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When summer approaches, we all want to lose the kilos that we have gained during the winter. However, in the rush we forget the importance of acquiring good healthy habits in our diet. It is important to know what are the main guidelines to follow in order to lose weight in a healthy way and not have a rebound effect. There are some products that serve to help in the Loss of fat, but they do not have the ability to help you lose weight if you do not meet the bases.

Therefore, we are going to tell you what are the bases to be able to lose fat in a healthy way and what are the tricks to acquire good eating habits.

Keys to lose weight

best fat loss tips and good habits

When we decide to lose weight we should not only look at the number on the scale. It must be understood that the body must be actively stimulated through healthy eating, avoiding sedentary lifestyles and doing enough physical activity. In order to lose fat in a healthy way, it is imperative to train strength to increase our muscle mass. Our body understands stimuli and creates various adaptations to improve and get used to overcoming resistance. Therefore, it is interesting in order to lose fat to train strength. Let's see what are the advantages it has between strength during a fat loss stage:

  • Increases muscle tone and makes you more attractive as you lose fat. This objective can be taken as aesthetic, although it is also a question of health.
  • You get a better result when you lose fat since you do not look weak or poorly fed.
  • Helps you lose more fat
  • It increases our energy expenditure at rest, so we will need more food to gain weight.
  • Activates our metabolism accelerating fat loss.
  • Break with sedentary lifestyle and motivate you to keep improving.
  • Improves the health of bones, joints and muscles.
  • Helps release endorphins and reduces stress.

Importance of caloric deficit to lose fat

best fat loss tips

Keep in mind that being more physically active, moving more in our day to day and training strength is essential for fat loss. However, none of this will have noticeable results on an aesthetic level if we do not have a caloric deficit in our diet. A caloric deficit is based on a calorie intake that is lower than the calories we expend in our day to day life. Our total caloric expenditure is the sum of our basal metabolism, our physical activity not linked to exercise and strength training.

Suppose that to maintain our weight we must ingest about 2000 kcal per day. Establish a caloric deficit in the diet is to eat fewer calories than those mentioned. However, it must be taken into account that the caloric deficit cannot be very aggressive since it would cause instability in our body, greater amount of hunger, weakness, bad mood, stress and lack of nutrients, among others. A deficit of 300-500 kcal is usually normal for everyone. It does not mean that only with the caloric deficit we are going to lose fat effectively. It can be said that this caloric deficit is the engine that activates and allows fat loss.

Once we have established the caloric deficit in the diet and begin to strength train, we are going to provoke enough stimuli in the body so that it has to adapt to current conditions. The main adaptations that occur in our body are a gain in strength, increase in muscle mass and loss of fat. The fat begins to decrease since it continuously our body lacks energy to be able to manage all the expenses that it entails. It is for this reason that our body needs to use our fat reserves to be able to face the energy expenditure that we have on a daily basis.

Fat loss aids

slimming tips

We must understand that fat loss is not something that is fast. However, on some occasions it may be interesting to introduce some extra help to improve fat loss and accelerate this process. Most of the products they sell for fat loss are not helpful at all. However, there is a small selection that can really help. as long as the bases are met we have established caloric deficits, increased physical activity, and strength training.

One of the few products that helps in the fat loss process is Saxenda. It is an active substance that helps stimulate the release of insulin in the pancreas and creates a feeling of fullness. Not only does it help with this, but it also stabilizes blood sugar levels. That is, it is not a product that is used to increase fat loss, but rather, by better controlling the appetite, can help you to a greater extent to meet the caloric deficit in the diet and to have better sensations during this stage.

Therefore, this product is recommended to all those people who are not very good at controlling their appetite and who may be tempted to snack between meals or not comply with the eating plan. Ultimately these are the main things that most people fail in their fat loss stage. It is essential to follow the bases during the enough time so that the body can generate adaptations and continue with this weight loss process.

Normally these types of products are used by people who are more seriously overweight and must be in this stage of fat loss for a long time. It is in these cases when appetite control becomes imperative and is essential to meet the objectives.

Constancy about perfection

At the end of all the wisest advice that can be given is to be consistent rather than perfect. This means that you look for an eating plan that you can follow long enough for your body to lose fat and that it is not difficult for you to follow in your day to day life. Normally the plan should be adapted to you and not you to it. Enjoy the process, incorporate healthy habits and the results will come by themselves.

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