Phimosis, a very common disease of the man's penis


La phimosis es one of the most common diseases that can occur in the penis a manAlthough it usually occurs mostly in children, of which 95% at a very young age usually suffer from this disease, it can appear for various causes in people of any age. Despite what many people believe, it has a solution in all cases and although the healing is usually painful and tedious, it ends up being overcome with time.

If you want to know information about this problem, the symptoms it has, the problems it can cause and some advice for the treatment, take out a pencil and paper, you will need it to write down many of the things that we are going to tell you and explain throughout this article.

What is phimosis?

Before we tell you how to detect that you suffer from phimosis and how you should proceed to try to solve this problem, you must know what phimosis is clearly and clearly.

Technically speaking we are facing an irregularity in the skin that covers the terminal part of the penis, known as the foreskin. This skin at the end of the male sexual organ is too narrow, which does not allow the glans to be revealed, sometimes completely and sometimes partially. This phenomenon can occur both with the erect penis and in a relaxed state.

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One of the most common confusions is to believe that you have a phimosis, when in reality you simply have a short frenulum. In case of doubt or to detect some of these two problems, it is essential to go to a specialist to identify our disease and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Why does phimosis appear on a man's penis?

It is going to sound very strange but all newborns, male of course, suffer from a physiological phimosis which in most cases resolves without any intervention or treatment. A small group will need a treatment with which they will be able to overcome it without too many problems or complications.

Technically, phimosis appears because of what has already been explained above, that is, because of the irregularities in the skin overlying the foreskin. Unfortunately there is no concrete explanation for the appearance of phimosis.

These are the main symptoms of phimosis

Phimosis in most cases presents the following symptoms in most patients;

  • The glans of our penis does not show partially or completely. When trying to discover it, the pains are usually intense
  • Pain when urinating The stream of urine is fine and will be deflected in most cases. In addition, it is possible that the foreskin becomes inflamed when urinating. Keep a close eye on these possible symptoms because they are usually one of the most common
  • Pain during erections which can become quite intense in some cases, sometimes preventing us from performing full sexual intercourse
  • Frequent swellings of the glans and foreskin that can once again cause intense pain
  • Whitish residue can frequently appear on the glans that are the reason for a defective intimate hygiene as a consequence of the impossibility of removing the foreskin. Give them the necessary importance, because sometimes they can be due to other things and not to a phimosis as such

In the event that you have several of the aforementioned symptoms, it is best that you go as soon as possible to have a specialist perform an examination of the area and can solve your problems as soon as possible. If you put your problem aside, it may be that after a few days or a few weeks everything will have become more complicated.

Types of phimosis

Types of phimosis

It is not usually something that we are used to being informed about, but there are two different types of phimosis

Physiological phimosis

We have already talked about this type of phimosis at the beginning of this article, and It is the one that occurs in babies at birth. As the days go by, the newborn's foreskin will gain elasticity and will widen until it can be moved back without any problem. If the problem persists over the years, we will be talking about another type of phimosis and not a pathological one.

Pathological phimosis

This type of phimosis is very rare, but can occur in men of any age due to infections or wounds that form new tissue that after healing do not allow to discover the glans in a totally normal way. In case of having this problem, it will be essential to go to the doctor to diagnose us and prescribe a treatment.

Degrees of phimosis

Again, a man can have phimosis, but just as it can be of one type or another, it can also be of one degree to another. These degrees range from V in which we can discover the glans perfectly, to I in which the glans is not discovered in any way.

Below we show and explain the different degrees of existing phimosis;

  • GRADE I: punctate, the foreskin cannot be retracted at all, the glans is not visible in any case
  • Grade II: punctate, the foreskin can be minimally retracted, the urinary meatus can be seen
  • Grade III: the foreskin can be retracted to the middle of the glans
  • Grade IV: the foreskin can be retracted to just above the crown of the glans
  • Grade V: there would be a complete retraction except that a phimotic ring can be seen

What treatments are there for phimosis?

Depending on the type and degree of phimosis that we suffer, the treatment will be one or the other, and in all cases it must be prescribed by a doctor. Diagnosing and treating yourself any type and degree of phimosis can be nonsense, which can also be very, very painful.

  • Corticosteroid treatment. This type of treatment is indicated for children 3 years and older. In most cases they are creams with which we will be able to gradually separate the skin of the foreskin from the glans, giving the skin of the penis greater elasticity. In most cases, this treatment is successful, although if the objective is not achieved, we will have to go back to the specialist to be diagnosed again and to prescribe a new treatment.
  • Surgical treatment. It is the so-called circumcision that is practiced in adults and children, generally with local anesthesia. It consists of the removal of the part of the foreskin that prevents the glans from being completely exposed. If no complications arise, which should not arise, this is a fairly simple clinical intervention.
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Possible complications of phimosis


Phimosis in some cases can lead to some complications. These can be serious in some cases, but mostly painful in most cases.

