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mens suspenders

Men's suspenders are an important complement of men's clothing. Although they are not always in fashion, they have endured over time; They go in and out of trends, but they never go away.

They are a symbol of elegance and accentuate the personality of the man who wears them. Here are some details on the history of men's suspenders and tips for wearing them.

Origin of men's suspenders

Suspenders were invented by Albert Thuston in London in 1820. The purpose of this garment was to hold the pants of men who wore suits. The idea was that the pants would stay in place, so that the gentlemen could have more freedom when moving.

From there they became an indispensable element of men's clothing. They were widely used until the First World War, when there was a change in the trouser leg; then they were replaced by the belt.

Another reason why the suspenders stopped being used was the elimination of the vest. By wearing only the jacket, the suspenders were more visible and It did not seem correct that a garment considered as underwear could be seen.

However, suspenders have had revival times, in which they have been very popular. Nowadays they have become fashionable again and have been updated and reinvented to become part of the masculine outfit..

Types of men's suspenders

There are two types of suspenders for men, depending on the shape of their straps. There are the X-shaped braces and the Y-shaped braces.

The first ones are generally narrower and it is not very advisable to see them. That is why it is better to use them when they are going to dress hidden by the jacket. Y-shaped straps have wider straps and often feature decorative details; they are ideal to be displayed and worn with a simple shirt.

As for the way to fasten them, there are also two types: with clips or with hose, which is a ribbon that fastens to the pants.

The braces with hose are the most traditional and elegant. And the most advisable in case of combining them with a formal suit with a jacket. However, to use them it is necessary that the pants have special interior buttons for this effect.

The clip-on suspenders can be used with any type of pants; this model is that will best suit a casual style. But they have the disadvantage that they can come loose from time to time, which can be very annoying.

suspenders under jacket


Men's suspenders must be adjusted before each use as each trouser may need a different length. Ideally, the straps hold the pants without pulling, so that it has a perfect fall.

The function of the suspenders is to hold and not tighten, so there must also be a comfortable space at the waist.

Nor can you wear suspenders with any type of pants; not all shots are suitable for it. Pants with a medium to long rise are the most suitable; if the shot is low, it is better to opt for the belt.

Straps shirts various shades

Advantages of suspenders over a belt

Belt buckle often makes a bulge that is noticeable under the jacket or vest. Wearing suspenders eliminates this problem.

Men's suspenders lengthen the figure; Visually it is not cut in two halves as in the case of the belt. In addition, they do not compress the belly, so if after eating it swells a little, there will be no discomfort or need to regulate them again.

The suspenders also prevent the pants from moving and showing under the jacket or vest, as with the belt.

In the case of men who have a few extra kilos, the suspenders also have an advantage over the belt. Thus, they do not create those unsightly pockets in the front and leave more space between the pants and the shirt.

Classic look or urban look

Wearing suspenders with a very elegant and sophisticated suit is a trend that will never go out of style. At any time of the year and regardless of casual fashion, the use of suspenders is a classic to complete a very formal wardrobe. A set of pants, jacket, shirt and suspenders should never be missing in a man's wardrobe.

For this type of look, the ideal are black suspenders, although white ones can also be used.

black suspender hitch

However If what we want is a more modern, more urban look, suspenders can also be great allies. There are some fun and original, more relaxed and youthful, with strong colors.

In case of wearing a tie, its color can be combined with that of the straps. If not, the straps can be combined with any shade of the shirt; also with shoes or socks.

Suspenders should then be chosen based on the look to be searched. They will undoubtedly be a perfect complement to either of these two options. They will stylize the figure and most likely become the center of attention.

Some proposals for looks with straps

To show off the suspenders on a day-to-day basis, we can use jeans, a simple white t-shirt; we will combine with suspenders of the color of the socks, for example, red or blue. The important thing is not to overdo the colors; in other words, do not abuse the number of tones used.

red suspenders

Also with jeans, you can use a light blue striped shirt with white, brown leather ankle boots and brown suspenders. A relaxed look will be achieved with a different touch.

Suspenders with jeans

Another option for a relaxed look with straps is to choose blue chinos; We will add a white shirt, black suspenders and black loafers. A relaxed but elegant look will be obtained. A gray chinos, with a light blue shirt, brown shoes and suspenders are also a great idea for a day at the office.

For an elegant but modern look: you can wear a gray wool suit, a white shirt without a tie, red suspenders and brown loafers. Or in the same style, a black dress pants with a light blue shirt without a tie; as a complement, thick or decorated black suspenders and a gray jacket.

black braces kiss

If the idea is a more refined look, you can choose a blue striped dress shirt; To this add black dress pants, red suspenders and black shoes.

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