the limitation it has is high. However, it is useful to favor the stimuli of the muscles and begin to generate adaptations.

The rubbers allow us to work the entire body with a fairly wide range of motion. The force we exert is due to the resistance it offers us after its elongation. The advantage it has over other training methods is that they can be easily transported anywhere and we can work both at home and outdoors.

The tension they generate in the muscle is quite effective since it is more progressive as you stretch it more and more. This will cause a gradual strengthening of our muscles but with the limitation that, once we have reached the maximum level of stretching, we will not be able to increase it further. In the gym we have the advantage of being able to work with different levels of loads and making each time we can adapt to the progressive overload. However, exercises with rubber bands generate good adaptations at the muscular and nervous system level.. It is as if it is considered work halfway between exercising with your own body weight and exercising with weights.

Used by runners

Rubber band runners

They are widely used by runners to practice starts in the race. 100-meter sprint athletes should try to get off the grid as quickly as possible. Therefore, one of the most effective forms of training to improve exit speed is to practice it with the tires so that, Being used to doing it with resistance, when doing it freely, have more speed and acceleration.

They not only serve to practice running but to do a fairly complete job on the upper and lower body. In this way, we can improve the different imbalances that we have when we do any physical activity. For those who run, they should know that running is not the only important thing. Also it is important to have good muscles in the upper body, the abdominals and, ultimately, the entire core to have greater stability in the race and be prudent when competing.

We are going to see now some of the best exercises with rubber bands to strengthen the whole body.

Exercises with rubber bands for the upper body

  • Shoulders. We start with exercises to work the shoulders. You can work the different muscles of the deltoid depending on the angle that we are giving it. In this exercise we are going to work the medial deltoid. We will step on the rubber in the middle while we hold it by the hands at both ends. We will perform the traction of our arms in a cross.
  • Biceps. We use the same position stepping on the rubber and we will bend the elbows to fix them to the body and that they do not move while we perform an up and down movement, working the biceps.
  • Triceps We can step on the rubber and hold it with our hands by the ends. We place the elbows forward and, without moving them, we perform the upward and downward movement to perform the triceps exercises.
  • Back. To work the back with these rubber bands, we can lean the trunk forward a little with the knees slightly bent. This way we will get a position where we do not damage our back at all. It is important to work the exercises correctly to avoid injury. Once we are in this position, we pull the rubber bands crosswise and bring our elbows up. Thus we achieve a better recruitment of the bib.
  • Pectorals. We place the rubber behind the trunk at chest height. We look for a stable position where we are comfortable and we push the rope forward. It's a way of forgetting about doing so many push-ups.

Lower body exercises

The lower body is the most demanding in running exercises. For this reason, runners work them more often to fine-tune their legs for the competition. We are going to see the different exercises with rubber bands for the lower body.

  • Quadriceps. We step on the rubber at the ends while we pass it over our shoulders so that they are surrounded. We will go on to perform squats to which we will add an extra effort due to the resistance offered by the rubber.
  • Twins. One of the muscles that stand out in runners and cyclists are the calves. To work these muscles we just have to place the rubber band around the foot and place it in tension, extending the ankle. In this way we will be able to exert a stimulus for the twin to grow.
  • Adductors. We step on a shorter section of the rubber with one of the ends anchored to the foot. Once we are positioned, we move our foot inward as if we wanted to make a pass to the player on our side in soccer. We will do this with both legs.
  • Buttocks. Something highly desired among women. The gums are also used to make buttocks. To do this, we place the ends of the rubber bands anchored to one of the feet to be able to take the rubber backwards with the opposite foot. We will keep the knee straight and the rubber taut for a better result.
  • Femoral. We place the same position as for the gluteus but instead of extending the straight leg, we bring it back. This way we will bring the foot up but not move the knee to focus the effort on the femoral.

I hope that with this little exercise routine with rubber bands you can get in shape.

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