Prostate massage

Prostate massage

Prostate massage has multiple benefits and it is highly sensitive. Generally there are men reluctant to perform this technique, especially in heterosexual men, since it is imposes as a taboo subject, but do you really know what prostate massage is like?

Consists in stimulate the prostate gland and for this we will use the hand or some type of toy or device. With this we get multiple sensations and experiences, and part you reach orgasm in a different way which we knew in a traditional way.

How is the prostate massage?

Consists in massage the prostate area found in the body of man. The prostate is a gland that can be easily located inside the anus, it is the size of a walnut and is 5-7 centimeters. You can insert your finger into the anus and we can find it just below the bladder and around the urethra. We will feel it because its size is barely one centimeter and because it is a small bulge.

It is the so-called G-spot of men, but in this case called point P. To be able to massage it, we will introduce the finger and make a movement repetitive and smooth up and down. There are sex toys designed for this purpose, where you will use your hands to insert it and guide it where at the same time the device will vibrate.

Prostate massage

Massagers have evolved for this purpose and have increased their sales more than 50% in recent years, its buyers have been heterosexual men and those over 45 years of age. Lubricants are good add-ons to be able to lubricate the area and have better access and mobility. In order to use the massagers, you have to choose a vibration adjusted in intensity and where a constant speed is maintained.

Is prostate massage painful?

It's not painful at all only if it is done abruptly, if inappropriate sizes or other objects that are not beneficial for that purpose are used. The easiest way to do it it's through the finger where too much force will not be used so as not to cause bleeding.

The appliances will not be used either. roughly nor using force where the surrounding areas or the nerve endings of the prostate could be damaged. Your movement has to be smooth and delicate, where as soon as you experience it you will feel a great multisensory pleasure.

It is a good opportunity for men enjoy the call point P, thanks to its massage they can get to perceive intense orgasms. Its sensation is the equivalent of the female G-spot, an area full of nerve endings, and its stimulation causes multiple pleasant sensations.

Prostate massage

Prostate massage is beneficial

It should be noted that stimulation of the prostate does not have nothing to do with sexual orientation, since it is becoming a very common practice. The prostate is one of the main organs that are responsible for reproduction. She is in charge of generate seminal fluid for sperm mobility and that ejaculation may occur.

Prostate massage not only has a pleasant purpose, but is also very beneficial for the treatment of chronic prostatitis and benign hyperplasia. If you suffer from an infectious acute prostatitis it would not be recommended, since it can be triggered in spreading your infection.

If you suffer from pain in the urinary tract, massage it will help calm inflammation and pain. In addition, you will stimulate to drain the fluids with better solvency and to stimulate an area with a high probability of suffering from prostate cancer. Thanks to these massages keeps the prostate healthy and healthy and any disease or disorder that may be related and the fearful disease of cancer is greatly reduced.

Prostate massage

Many men believe that their experience in sexual pleasure is limited and is nothing of what it seems. This is another way to explore this area and you can even do as a couple innovation. Your stimulation can help you have a greater erection and ejaculation is delayed. And in case you didn't know, you are also training the muscles that contract when you are going to have an orgasm, so you will have more control over this gesture.

Some setbacks can cause this type of massage be counterproductive for some facts. For example, it occurs in cases where you suffer from hemorrhoids where its stimulation could cause a lot of bleeding given the rub on the veins. It is also not recommended when there are stones in said gland as it could damage it.

To conclude, you have to tune in well with this experience, if your body can afford it, you have to experience it, regardless of age or sexual condition. Thus you will be exposed to a new world of sensations where taking risks will encourage you to try again.

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