My partner does not make plans with me

my partner does not make plans with me

Couples sometimes make most of the plans together. And it is that for many people being able to have new experiences in life and share them with the couple is something vital. We can find ourselves in the situation that the person with whom we are in relationship is not as willing as we are to experiment and do something different is that they leave everyday life. It is common to see people who claim that the partner does not make plans with him or her. Making plans with your partner can be quite complex at times.

Therefore, we are going to give you some reasons why your partner does not make plans with you and what are the possible solutions for it.

Reasons why your partner does not make plans with you

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The interesting thing is that before meeting someone, you can know yourself, understand your tastes, your hobbies and what you want to spend your time on. When you are in a romantic relationship with your partner, you can also go through this process of self-awareness. If you are meeting with that person and it is difficult for you to agree on a plan, or they are not very interested in making a plan, ask yourself if it is the result of their personality and lifestyle, if it's because of other people or because he really doesn't feel like sharing too much with you.

One of the most common reasons is that the person is quite independent. If you are a very independent person and you are still getting to know each other, it is better to assess if you want to share a romantic relationship with such an independent person. The most important thing is to be able to speak in a respectful and calm way, and to be able to find a middle ground between the two. In a relationship with a partner, the balance must be found in most cases and, depending on what aspects, it is more complicated than it seems.

On the other hand, if your partner does not want to share plans with you, you should talk more deeply about your present and future as a couple and your needs. There is no estimated time, there is no average number of plans made with your partner, in short, each situation adapts to everyone's needs and you have to find harmony in common and personal experiences. If your partner really doesn't want to do anything with you, that relationship doesn't make sense. If you can't spend quality time together or share experiences, maybe it's The time to seriously consider what that relationship has brought you and if you really want to continue.

Propose plans

why doesn't my partner make plans with me

If your boyfriend / girlfriend does not propose a plan, you can propose it yourself. So you can see their reaction to your suggestions. Remember, however, that in a relationship, both parties must contribute. Ideally, one or both have a plan. If your partner has little idea of ​​organizing a plan, you can take on this role, as long as your partner assumes another role, such as organizing the shopping while you plan the leisure part. Or any other function, but always in balance and walk at the same level without having to "drag" her.

Usually, one of the main characteristics of a couple is understanding their own tastes, hobbies, etc. Depending on your free time, if you have children, depending on your hobbies, etc., you can list all the things you want to do together one or more times a month. For this reason, it is important to give in between the two to find a balance in the relationship and make both parties more comfortable.

If your tastes are completely opposite and it is difficult for you to agree and start a plan or activity, you can combine to make one or two plans that your partner prefers and one or two plans that you prefer. You can also look for plans that you both like and / or that come out of everyday life. The secret to making a new plan with your partner is basically creativity, flexibility, and letting go.

My partner does not make plans with me: has he stopped loving me?

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Although at the beginning of the relationship everything is beautiful, with the passage of time the habit and monotony take over the relationship. Some things are beginning to change. Normally couples revolve around them, planning their lives always counting on the other person. However, if it happens that your partner does not make plans with you, you have to realize if the reason for it is because he has stopped loving you.

It is not only that the relationship is settled, but much of the time the couple hardly receives spontaneous expressions of affection. Shows like kisses, caresses, hugs, etc. Now you just homes a kiss and you get a how are you. Not having the same passion for the partner, he does not want to make plans with you. He will always say that he is busy even though he has things to do. You can also make excuses such as that you are tired, you feel unwell, although the pain and fatigue disappear when the proposals come from another person or outside our common nucleus.

It is also not included in your people. It is a step of the previous two. Maybe you are proposing something to do for a while would have been a perfect plan for both of you, but now she tries to tell you that she has a tight schedule and that she cannot stay. It is a sign that you are trying to run away from the relationship. Physical contact is also reduced and intimate encounters are more than sporadic. It is true that at first couples maintain a sexual rhythm that is not usually normal. It is usually the result of the high at the beginning. However, it goes from one extreme to the other. You find that your partner only looks for you to have sex and little else. The love, dedication and nights of passion have their days numbered.

Finally and most importantly, you should consider whether the other person is not bothered or not worried about your problems. One of the pillars of the couple is support, sustenance and shelter. If his shoulder is no longer available to you and he has tried to downplay what he has for you, he has stopped loving you.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about why your partner does not make plans with you.

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