Here are the most common complications that can arise from phimosis;

  • Perhaps the most common and serious complication is paraphimosis, which consists of an inflammation of the glans when the foreskin has retracted to the base of it and cannot return in any way to, say, its normal position
  • Urine infection. By not being able to access the area for proper cleaning, an infection of this type can occur
  • Increased chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease
  • The possibilities of suffer from penile cancer increase
  • Possible discomfort when having sexual intercourse as the glans cannot be fully discovered
  • Balanitis as a consequence of the lack of proper hygiene, causing swelling and redness of the glans and foreskin
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There are a few more complications that can occur from phimosis, but in most cases they are not very common so we have decided to skip them.

Expectations of overcoming phimosis

Phimosis It is a disease, as we have already said, quite common in men, and that is overcome in most cases in a simple and fast way, although sometimes that does with some pain and having to avoid some more than usual practices. In the event that it is detected late, it can cause us some more complication, but in most cases it will be possible to lead a totally normal life very quickly.

Our recommendation to have high expectations of cure without too many complications that at the same moment in which you detect, either in your child or in yourself, some of the most common symptoms of phimosis you go to a specialist doctor for a exploration of the area and can make decisions without it being too late. In most cases, a phimosis is complicated when you try to solve it yourself by reading absurd articles that exist by the hundreds on the network of networks or trying to hide, something that will never make things go for the better.

Ready to face phimosis informed and prepared?.

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  1.   diego mamani almost said

    Excuse me, apparently the foreskin does not get behind the glans I am between grade 2 and 3 once I took the foreskin back completely exposing the glans but then it did not return and I did it manually with a little pain, when urinating I have no problems Neither swelling any of that, when my penis is erect I do not have any pain or complication until I masturbate and it did not hurt to do so, in this case the operation is necessary, I am 16 years old. my reputation remains the same it does not get behind the glans only the glans gets a little noticeable. do I need the ciscuncicion?

  2.   mayra said

    Excuse me, my bb has the retractable ring finger, there is force, the circumcision is four years old

  3.   rodrigo said

    Hi, my name is Rodrigo, I'm 17! Well what happens to me is that I can retract the foreskin down the glans but with effort I have a short frenulum and a phimotic ring is noticeable but I had no problem with the aforementioned burning pain when urinating nothing! Could it be that the problem is in the frenulum? is that I have the frenulum that a thread of skin to the edges of the frenulum I have glued part of the foreskin and I think that by cutting there the foreskin will enlarge! HELP AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  4.   Andreas herrera said

    Hi! Good morning everyone!
    I can retract the foreskin in a normal way to reveal the entire glans, but when my penis is erect, a ring of skin forms on the crown of the glans and partially covers it. I feel some pain when I want to lower it again, I suppose I have excess skin, do I have phimosis? Do I need a circumcision? Can it be solved with corticosteroid ointment?

  5.   Francisco said

    Hello, for some time now, when I have sexual relations with my wife, my foreskin breaks and it is very painful and it becomes inflamed, it could be a phimosis that I should go to the Urologist.

    1.    Wilter Zambrano said

      Hello, I am 52 years old, my penis has a too short frenulum every time I have sex, erogenization occurs and sin and it makes me like quason on the head of the big one and it hurts to put on

  6.   Ricardo Gonzalez said

    Well I think my problem is more severe I am 30 I think I have noticed for a long time but I did not give it importance at this time I can not remove my penis in any way and because of this I see a white scar inside and redness of the penis I can not even have it anymore Sex without a condom because if I do it like that, the bleeding is a lot, I would like you to help me recommend a specialist here in South Florida, thank you

  7.   Diego said

    One question, I am from Córdoba and I have this problem, but it already hurts a lot and I haven't known what to do to heal for a long time.

  8.   jose said

    Hi, excuse me, my consultation is after I got an inguinal ernia, the penis lining was put on
    As brown it gets smaller in different sides, a lot of pork bothers me, the lining does not run well
    What can I do in those cases?

  9.   David said

    Hello I am 53 years old and it is the first time that something like this has happened to me, I have on the skin that covers the foreskin, when I am normal nothing happens, but I cannot pull the skin back, I have like a closed ring that does not give way and I let the foreskin off, what is this ??? is there any cream or something to put on?

