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Earrings for men

It has been a long time since it is uncommon to see a man with earrings or piercings. There is a wide variety of men's earrings models and different techniques to do it. Before jumping into the void and donning one at random, it is important to know everything about it to gain health. Both earrings and piercings can cause health problems such as infections and pain. Therefore, in this post we are going to talk about everything related to men's earrings and piercings.

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Men style

Piercings for men

The practice of earrings and piercings comes from ancient cultures such as the Mayan. Today it is not uncommon to see people with earrings in the eyebrows, nose, nipples, tongue and even the genitals. For this reason, it is important that the aspects and risks of this practice should be known.

And it is that these earrings are part of the style of many men. Some are so curious that they combine it with the color of the clothing to enhance their appearance. The good thing about earrings or piercings is that they are not for life. The same cannot be said for tattoos. Getting a tattoo is a more serious decision that should not be taken lightly. What is forever in the case of earrings is the scar. Sometimes and depending on the place, it may not be noticeable by people, but it is there.

One aspect to consider is pain. Putting on an earring or a piercing is piercing your skin. This is a process that, Even if it is done in the best possible way, it hurts. It is highly recommended to think about this well so that there are no regrets later.

Once a person decides to have an earring done, they must go to an expert center in the field. One tip that is often given is to look at the price to a limited extent. It is true that there is a lot of competition in this world and that there are thousands of places to go. However, getting an earring is something more serious and delicate and, even if you have to pay something more, it is worth it. It is better to pay more than to regret doing it in a cheaper place but they are not experts.

How to make the earring

Men's earrings

To make a hole for an earring, you must follow hygiene and safety guidelines so that it turns out well. The staff that does it must be fully trained for it. You have to think that what looks like an ornament that improves your style can become a problem.

During the process, sterile and single-use material must be used. Make sure you watch the expert remove the materials from a sealed container before using it on you. The piercing gun is only used in the ears. This is done because it does not have adequate sterilization. Therefore, be careful not to use it with you on another part of the body.

If all these hygiene guidelines are not given, you can spread diseases such as hepatitis, syphilis, tetanus and AIDS.

Regarding the material of the earrings, They must be made of surgical steel. Not just any material is worth it. It can also be made of titanium or gold with a minimum of 14 carats. This contributes to the prevention of allergies or the body itself rejecting the material. Although these materials are more expensive, they are worth investing in. We save ourselves problems, infections and make them last longer. Although the earrings are not for life if we do not want, they are always made for long duration.

Health Recommendations

Men with earring

Silver is not recommended, since it causes infections. In general, health authorities warn that a piercing should not be done if you are suffering from any kind of illness or infection. By this he refers to a simple cold. This is done because the body at those times has fewer defenses. Also, if you have acne, dermatitis, some herpes, psoriasis or a tendency to have warts, it is not a good option. You also shouldn't put it on if you take blood thinners, suffer from blood disorders or congenital heart disease.

Once you have put the earring or piercing you must follow the following guidelines so that it does not become infected and give rise to possible complications:

  • Wash your hands before touching the ornament
  • Clean it and shake it twice a day
  • Do not bathe in the pool or on the beach so as not to interfere with healing
  • If you have put the earring on your tongue or lip, it is not recommended to drink alcohol or spicy food. Chewing gum is best saved for later. You must exercise extreme oral hygiene after eating, drinking or smoking

If you do not comply with the safety recommendations you can have complications. Some local infections, bleeding and other problems can arise if it has been inserted in an area with great vascularization. This usually happens more in the area of ​​the tongue. It can also happen that teeth break, the tongue becomes numb or the sense of taste is lost.

Men's earrings

Aspects to consider

There are several types of men's earrings:

  • The first is the earring. They were the first earrings that men began to wear in the years 89-90.
  • Another type are earrings with diamonds. It is the one that David Beckham wore in his day and made it fashionable. They are very eye-catching, so it is better to be careful with them. Use it if your style allows you to match it or it will be too tacky. The smaller the shiny, the more sophisticated it is.
  • The last type are the dilations. If you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the men who wear earrings, you will bet on dilations. The problem with this guy is that it is the closest thing to a tattoo. I mean, it's almost for life. If one day you regret it and want to remove it, the skin of the earlobe will be deformed. It is not the same as having a small hole for an earring.

I hope that with this information you can decide to use men's earrings in their many types.

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