Shaping the beard

Shaping the beard

Shaping the beard is a concept that many men have defined as being groomed. Nowadays growing a beard is not the proposal to just leave it behind, but it is now fashionable and requires more care and treatment. The idea is to try to give a restrained, populated and healthy-looking appearance.

That is why the beard generates a positive appreciation towards others, if a man has a sloppy beard it can reflect a negative aspect. Lthe person who maintains a good beard must give a healthy and clean appearance, that you notice that you have taken special care of grooming and application of products to beautify it.

Apart from all the care that must be maintained to solve a healthy and well-cared beard, it is necessary to purposely give it a correct profile so that its aesthetics are ideal. That is why you propose a series of steps to know how to give it that good look when making arrangements.

Profiling the beard step by step

Shaping the beard

The first step of all is to get have a beard and for this we must let it reach the desired length. Everything will depend on the nature of each one, but above all you have to get it to have some length to start outlining:

  1. As a second step you can start designing the general composition of your beard, For this you must shave all the excess part that is not part of that design. You must Carefully and correctly delimit the line that separates the neck from the beginning of your beard. This part is essential because if you do not create this separation well, you will not wear a nice neck.
  2. The side of your beard has to be well curved towards your earIt has to follow a straight and curved line from the back of your ear to the entire length of your jaw to the chin, which is with good symmetry. On this article explained in much more detail.
  3. With a special razor and hair trimmer fix the length and get that desired length. There are machines that control a length from 2mm, 4mm or up to 6mm. As a recommendation, it is always better to do it from the longest distance and try to make several passes until everything is outlined with the same cut.

Shaping the beard

  1. Stand in front of the mirror and look for symmetry from the center of your nose to the sides of your cheeks. Apply shaving cream to the excess areas of the upper part of your cheeks and shave them. You must pass the blade in the direction of the hair and against it also until you get the desired look.
  2. You have to define the line of the pin, the idea is to outline a curved line that goes from ear to ear. You must make a good straight cut between the temple and the ear, which goes down to the chin and then towards the other ear.
  3. With the precision trimmer you have to give shape to your beard in all the delimited areas, such as the neck area and the areas between the cheeks and sideburns, rounding to give it smoothness to the eye.

Machines or razors to trim the beard


In the market there is a great variety of machines called hair trimmers or beard trimmers. If you take away the guide comb you can get a semi decent shaping machine and use the corner part of the head to make smaller, better precision cuts.

Disposable blades They are also useful for shaving and shaping the beard, but they are a bit more complicated to handle and do not help to work with great precision. If it is your choice, try to choose a disposable with only one sheet.

Use a Shavette it is also a very precise blade to mark the perimeter of your beard. Although its result is impeccable, it is advisable to have dexterity in its handling since you can have more than one small cut or unforeseen accident.


Products for shaving and grooming the beard

To remove the beard and shave it we can make use of the shaving foam or gel. However, it is always good to use these products to lubricate the area and make shaving easier, but we find ourselves with the problem of visibility.

There are gels that we can find transparent in color so you have no qualms about knowing how to calculate where you are passing the blade. You can also use a special vegetable oil for beard. This oil acts as a kind of lubricant, it is transparent and is not invasive at all on your skin.

If you want to opt for cream soap To use with a brush it is also a good option, although it is a way of spending time and money, although its result is spectacular.

For after your beard trimming you can proceed to clean it with a specific soap and add a conditioner. Then we can apply a special beard oil that will add hydration, shine, nourish the hair follicles and reduce itching.

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