Mercadona condoms, reliable?

quality of Mercadona condoms

Surely you have ever wanted or used some Mercadona condom when it comes to having sex. Their low prices make them quite affordable and their quality is quite good. Given the prices of condoms such as Durex or Control, one thinks twice if the quality of these condoms is sufficient to be sold at that price. The safety of a condom is essential if we want to avoid undesirable situations. A good condom that fulfills its function can save us thousands of euros in the future.

In this post we are going to analyze whether Mercadona condoms are reliable or not and the quality they have. Do you have doubts about this topic and want to be sure whether or not you should use them? Keep reading, because we will tell you everything.

Price and condoms

Condom brands

For many people, having sex is something that costs money. There are many relationships that can be had throughout the week with your partner or with another person and the need for a condom is imminent. If we have the average price in the market, we see that they are around 6 euros for every 12 units. If you have on average 1 or 2 sexual relations a day, we are spending about 4 or 6 euros a week in protection. This makes more than 20 euros a month.

If the woman does not use any contraceptive pill or other method, the use of a condom is inevitable if we want to escape from embarrassing situations and the fear of "honey, I haven't gotten off yet." In addition, many of them need a condom to hold out more in bed.

In Mercadona they sell condoms with flavors, fine, common and other types that resemble those of the best-known brands, but at a much lower price. The brand they have is ON and they are quite sophisticated.

Among the prices of the different types of condoms sold in Mercadona we have the following:

  • A pack of 12 stimulants (fine): 3,60 euros.
  • The 6-pack Fun (colors and scents): 2 euros.
  • A package of 12 units natural feeling: 3,30 euros.
  • A package of 12 units Ultrafino 0,004 (the most sophisticated): 5,90 euros.

The best-selling so far is the classic that is worth 2 euros. It is more than half what you save by buying this type of condom instead of buying the traditional brands. This leads us to think about their safety and quality.

Mercadona condoms brand ON

types of condoms mercadona

The ON brand is owned by a Japanese business called Okamoto. This company has more than 80 years of experience in condoms and sexual safety.

This name has not been very widespread in Spain given its ignorance until Mercadona made sales with them. However, in Asia it is a reference used by millions of inhabitants.

The company itself explains the way in which these condoms are manufactured with total security for their sale. They use an exclusive latex compound that Okamoto has developed and that guarantees total strength and safety in sexual intercourse. The advantage they have is that, despite their composition, they are quite thin and soft to the touch, so the sexual experience increases. All this at low cost if we compare it with other traditional brands.

To guarantee and calm customers' fears about its products, Okamoto specifies the tests that each condom has undergone. Each condom goes through electronic pin tests in which, if it has any type of hole, it is totally rejected and is not issued for later sale. Only those condoms that do not have any holes pass the test and can be sold.

In addition to this test, they are subjected to another five samples. One of them is the water leakage. If a stream of water passes through the condom and passes through it, it is automatically discarded. The rupture and stress tests reveal the hardness and consistency of the materials with which it is manufactured and allow to guarantee its safety in use.

Passing these tests assures us that these condoms are fully prepared for sale.

Social acceptance

latex in condoms mercadona

There are many people who think or think about Mercadona condoms and release comments such as "they are not worth even as balloons" or "they are very uncomfortable". Given this, it must be said that there are millions of tastes and that there will be people who feel more comfortable with them and others prefer to pay more money to feel safe.

One of the problems that flood sales in many sectors of commerce is the customer's uncertainty about the safety and efficacy of a product. Faced with a higher price, we feel calmer and we think that it will work correctly. Nothing is further from the truth, we can be surprised at the quality of products that are sold at a lower price.

The price of a product is the result of all production, transport and tax costs plus the profit margin. Depending on the production techniques, the materials used, the sales marketing and the result obtained by the clients, you can choose one price or another. The ON brand has hardly any advertisements on its products like other brands such as Durex or Control do. This gives them a lot of room in their prices.

Efficacy of Mercadona condoms

Mercadona condoms

Once we have analyzed the price and quality, we have to focus on what really matters in a condom: safety and comfort. For many models that come out (extra-thin, sensitive, with textures, heat effect, etc.) you have to think that it will never be the same as if we did not wear anything. Thus, We cannot pretend to feel the same with a condom as without it.

If the Mercadona ON brand of condoms offers us condoms with total safety, with different models that guarantee us a better experience in sexual intercourse and we achieve the goal of not having problems with pregnancy or contagion of diseases, why are we going to pay more for a traditional brand?

I hope that with this analysis I can make your doubts about this type of condom clearer.

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  1.   Ale said

    I bought these condoms and with the second I used I had to go to a pharmacy to buy the morning after pill because it had broken ... They are not very good.

  2.   Mikel said

    However, I have been using the natural sensation for years and for now I do not change them ... the only drawback is that I do not see the size in this brand anywhere ... and it would be good for me to know because there are times they tighten me more than others ... I don't know if It will be my feeling or not ... I appreciate answers. Thanks

  3.   M said

    I started using them because both durex and control have failed us more than once and to look for other brands you have to go to specialized stores that make no mistake, they are not usually at hand many times. I have never been confident with white label condoms, but I looked for references from several and tried the ONs. I have been using them for years and I have to say that I do not know if they will be the best or not, but they have not given a failure. It is true that okamoto is not a reference brand in Spain but in other countries it is known and appreciated.