  10.   Jose said

    Hello I am 15 years old and I am in grade V but I am very concerned why when it is (calm without an erection) if I can retract it, but when it gives me an erection it tried to retract it and it hurts but in the end I can and someone could tell me what to do please !!!

  11.   Darius said

    If you wanted to know why the foreskin becomes tight and the walls of it are hurt and when you touched it it is as if it was scratching or heating the skin

  12.   George said

    Hello, my name is Jorge, I think my case is number 2 and I don't know what to do, and when they hit me on the penis it doesn't hurt and I try to touch the glans and it hurts a lot, it's as if it scratched me. Is there a cure without feeling pain and having the glans uncovered?

  13.   anthony fernandez said

    Hello, how are you? My name is Anthony, I'm 21 years old. Apparently I have this Phimosis, but I don't know exactly how old I was. It takes time & I hope it is not too late. If you can see a quarter of the foreskin, if I feel pain when having intercourse with my partner, it is almost like closed & dotted in which there is only one bone hollow more or less where I urinate. Could you please help me . I would appreciate it


    I am 44 years old lately when I have sex they make me little ragitas around the prepusio and lately when it heals me it turns white where it heals and it is difficult for me to show the glans.

  15.   Damaris Martinez Morales said

    Hello, how about my husband has that problem and I would like to know what things are causing the problem because it had never happened to him before and it has already been a year and a half that we cannot have privacy

  16.   Jorge Ake Rodriguez said

    Hi, I'm Jorge, I'm 59 years old, and I have the problem that I can't retract the skin or foreskin to extract the glans and it burns a bit when urinating, but the strange thing is that I realized it a day after having sex and the strangest thing It is that before if I could do it to wash the glans ……. Hopefully and they can guide me in this regard. Greetings and thanks in advance ………………

  17.   Adrian Vera said

    Hello, for a while I have this problem and it is very painful for me to have sex with my partner, I am in stage 4 and I would like to know what ointment or remedy to use

  18.   I fear vasquez said

    My problem is that my penis makes megas or cuts around the foreskin and it turns white and a little thick.

  19.   jhoss said

    Hi, I'm jhoss, my boyfriend's penis is covered and he can't get down, can you help me?

  20.   arturo said

    Hello, how about two days ago I had intercourse without a condom, in fact, it was the first time that I did it without using a condom, in short, the problem I have is that I uncovered the foreskin to remove the head of my member, I had my sexual relations without any problem I finished my relationships but the foreskin did not return to its place and now two days have passed and I could not return it and the truth is very uncomfortable because I feel a lot of sensitivity and I begin to have many erections throughout the day the problem is that it hurts every time I have an erection and around the head of the penis it looks a bit swollen and reddish, the truth is I am very scared and I would like to go to a doctor the problem is that I am outside my country and I return to him for up to four weeks to visit a doctor but the truth is very uncomfortable almost at all times I get discomfort I hope someone can recommend something or what to do or just come down these days

  21.   George said

    I have the problem that I can not retract the skin or foreskin to extract the glans and it burns a bit when urinating, but the strange thing is that I realized it a day after having sex and the strangest thing is that before if I could do it to wash the glans ……. Hopefully and they can guide me in this regard. Greetings and thanks in advance ………………

  22.   Daniel said

    They operated on my heart and they put a tube for the urine and they caused a very big infection, the urologist gave me an antibiotic called citrofloxacin 500mg., I have taken many and they expelled the infection through the urine and I still have an infection, the worst is that the skin stuck to my glans and when I try to remove the glans the burning and pain make me drool, in addition to being so stuck when I pull the skin back, my skin has hurt and every so often I bleed quite ardently, I would like to know if there is any cream to help me take it off slowly, please thank you very much in advance.

  23.   Julian said


  24.   RAUL said


  25.   Javier said


  26.   Justin clayn said

    Hello, excuse me:
    With my p *** you only discover the orifice of the urethra (The hairline of the p ***). it does not go down until the glans is completely discovered ...
    Please can you give me some advice !!!

  27.   carlos lopez jimenez said

    Hello, after having intercourse with my girlfriend and I have phimosis but at the time of having intercourse the skin that covers the penis broke and now I have burning and bleeding and when I go to the bathroom it burns.

  28.   JOHN RAMOS said


  29.   George said

    I am 35 years old and I usually masturbate every other day only once and without ejaculating, and lately I have observed that after each session the glans increases considerably in size and does not allow me to cover it with the foreskin. After a few days it returns to its normal state, but until that happens I cannot masturbate. What can I do? Thank you